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Urological medical procedure is a medical procedure related with illnesses that influence the male or female urinary plot and the male conceptive parcel. The organs that fall under this field are kidneys, ureters, urethra, adrenal organs, urinary bladder and the male conceptive framework (penis, testicles, vas deferens, epididymis, original vesicles, prostate)



Mechanical technology in the field of urological medical procedure has been an astonishing turn of events. In urology, robots have been applied in 2 regions: Endourology and Laparoscopy.

The earliest use of automated Uro-medical procedure was accounted for at the Imperial College, London in 1989. The medical procedure was a trans-urethral resection of the prostate and the model robot (PROBOT) followed an itemized careful arrangement framed by the specialist. This medical procedure represented the controlled, dreary and exact developments the robot made, subsequently decreasing human mistake.

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The accompanying techniques should be possible in urology through automated framework:

Revolutionary prostatectomy

Halfway nephrectomy

Revolutionary nephrectomy

Revolutionary nephroureterectomy

Reconstructive renal and ureteral medical procedures ureteric re-implantation and so on.

 Pyeloplasty for uretero-pelvic intersection impediment (UPJO)



Urinary redirection

Retroperitoneal and inguinal lymph hubs analyzation

Kidney transplantation

At this point, there is just a single standard mechanical framework accessible to emergency clinics - DaVinci Surgical System. It comprises of the accompanying 3 sections:

Specialist's control center: It has a 3D presentation interface and specialists handles. The specialist moves the handles bringing about the developments being emulated by the instrument tips progressively. There is a power input to the working specialist's hands and the camera developments are constrained by either a foot oar or voice-enacted the framework, contingent upon your careful framework. A control board shows all the data and the CPU controls and counterchecks the capacity and execution of the machine.

Automated Arms: comprise of 3 careful controllers and 1 camera arm. The controllers are fundamentally the specialist's arms, driving the instruments with the camera arm helping in moving the camera unit, to keep a decent field of vision. These are either put on a truck or on the careful table.

Helper truck: comprises of camera units, light sources, camera signal synchronizers

The upsides of automated a medical procedure are:


Three D regular vision

Better dexterity

Improved profundity discernment

Seven levels of opportunity developments

Ergonomic plan


Decreased possibilities of specialist weariness.

The detriments of automated a medical procedure are the expense and loss of material/haptic sensation.

Automated urological medical procedure is gradually turning into the best quality level for specific methodology. On account of disease of the prostate, a daVinci prostatectomy is the favored arrangement of treatment. Advantages of automated prostatectomy over open prostatectomy and laparoscopic prostatectomy are as per the following:

Quicker return of sexual capacity (erectile capacity)

Expanded possibility of return of urinary self-restraint in no less than a half year of medical procedure

Less loss of blood

Lower hazard of wound diseases and confusions

More limited emergency clinic stay and recuperation time

Better nerve saving rate

A comparable benefit is seen in other mechanical medical procedure like Kidney transplantation where wound disease and lymphocele are nearly killed by the robot. Patients additionally get less agony, less opiates necessities, better cosmoses and early recuperation. Revolutionary prostatectomy and fractional nephrectomy are the most regularly performed activities the whole way across the world.

As of the 5000 automated careful frameworks as of now utilized on the planet, 500 of them are in Asia and 50 of them introduced in India.

At Gujarat Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, says following urological tasks are performed regularly with incredible outcomes;

Extremist prostatectomy

Extremist cystectomy and urinary redirection

Incomplete nephrectomy

Kidney transplantation


Ureteric reimplantation


Retroperitoneal and inguinallyphnodes analyzation.

Bladder diverticulectomy.


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