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Gynecomastia is a condition that occurs in men in which there is more breast tissue than desired. This condition can be caused by many different factors but can usually be successfully treated with male breast reduction surgery.” Male breast reduction surgery, sometimes called gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai, is used to treat a medical problem known as gynecomastia. In fact, most patients s..

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What does a crooked nose look like? The crooked nose shows a deviated front, not regular from the classic “C” shape or, in more striking cases, to “S”. The asymmetry is in most cases correlated to a deviation of the nasal septum which involves problems of a nature as well as aesthetic, even functional. What are the main causes of a crooked nose? Crooked nose due to the p..

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Sagging breasts is a very common condition in women’s lives and can impact their self-esteem, when performing their various daily activities or even on their physical health, in cases where there is discomfort when wearing a bra or possible back pain. To solve this problem, it is possible to correct the sagging of the breast through a surgery called Mastopexy. We prepared this content to ex..

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Plastic surgery, in the vast majority of cases, comes from an aesthetic motivation, directly related to the desire to change an aspect of one’s appearance – and may have reasons of functionality, health and well-being linked, too. What can often be confused with mere vanity, or lead to hasty judgments that the individual is superficial or even futile, is actually a health issue and an..

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What is Liposuction, and how is it done?It is a technique wherein fat is sucked out from the body. This technique includes using a cannula, a metal instrument inserted under the skin to cover the areas where excess fat is deposited. After infiltrating fluid into those areas, which help melt the fat and provide pain relief. Finally, the extra fat is sucked out through a tube and collected into..

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Getting plastic surgery today is more affordable and easier than ever. The development of modern medicine has allowed us to reduce risks and potential complications, while making the results more natural and long-lasting. This does not mean that undergoing plastic surgery in Mumbai is completely painless or risk-free, and patients should be fully aware of all that the procedure entails. Befor..

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Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in recent years. It is an intervention that allows you to modify the size and shape of the nose to achieve greater harmony with the rest of the face. Although the aesthetic aspect of the nose is the main reason why patients come to the best plastic surgeon in Kanpur, we always like to remind them that the nose is, first of all, to breathe ..

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Males across the globe have the problem of Gynecomastia. They are embarrassed to have such a female-like physique. There can be many reasons for this condition, like hormonal imbalance, medications, obesity, etc. Due to the excessive development of glands, it looks fuller like women. Men look for ways to hide their condition from others to not make fun of them. They wear loose clothes or start ..

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Did you know that breast sagging has a medical name? This is breast ptosis. This derives, mainly, from the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin. It is a natural thing but can be aggravated by giving birth or menopause. Although it is not a disease, it is an aesthetic problem that complexes many women. Fortunately, it can be corrected with a proper breast lift surgery in East Delhi. What ..

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Hymenoplasty in Delhi, a type of surgery that is also classified as female intimate surgery or cosmetic surgery, is a surgical procedure belonging to the specialty of plastic surgery and gynecological surgery that lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and consists of restoring the hymen, a fleshy membrane of ring shape located at the entrance of the vagina whose physiological function is not clear and..

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