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But we don’t. Even though it is actually a rather common condition among adults particularly women. Instead we choose to bear the symptoms almost silently- telling no one, consulting no doctor except maybe stealthily accessing the internet and looking for home remedies. Before long, the affected person gets embroiled in the thousand of myths surrounding this condition.

 Folklore insists that piles only affects the elderly making the young affected person wonder why he is suffering when the truth is that occurrence of piles doesn’t come with a pre-requisite of old age. Just like sitting on cold hard surfaces for long periods does not lead to piles though a sedentary life style associated with unhealthy eating can. This is not to imply, however, that fit, healthy people cannot suffer from piles because anything that increases abdominal pressure can contribute to the condition, such as-constipation, straining, pregnancy or even lifting heavy weights.

There is no denying that this condition is not something that could be slipped non chalantly into a dinner conversation with friends but it’s definitely not worth hiding from the doctor. But time and again, patients even the educated ones opt to self medicate or worse still- consult quacks. This latter habit stems from the most dangerous myth associated with Piles that – ‘Piles is incurable’. Since they are made to believe this silly notion, they choose to live a life of misery and visits to incompetent frauds rather than visit a real doctor because- ‘Well! Why bother talking about an embarrassing condition to a doctor when there is no permanent relief option anyways’.

Hence, begins a vicious cycle of pain, reluctance to admit the condition, then seeking help from quacks leading to nothing but more pain. We at ‘Healing Hands Clinic’ have made it our mission to put an end to this vicious circle, to destroy the myths and provide quality care and cure to those silently suffering from piles. We want you to know that it is Ok to talk about piles because it is not something to be ashamed of, of course you don’t deserve it but then doing nothing about them is not going to solve the problem either.

Piles is the commonly used term for ‘Hemorrhoids’ which are ‘piles’ of tissue in the anus causes by swollen and enlarged blood vessels. These piles maybe internal and cause lumps inside the anal canal or they maybe external where they may cause great discomfort and difficulty in sitting down.

The patient usually presents with the complaints of painful defecation, feeling of heaviness, itching sensation in the anal region and sometimes even intermittent bleeding during defecation. The treatment modality depends on the severity of the condition and the grade of piles. Grade 1 and 2 can be dealt with medicines and dietary modification but in more severe cases surgery can lead to permanent relief.

The team at ‘Healing Hands Clinic’ has the expertise to handle all types of cases. It is headed by Dr Ashwin Porwal- a renowned proctosurgeon who has trained extensively abroad and is one of the few surgeons in India to perform STARR Surgery for piles, prolapse and constipation. He is also an expert in the minimally invasive STAPLER Surgery for Piles where the mucosal prolapse causing the problem is removed; it’s a day care procedure requiring just under an hour to conduct.

Dr Porwal is assisted by his team of nutritionists and assistant doctors to aide patients through the journey from piles to smiles. We just urge to give up the reluctance to seek care and then leave it all in ‘the healing hands’.

Remember- It’s OK to talk about Piles but it’s NOT OK to deny yourself permanent relief.

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