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DISCOURAGE SPANKING THE CHILD FOR MISTAKES AS IT CAUSES MORE BEHAVIOUR DISORDERS Prof Dr,DRAM,HIV /AIDS,HEPATITIS ,SEX DISEASES & WEAKNESS expert,New Delhi,India, +917838059592 Child Spanking is very commonly practised by parents and seniors in our family when ever our child doesnot obey or perform his/her work properly as educational or socio cultural or household works as per our expe..

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Digital Device in Kid's Bed room affect mental heath by disturbing sleep Prof Dr,DRAM,HIV /AIDS,HEPATITIS ,SEX DISEASES & WEAKNESS expert,New Delhi,India, +917838059592 Now a days Children and adolescents of any age watch TV, or use Desktop Computer, Laptops, Tablets or Mobile even while they are sent to their room for sleep by parents or themselves.Recent study reveals use of Digital e..

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A person is said to be suffering from pre-mature heart disease when he is diagnosed with the condition before the age of 55 years in men 65 years in women. The prevalence of dyslipidemia in these patients is usually found to be as high as in the range of 75-85%.. Dyslipidemia is high levels of cholesterol and/or triglycerides in the blood. About 54% of all patients with premature heart disease and..

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Vitamin A increases the presence of HIV in breast milk, studies suggest SO NEVER ADD VITAMIN A or B CAROTENE TO LACTATING MOTHER PROF.DRRAM ,HIV/AIDS,SEX Diseases,Deaddiction & Hepatitis Expert,+917838059592,+919832025033,DELHI,INDIAHIV/ AIDS,CANCER MODERN MEDICINES AVAILABLE AT CHEAP RATE. FOLLOW ON FACE FOLLOW ON

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POLIO CHILD DETECTED & DIED IN INDIA-BLOW TO POLIO ERADICATION IN INDIAPolio claims 11-month-old boy in MaharashtraLatur (Maharashtra): Dealing a severe blow to the government’s efforts to make the country polio-free, an 11-month-old boy succumbed to the dreaded virus in a government hospital here, an official said on Sunday.The victim, Rohit R Shelke, who was detected as “poli..

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A pediatrician is a medical doctor who has chosen to devote his career to the care of children. This discipline of medicine has many challenges and rewards that are totally unique to pediatrics. Children are not simply small adults - have specific challenges not found in adult medicine. This is due to their smaller size, bodies that are still growing and changing, and significant hormonal ch..

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Pranic healing for children's diseases. Anemia ,Asthma, Autism,Bronchiolitis,Candidiasis ("Thrush"),Chagas diseaseChickenpox,Crou,Cystic Fibrosis,Cytomegalovirus (the virus most frequently transmitted before birth),dental caries,Diabetes(Type 1),Diphtheria, Downs syndromeDuchenne muscular dystrophy,Fifth disease,Rickets,Congenital Heart Disease,Influenza,Leukemia,Measles,Meningitis..

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Gastroesophageal reflux disorder: chronic problem will lead to asth.bronchitis,due to persistent micro aspiration prevention: regular burping and proper feeding practices will prevent this problem

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Globally, cervical cancer is the second mostcommon cancer in women with approximately5,00,000 cases annually and 350,000 deaths. Data from national cancer registries in Indiaindicate that cervical cancer is the most commoncancer/ cause of cancer related death in Indianwomen. Approximately 1,32,000 cases occurannually with 74,000 deaths. Indian women face a2.5% cumulative lifetime risk of cervical ..

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Thalassaemia A Genetic Blood Disorder THALASSAEMIA is an inherited form of anaemia with a wide spectrum of severity, varying from the healthy to the severely anemic. Normal red blood cells contain hemoglobin. An inherited defect in the genes that controlled the production of the hemoglobin results in Thalassaemia. The two common types are alpha and beta Thalassaemia. Clinically, t..

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