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People often confuse anxiety attacks for panic attacks. A common misconception is that both medical conditions are the same. That’s, however, not true! Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are different medical issues that can cause varying symptoms. It is very important get treated for Anxiety Treatment In Pune & Mumbai . How are Anxiety and Panic Attacks Different? Have you ..

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Depression: Are Women More Depressed? Depression is a serious mental disorder that makes the patient lose interest in the activities they like. These people live sad and stressed life. It goes beyond the episodes of anxiety or bad mood. Depression is rather a chronic mental illness that can lead to deaths from suicide if left untreated. Identifying the signs of depression is pretty challenging..

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Do you feel frustrated when your employer does not cooperate with you? Do you throw or break stuff when your family doesn’t listen to you? Anger is a normal emotion. And, contrary to what people believe, it’s absolutely normal to feel infuriated. While there’s nothing wrong with getting furious, it may affect your health and relationships if you take your anger out on people. ..

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World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7 to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO). It is an opportunity to draw global attention to and increase public awareness about a topic of public health importance.This year, the World Health Day focuses on depression with the theme “Depression: Let's talk” with the aim that more people with depre..

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Individuals frequently complain about not having enough time, but rather they at times don't perceive their mental fatigue. Here are 4 tips to recharge mentally that don't require quite a bit of a guarantee of vitality. Spot little opportunities to rest your mind. In the same way as other individuals, at whatever point I have an extra second (e.g., holding up in line at the grocery store..

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ऐसा कहते हैं कि भूख और नींद जितनी बढ़ाओ या घटाओ, उतनी बढ़ या घट जाती है ।न..

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If we are able to mark the reasons of stress-strain –tension, and after that if we can remedy those reasons, then we will be able largely to free from stress-strain –tension. Apparent reason of stress-strain –tension is internal secretion of several glands. Acid and bile are two of them. Behind the (one or more than one) secretion of glands, there are many fact..

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Mental illness is a health condition that involves the brain. Mental illness causes problems with thinking, mood, or behavior that interfere with daily life and cause distress. If you are a family member or friend of someone who is mentally ill, you have probably been suffering too. You are likely to feel worried, frustrated, confused, and sometimes despairing. You may not understand why your love..

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The final culmination of all philosophical, scientific, artistic and other endeavors such as penance; is the realization of immortality.In turn; this process of realization of immortality is inseparably associated with universal benevolence that is reflected in literature, paintings, music, discoveries, gallantry etc.In today’s era of globalization; the process of realization of immortal..

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