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The degree of appropriateness of constitution and laws, determines the justice, peace and harmony in that nation. Similarly; the accuracy of government rules regarding the taxes determine the compliance of people required to pay taxes. But not merely the taxes; but the manner of expenditure of the taxes collected; decide the extent to which people would feel happy to pay taxes honestly and timely. There may be exceptions to this observation and some people may be extraordinarily honest and some may extraordinarily dishonest. But that itself proves the point for the vast majority. Apparently these are obvious points; but they need emphasis, because if we do not consider and understand them; then we do not understand; why the crimes and black money proliferate in a given society. The governments all over the world should try to keep on giving statistics about crimes and black money in different countries. The self styled social reformers also make shallow and populist slogans against the crimes and black money for pampering their own inflated ego as “leaders”! They do not go the roots of crimes and black money. As a result we the common people keep getting disturbed and develop guilt complex and sense of lowliness and/or helplessness. Should we not go to the roots of crimes and black money? Should we not stop getting bogged down by the smart and callous or the shallow and populist elements (inside and outside)? For this; we have to realize the following fact. The technologically advanced; smart and cunning, but callous and crooked elements cheat, exploit and/or oppress the simple and gullible but sensitive and well meaning elements in the world. This process works at individual level also; and our higher self is suppressed and tortured by our lower self. The crimes and the black money are the results of this process. One of the major causes of black money is the bitterness amongst majority of the people that they are being unduly coercively, unjustifiably robbed of their legitimate and hard earned money. They feel that they are being deceived. This feeling grows because of the way the collected tax is misused and misappropriated. Naturally this is followed by manipulations to hide money and evade tax. Not only this, but due to this; if we are government servants, who cannot escape from (unjustified and coercive?) taxation on our legitimate income; we try to earn money by illicit means and hide it. Thus we are forced to be commit “financial crimes of greater or smaller dimensions” and grow the black money and its use without being taxed. In this sense; money earned by; cheating, misguiding, swindling, stealing, exploiting, robbing, adulteration, false clims in advertisements, glorification of drinking and smoking; and misappropriating tax money; and most importantly through making and twisting laws (or rules, statutes etc) to suit the vested interests; is really the darkest money! As we have noted before; this process works at individual level also; and our higher self is suppressed and tortured by our lower self. Our higher self is governed by our lower self. Hence we the people (from top to bottom) whether in government or in free enterprises; are ruled by our individualistic and petty ideas. We revere superficiality, glamour, and glitter and material success; being oblivious to the possible inhuman and heinous means; involved in earning it! Naturally we are governed outside from outside as well as inside by darkest money earned through heinous means! The shallow and populist slogans against corruption and black money; are understandable; but we should not get enamored by them and instead; ought to go to the root of the problem if we want to get rid of it! Thus; there is golden opportunity for us; to urgently and victoriously practice, teach, preach, sponsor and do whatever we can; to promote consolidation, and implementation of holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs; and conquer the dark rule of pettiness, superficiality, individualism, selfishness, corruption, crimes and the darkest money; outside and inside!

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