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there are 6 types of hearing aids available. IIC is invisible in the canal hearing aid which is custom fit to each person, these hearing aids undetectable to others and it is situated little away from ear drum. BTE is behind the ear which is most common style used by my people in the world. name it self says this hearing aid is situated behind the ear. ITC is in the canal custom aid made after..

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How the brain of patient with Aphasia responds to speech sound? Aphasia or (Aphemia) • Aphasia (or aphemia) is a loss or impairment of the ability to produce and/or comprehend language, due to brain damage. It is not a result of deafness or muscle paralysis, and it does not necessarily affect intelligence. • Usually, aphasias are a result of damage to the language centers of the brain (like..

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can any one gimme information abt speech therapy. why it need to any one and can result of speech therapy change talking problem of any person. some time dr suggest to do speech therapy to the person who lost their hearing capacity.

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