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The stress is ubiquitous. But it becomes increasingly troublesome if we are sensitive. It becomes more irritating if we begin to understand solutions and can not implement them. However it becomes extremely and unbearably agonizing when millions of people seem to understand the solutions and agree; and yet nothing seems to work! The immediate issue is that of the condition of thousands of temples in India, which are revered for millennia; as the sacrosanct seats of the fountainhead of the evolving consciousness, conscience and enlightenment of nature viz. God! Today; these temples all over India with few exceptions; are surrounded by filth, garbage, pathetic looking beggars, extremely undisciplined crowding, traffic jams, badly maintained roads, animal sacrifices, harrowing delusions and superstitions and so on. Many priests add to the misery of devotees by literally strengthening their blind beliefs by psyching and threatening them (to extract maximum offerings and money. In addition; there are reports of indulgence in marihuana, sexual abuse, cheating, monitory corruption, involvement of goons, interference of partisan politicians with vested interests; and so on. This scenario of many temples has lead to severe and almost fatal blow on our feelings; whether we visit these temples as mere travelers, tourists, visitors, pilgrims or devotees; but especially so; if we are Hindus. We begin to get shattered in terms of faith in our ancestors, our religion, our traditions, our customs and most importantly ourselves as such! Our self esteem begins to get dwindled. These temples begin to appear as serious social diseases rather than healing centers! They begin to appear as the centers of deceptive escapism and sterile solace. These temples seem to have nothing to do with our life and the challenges we face every day. They seem neither to educate nor to empower us. They neither seem to provide solace or healing touch. In spite of all this many of us harbor superstitions due to petty considerations of personal gains and/or fear of personal losses! As a result many of us keep visiting these places passively and periodically. Alternatively many of us lose all hope from these institutions and begin to resent, dislike or even loathe them. What could be the solution? We have to appreciate that; the individualistic pursuits and petty considerations have taken toll of the original ideas, concepts and functioning of temples. As a result, the centers of excellence in every possible way; which served to emancipate individuals and the society and emanated rejuvenating and revitalizing influence on most of the individuals visiting and participating in the temple activities (conducive to individual and global blossoming); have lost their status of being centers of transcendental evolution. They are not even the caricatures of what they once were. Today we find that no one involved in temple activities; studies, teaches and learns. No one works, produces and/or creates. Hence these temples have got converted into dead and economically helpless and parasitic institutions dependent on the mercy of government, politicians, donors and volunteers; most of who have ulterior motives. As a result; pseudo and hollow celebrations and devotional activities have become means of ugly show, despicable pomp, criminal wastage, obscene vulgarity, offensive exhibition, bullying advertisements and cheap propaganda, through unpardonable extortions. The solution is; to re-explore, rejuvenate and reestablish the glorious functioning of our temples in all their vitality, vigor, richness and their benevolence and to promote holistic integration and coordination of health care, education, agriculture, horticulture, cow rearing; eco friendly industries etc; in cooperation with local governments through NAMASMARAN!

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