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MSK Child &Student Counseling- Mentoring: Most of student suffering such kind proplem in their educational they need to understand their proplem .If any STUDENT affected the listed proplem please dont hesitate immediately consult the therapist to overcome the proplem. Stuttering / Stammering. Child skill developments &Life couching Personality Development trainin..

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Posted by Dr. Rajashekar Bogadi on Wednesday, 21st December 2011 The mere smell of coffee may reduce stress and produce antioxidants, researchers say. In fact, "the stress caused by sleep loss via caffeine may be alleviated through smelling the coffee aroma." Learn more about caffeine, antioxidantsand stress management.

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10: Kill the ClutterEven a layman can figure out that remaining surrounded by clutter only adds to the stress. Lesser the clutter in house, workspace etc., lesser the clutter in your mind. So make sure you thrive in clean, hygienic surroundings.9: A Daily PlannerOnce you have got rid of the clutter, it's time to organise and manage the essential stuff. We all harbour a thought in our mind that we'..

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The Heart to Heart Counselling Centre, based in Mumbai (Bombay) India, is a social organization devoted to help society in the area of mental & emotional health. We arrange training programs, certificate courses, seminars, workshops to create public awareness as well as education in the field of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Family welfare, Teenage guidance, AIDS awareness, Sex Education etc. ..

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We are taught to stand, walk, jump, run, talk, read, write and many such skills! But we are not inspired and guided to know and be ourselves! In fact we donít even seem to realize that such inspiration and guidance; is even needed! This statement may appear strange; but if we ponder over it; a bit seriously; then we would be convinced about it. As a result we live; reflexly, superficially a..

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Most people think of pain as resulting from physical injury or disease,but psychological factors play a huge role in pain perception. Pain is intimately tied to brain functions that govern behaviour and decision making, including expectation, attention and learning. Pain makes one feel tired; it is mentally draining, making one more irritable, emotional and unable to remain positive. It is hardly..

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In addition to whole lot of Psychological therapies for mental health problems Nutritional therapy gives new dimension and is highly promising to treat even the severe form of mental illness.Application of selected supplements and nutritional counseling is new in India particularly done by trained professionals in a scientific way.Thus the first scientific training program was conducted in India..

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CERTIFICATE COURSE IN COUNSELLING Heart to Heart Counselling Centre has organized a certificate course in counselling at 10 Bai Jerbai Baug, Ambedkar Rd , Byculla (East). The course is an intensive, part time, practical training program in psychological counseling based on Humanistic Psychotherapy, suitable for those who are or want to be in a "helping profession" such as Doctors, Th..

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Complete Wellness Online ::::::::::::::::::::::: Connecting to Healthy Lifestyle Lifestyle Management We aim at promoting health through our online lifestyle management programs. Our lifestyle programs are comprehensive and personalized to provide an all round health recommendation. Each program includes: Case Taking Medical Assessment Lifestyle Assessment ..

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TEMPER TANTRUMS & ITíS HOMEOPATHIC CURE What are temper tantrums? Temper Tantrum is otherwise termed as Acting Out Behavior. It is characterized as unplanned or unintentional expression of anger often with physical and verbal outbursts exhibited in response to unfulfilled demand of child. When children feel frustrated, angry or disappointed, they often express themselves by..

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