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Today; we are leaders for namesake. Actually we are prisoners shackled in; our drawbacks, deficiencies, degeneration, disease; and deterioration. We are victims; of the morbidity inside and outside, which we keep on surrendering to; and spreading knowingly and/or unknowingly to our family, our working places and our society! We bargain, encourage, promote and multiply our weaknesses and pave a way of; all encompassing destruction! We and our stooges; get destroyed through economic abundance; associated with spiritual antipathy and degeneration; and ensure the destruction of people through economic scarcity; associated with spiritual apathy and debility. Even as we boast of the vain glory of our hollow leadership; we are actually beggars and seekers. Our mediocrity and/or idiosyncrasies can sometimes match with those of millions and culminate in mass mania. As a result of this; many mass movements, riots and even civil wars can erupt! The tragedy is that these violent outbursts serve mediocrity and/or vested interests! Let us understand that natural differences in color and character; features and appearances; qualities and peculiarities; and limitations and potentials as such; are harmless and are part of human civilization. But these same; when generate pride and prejudice; and subsequent exploitation, imposition, pressurization, suppression, cheating etc; they become obstacles in the way of evolution of and practice of holistic perspective and holistic leadership. Our sectarian perspective leads to consolidation of petty identities such as color, race, region, history, religion, language; based on petty interests; and divide and tear apart violently; the world in pieces. Holistic leadership must have a vision of underlying global unity amidst the apparent diversity. It must also have the perspective and appreciation of the innate and inherent complementarity amidst the apparent contradictions and controversies. Such leadership would inspire and initiate; the marshalling and utilization of the human resources for the Conscious Evolutionary Transformation or Holistic Health, or Superliving or Total Stress Management or holistic renaissance or individual and universal blossoming! These words (explained in my books) are deliberately used; as they convey and imply a specific and clear cut content of the otherwise ambiguous and redundant terms; ‘welfare’, ‘progress’, ‘development’, ‘advances’, ‘modernization’ etc! We can be holistic leaders in our respective fields; if: 1. We prefer to grow beyond our biological potentials! This has to be done by preference and NOT out of compulsion! Because, such growth is actually the greatest of all gains! 2. If we recognize our innate urges or the calling of our soul; differentiate them from our petty and superficial wants or temptations; and live according to “these innate urges” matching with those of billions (called “VISHVACHE ARTA” in Marathi) and then we can be holistic leaders. 3. If our perspective, knowledge, culture, health culture, agriculture, political culture and even our journalism and news culture in print and electronic media; which are fragmented, reductionist and sectarian; become holistic and the contradictions such as; spiritual, material, theist, atheist, superstitious, rationalist etc; merge in the pursuit of HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE. (It is strange that the news papers, magazines, other periodicals and different TV channels have a separate category for yoga and spirituality. Actually the yoga, and spirituality can not be categorized; on par with categories such as music, sports, business, agriculture etc! They have to be the basis of every field of life!) HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE is emergence of holistic perspective, policies, plans, programs and their implementation; for individual and global blossoming! The purport of Geeta is; HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE is inevitable (in life struggle i.e. DHARMA YUDDHA) irrespective of whether we support it or oppose!

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