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When and if the circumstances overwhelm and compel us to believe that we are trivial and ordinary; then we live as trivial and ordinary folks. If the bureaucratic set up, hierarchy, subservience; and advertisements, propagandas, publicity stunts and promotional gimmicks; succeed in making us believe that “we ought to like, love, respect, obey, depend and emulate them” then indeed; we live as “needy, sentimental, gullible, obedient, meek and helpless believers, devotees, disciples, followers, supporters, fans and dependents! Sometimes this makes us violent maniacs and we become criminals, goons, scamsters, charlatans, cheats, swindlers, pseudo-spiritual god-men and so on and live arrogantly; but disgustingly and pitiably in outwardly rich; antisocial setups. At other instances; we become financially and in many other ways; exploited and deprived individuals and live in hell! In both cases we live exactly as what we believe ourselves to be. It must be appreciated that we (our body, metabolism, hormones, neurotransmitters and our central nervous system, which vary from individual to individual) are influenced variably by the circumstances and thereby model our belief systems. The believers amongst us; do not question the existence of God. They are comfortable (or at least not disturbed by) the celebrations, festivals, fairs, pilgrimages, rituals and other conventions passed on through generations. Thus the conventions in a given religion, cult, caste etc are followed without questioning and without any complaint. The nonbelievers; born in atheist families and traditions; do not question and firmly believe in non existence of God! They follow their perspective, ideas, feelings and passions. In general; the theism seems to offer assurance, security and solace; and atheism appears to make us independent, bold and free. But; is this true? No. Whether we are believers or nonbelievers (theists and atheists); we do not seem to identify, realize and express the enlightenment and empowerment within ourselves. We do not have holistic solutions. When we try to find solutions to the personal or social problems in our respective fields; we are either satisfied with piecemeal approach and get involved in relevant activities with certain scope and limitations. If we get freed from the shackles of beliefs, then we would be able to enjoy the privilege of practicing NAMASMARAN and begin to engender HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE i.e. blossoming at individual and universal levels simultaneously!

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