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From time immemorial the life is seen to be associated with biological evolution and instinctual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual evolution. Unlike the biological evolution in plants and animals, which is stereotyped, mankind is privileged with a gift of making choices; embodying instinctual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual evolution, which we call superliving, holistic health or total stress management. But; since we can make choices; 1. In every nook and corner of the world, right from early childhood to ripe old age, in every season, at every moment, on every occasion and amidst every relationship; we are entangled in unending dilemmas. We have to make choices from “right and wrong” options. These options are in terms of physical, instinctual, emotional and intellectual actions; in different fields of life such as personal relations, personal defense, international relations, military defense, health care, judiciary, education, trade, industry, agriculture, crafts, literature, architecture, arts and so on. 2. These choices can not be made from popular simplistic dictates. The utopian, egalitarian, gullible and/or hypocritical concepts and preaching of indiscriminate equality, love, service, nonviolence, peace etc. do stand the harsh tests of reality of life. They do not enable or empower us to make right choices and consequently we get trapped in conflicts and/or exploitation. This would be clear from the following examples. 3. The often preached unqualified equality has no place in society. Its insistence is either because of political opportunism, vested interests, hypocrisy or utopianism. The father, mother, son, wife, teacher, student etc are not equal. They are not unequal also. They are; and they ought to be; in different, varying, symbiotic, complementary, synergistic and mutually beneficial positions. Hence neither equality nor inequality; but complementarity has to be nurtured and harnessed. The love as advocated is subjective (as against objective and universally benevolent feelings of love). Subjective love can lead to prejudice, bias, preference, partiality, fear, apprehension, inhibition, favoritism and so no. It has no place in judgment (which requires balanced mind) that convicts a criminal. The indiscriminate service also; has no basis when we are faced with an exploiter. Because; our services would further propagate and perpetuate exploitation. Similarly; the gullible peace has no relevance when we are being confronted by universal disaster created by a war monger. Gullible moves of peace would certainly endanger the life of millions; through imposed war. In the same vein; the indiscriminate and often hypocritical nonviolence has no meaning when we are being battered by the menace such as that of mosquitoes or rabid dogs, which we have to kill. 4. The philosophies, ideologies and religions and even the constitutions of united nations have been and continue to provide concepts, ideas, decrees and commandments and laws; respectively. These are intended to help individuals and masses; of both sexes, all races, all ages, all seasons and from all areas of the world; to make right choices. In turn these choices are meant for living healthily, harmoniously and happily so as to blossom and at all times! 5. Amongst these; probably the most misunderstood, neglected, ridiculed and often maligned; are the scriptures of India (Bharat), which are actually based on self realization and aimed to culminate in self realization and bring about individual and universal blossoming. These provide holistic, universal and pragmatic solutions and practical measures in every imaginable field of life and death; with a clear vision of self realization and global emancipation. These are truly the expressions of the cosmic wisdom itself. 6. They have evolved and transformed the previously mentioned simplistic concepts of arbitrary and indiscriminate equality-inequality, love-hatred, mercy-meekness, service-exploitation, nonviolence-violence, peace-war etc; into enlightened, objective, universal perspective, accurate thinking, appropriate feelings and genuinely humane instincts. They thus have crystallized and articulated universally benevolent and cogent concepts of complementarity, unity, harmony, swadharma, universal justice, and appropriate pertinent behavior; organized into sacrosanct personal duties or dharmas; of e.g. father (pitru dharma), son (putra dharma), mother (matru dharma), teacher (acharya dharma), ruler (raj dharma) and so on. Moreover these sacrosanct duties were (and are even today in some places) followed with topmost priorities as privilege and golden opportunities; and not compulsions. They have been commanding (and command even today in some places) respect and reverence for millennia. 7. We must differentiate these universally benevolent concepts and behavioral trends from the simplistic and unwise preachings of indiscriminate service-exploitation, love-hatred, equality-inequality, peace-war, violence-non-violence etc. which are basically the products of superficial and piecemeal approaches. 8. The details in these scriptures however; require modifications; with due insight in them and without changing the essence, foundation, basis and/or purpose. Because the nature, life and mankind require their enlightenment, holistic conceptual framework as well as the practical means, which enable and empower to make right choices, attain self realization and achieve individual and universal blossoming. 9. This is superliving. It is a universal, eternal, continuous, unending, healing, rejuvenating, revitalizing and fulfilling expedition. From another angle; superliving is a cosmic wisdom manifested from time to time in the people of the world expressed in new and relevant ways by and for the people of the world. It embodies increase in the percentage of making right choices, through holistic perspective, thinking, feelings and instincts, in every walk of life; and blossom together. 10. Superliving can not be made sectarian. It can not be trivialized. Hence this particular appreciation and participation in superliving, which is a great privilege and golden opportunity is also not institutionalized. It can not be and ought to be not restricted by any arbitrary laws, rules and regulations of an institution or organization. Moreover it is universal and can not be “split” or “reduced” into any smaller or trivial factions. In addition; it is an on going eternal process and does not depend on any favors, mercy, donations and/or tax exemptions; and has never been and would never be subservient to personal or sectarian interests of any king, ruler, party or any other entity. 11. Actually, cosmic light has manifested as has been in the past; in the form of superliving and its core viz. namasmaran; to be an integral part of life in general; and of the formal and informal education in particular; all over the world. This phenomenon is bound to expedite the process of individual and global blossoming, enlightenment and emancipation. 12. Even as the whole universe is linked with superliving and namasmaran; which is a universal phenomenon independent of our “will”; it is really an individually and universally blossoming privilege to be a part of it; with top priority, irrespective of our sex, age, religion, race, color, nationality, region, occupation etc.

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