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CAN WEEKLY L-THYROXINE CAN REPLACE DAILY DOSE OF DRUGTO TREAT HYPOTHYROIDISM ? Prof Dr,DRAM,HIV /AIDS,HEPATITIS ,SEX DISEASES & WEAKNESS expert,New Delhi,India, +917838059592 L-THYROXINE is being prescribed for lazy or hypothyroidism patients mostly as sinle dose taken daily in empty stomach but new research says it combined seven days dose taken once a week is as good as once daily dose..

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Falling asleep in a meeting ? Not boredom, but our neurons are to blame Prof Dr,DRAM,HIV /AIDS,HEPATITIS ,SEX DISEASES & WEAKNESS expert,New Delhi,India, +917838059592 They discovered that nucleus accumbens neurons have an extremely strong ability to induce sleep that is indistinguishable from the major component of natural sleep, known as slow-wave sleep, as it is characterised by slow an..

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Germs or Bacterial Cells could play a role in the development of Type-1 diabetes by triggering the body's immune system to destroy the cells that produce insulin, suggests new research. Type-1 diabetes is a very serious and hard to treat condition affecting mainly young people and children. Previous research has shown that killer T-cells - a type of white blood cell that normally protects us from..

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DIABETES MELLITUS IN OUR DAY TO DAY PROBLEM CALLED AS High levels of blood sugarHigh levels of blood sugar, especially over long periods of time, can result in complications of other body functions. Uncontrolled diabetes can also lead to long term complications such as heart disease, skin problems, digestive problems, erectile dysfunction, kidney, eye complications and teeth and g..

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Human body is like a sea, one small wave creats disturbance almost whole of the system, so approach to reverse this pathological disturbances[diseases] can be of integral nature, any agent working on single/two mechanisms can not be the true answer The term Madhumeha is used in Charaka Samhita [1000-1500BC], Susruta Samhita [100-500BC] for the multisystemic metabolic disorders effecting multitissu..

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I dont understand how to tackle a patient with all the above confirmed diagnosis in one woman of 53 years of age.If any body can sugest I shall be obliged--Dr.Sinha

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