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Due to their busy schedules, today's population is looking for quick results in all areas, including surgeries. The success rates of the most recent surgeries are rising while their duration is decreasing. The time required for surgeries has significantly decreased with the development of the newest technology in the medical industry. Surgery has gotten so much simpler for surgeons. They used ..

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Dr. Viral Desai Awarded with the National icon in plastic and cosmetic surgery Dr. Viral Desai comes under the most renowned doctors of recent years, holding an experience of 19 years he has a track of many successful surgeries. For the hair restoration of his clients, he uses the DHI (direct hair transplant technique) which is in the recent trend of hair restoration technique used by Indi..

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*Trichoscan cannot diagnose the reasons for your hairloss and thinning as causes of hairloss and thinning are internal like anaemia,thyroid problem,ovarian cysts,stress,liver disorders,sinuistis,hormonal imbalance etc etc which are totally out of reach by a trichoscan.So be careful of not to be a fool by trichoscan 2 times national award winner for homoeopathy and trichology pr..

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HAIR RESTORATION TREATMENT Hair restoration treatment is the redistribution/rearrangement of the existing hair follicles in a particular techniques so as to cover the bald areas of alopecia and give a goo cosmetic camouflage. The concept of Donor Dominance heralded the modern era of hair transplantation. INDICATIONS: 1) Male Pattern Alopecia(Androgenetic Alopecia) 2) Female An..

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HAIR DISORDERS Hair disorders are amongst the common skin problems affecting all class of population at one or another time. Commonest of them are briefly mentioned here. 1) ALOPECIA AREATA: Definition and clinical features A non-scarring auto immune disorder affecting any hair-bearing area. Typically, there is a sudden onset of solitary or multiple circular or oval ..

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Everything about excessive hair loss and excessive hair growth!!!

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