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Dr. Ashwini Gaurav is the Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Patna. He is a famous Joint Replacement Surgeon of Bihar. He has done MBBS (Hons) from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Bhagalpur. He is very high ranked in All India Post Graduate Examinations and he chose to do his masters from Patna. He did his MS (Orthopedics) from the famous Patna Medical College. He received the “Gold Medal” f..

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What is Disc herniation occurs when an intervertebral disc degenerates and deteriorates, causing the inner nucleus to leak into a weakened area on the outside of the disc. The weak point in the outer nucleus of the intervertebral disc is directly below the spinal nerve root, so a herniation in this area can put direct pressure on nearby nerves or the spinal cord. Therefore, herniated discs are ..

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All out Knee Replacement (TKR) medical procedure has today turned into a generally performed and exceptionally effective surgery. Ongoing developments have brought about additional improvement in ahead of schedule and long haul careful results. New embed plans give more noteworthy and more ordinary scope of movements. Better comprehension of the job of the tendons in the knee has brought about sup..

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If you are suffering from severe knee arthritis, you will be advised knee replacement surgery as a treatment. You may be aware of the fact that a knee implants does wear out in due course of time, but you may not be very sure as regards its life. Unfortunately, the durability of an artificial knee joint is much less compared to your knee. This is because the implants are made using metal a..

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The term hearing the 'surgery' can make individuals pushed as various inquiries ring a bell. Before you set yourself up to get the surgery, you want to pick the best specialist and clinic. At the point when you visit the best Orthopedic Hospital In Vadodara you will be given top to bottom information about the treatment and your condition is checked to give you a compelling careful methodology. At..

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Hip arthrosis, also called coxarthrosis, belongs to a group of diseases called chronic degenerative diseases, that is, diseases that progressively evolve, affecting certain areas or tissues of the body. In the case of osteoarthritis of the hip, there is progressive wear and tear of the cartilage of the hip joint. This disease is also characterized by bone neoformation in the region where there w..

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The muscles, tissues, and ligaments in your knees weaken over time due to the constant pressure. From walking to squatting, every physical activity puts some form of pressure on your knees that gradually leads to wear and tear in your knee joints. People who have had a history of knee surgery or an osteoarthritis patient in the family are at higher risk of developing knee diseases later in li..

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After all orthopedics rejected this 22 year old Girl for Hip Replacement Surgery, she found solace in Dr. Shailandra Patil. He recommended Anatomical Hip Replacement Surgery also know as Bone conserving Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement Surgery, which is ideal for young patients in their early 20's. Offering benefits like: 1. Patient gets the feel of a Natural Hip, as it Mimics Natura..

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Living with Knee pain is slowly becoming a way of life for most of the people in Mumbai. Most of us are too busy in the daily grind to even consider knee pain as a problem which validates our attention. Why pain killers will not Cure knee pain: In most cases, when knee pain become extremely painful people generally pop a painkiller; with the hope with that this will stop my knee pain from reoc..

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It’s a well-known fact that walking for just 30 mins a day can significantly improve your health. Walking can improve circulation, heart health, digestion, boost immune system, strengthen bones… the list is endless. However, people who have been suffering from acute knee pain, long walks might not be beneficial. On the contrary, it might worsen the pain significantly over time. There..

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