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Every year, knee surgeons perform thousands of joint replacements. CureConsult has come up with a guide to give you the important pieces you need before your knee replacement surgery. In this guide, we have discussed: How to prepare for your knee surgery? What to expect before, during, and after surgery? How to recover fast? Overview of total knee replacement surgery During total knee rep..

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Most of us know better than to drain the oil from our car and let the motor run. The heat from the friction would soon cause it to seize, destroying it in minutes. Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, is another example of what happens when protection against friction is removed. It is an ageing process and occurs when the cartilage, the smooth tissue covering the ends of bones ..

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If you have arthroscopic knee surgery, you may or may not need crutches to help support your knee after surgery. Unless a Meniscus Repair is done only then you will be non-Weight bearing and will require crutches or walker. About Knee Arthroscopy – Arthroscopy Mumbai During arthroscopic knee surgery, your doctor accesses the inside of your knee using a few small incisions and a camera, whi..

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If you have a knee condition such as an ACL tear, a PCL tear, or a meniscus tear, your doctor may recommend that you have arthroscopic knee surgery in order to treat the condition. Arthroscopic knee surgery in Mumbai is a minimally invasive form of surgery with numerous benefits over traditional knee surgery. In particular, there is a lower risk of side effects with arthroscopic knee surgery a..

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Choosing the right spinal surgeon is a major decision for you and your family. But it’s not an easy task! How can you be sure you’re choosing an expert? To help you make a wise decision, we recommend using the 5 steps below to evaluate each surgeon you’re considering:Experience: Are they experienced with spinal deformity surgery?Reputation: Do they have a good reputation with oth..

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Potential treatment could stop knee and spine osteoarthritis, scientists new invention Prof.Dr.Dram,,Gastro Intestinal,Liver Hiv,Hepatitis and sex diseases expert 7838059592,9434143550 Scientists at the Krembil Research Institute have developed a novel therapeutic treatment that has the potential to stop knee and spine osteoarthritis in its tracks.A team led by Principal I..

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If you are one among the sufferer of knee pain, and you don’t remember when you walked calmly and freely, then believe me you are one of the victims of chronic knee problems arthritis or osteoporosis. The first and the initial treatment option will be medications, physical therapies and bit narcotics medicines too, but if they also don’t soothe your pain for the longer duration, then i..

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Arthritis Reversed # 3 Do You Know Modern Medicines Can Make Arthritis Worse “Drugs don’t fix the problem. Drugs only mask the symptoms. Pain and inflammation are symptoms, not diseases” Do you know, today number of arthritis cases are whopping 100 percent increase in just a dozen years. Have you ever though, how is it possible, with our modern scientific mainstream medicin..

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Frozen shoulder is painful inflammatory condition associated with stiffness and loss of motion in shoulder. The pain gradually grows and becomes chronic leading to restricted movement. Due to inflammatory conditions the muscles surrounding the shoulder becomes stiff. Frozen shoulder has vague triggers, which usually surfaces as a complication commonly in people with diabetes, thyroid disorders, h..

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