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In Hindi there is one proverb; “Hamamme sab nange hote hai”. This means in public bathrooms; every one is naked. We wear clothes, cover our bodies and try to ignore our basic, in born, physical attributes. We try to be oblivious to our primitive (natural) constitution. Moreover; through good clothes; we try to ignore poverty and feel rich! We try to also cover our basal nature by assumptions. We try to assume that we are dispassionate, selfless, noble hearted, honest, and kindhearted; in fact; full of all majestic and heroic virtues. The more we are adamant on covering ourselves; the more we become intolerant to ourselves and others and breed indiscriminate violence. Openness of every kind is opposed and coercively crushed in such situations. But by merely enclosing and covering our bodies; in clothes (often glamorous and fashionable) and our basic instincts and emotional make up; in certain assumptions; we can not get rid of them; in actuality. If we realize this; then we would become more tolerant and naturally; more loving. This is the merit of open society. But the indulgence and its mercenary glorification and consequent deterioration is the demerit. If we are realistic, then we identify our physical, instinctual, emotional and intellectual attributes. Then we can work to evolve ourselves and others in appropriate manner. Can we accept that we are slaves of our instincts, emotions and intellect? Can we accept that we also; are potentially primitive, barbaric, criminals, corrupt and mean? Can we accept that we also are ethnocentric? Can we accept that all that we hate and loathe; is potentially within us; and would spill over if the circumstances are conducive? Can we accept that being “better” is not as simple and as instant; as merely changing clothes or washing make up? Can we admit that whenever we seem to have “improved”, we come across a situation that bares open our meanness? Can we accept that we are unable to voluntarily blossom and become buoyant, generous? Can we admit that we are unable to love all? Can we realize that no one can transform us (by appropriate punishment or through prayashchitta) into sublime, unprejudiced and innocent individuals; because “they themselves” are the helpless victims? (They can jail us, coax us to pay tax, pay donations, but can not inspire us to voluntarily stop exploiting! They can force us to behave in a gentle manner; but can not erase the sexual, infatuative, and other bizarre ideas, whims and fancies from our mind!) Can we agree that for us to blossom, we have to create an environment of a holistic perspective of globally beneficial policies, plans, laws, rules, regulations, conventions and fashions, which in turn would be conducive to our blossoming? Can we dare to bare ourselves from within and thereby be considerate to ourselves and others? Tolerance born out of experience and honesty; would add accuracy and globally beneficial dimension to every thought, feeling and activity of ours! Is this possible? This is certainly possible and ought to be achieved! But are we ready to be totally naked from within; and “see” ourselves? Are we ready to rise above our assumption, beliefs and disbeliefs; and verify this; through the practice of NAMASMARAN?

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