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Talking about an everlasting solution for hair removal, laser treatment’s the finest option. Over the last small number of years, laser therapy for hair removal has turned quite trendy across India. Ahead of taking the plunge and deciding to have laser hair removal in Delhi done at a specialized clinic, there’re several things that one must be aware of...[Read More]

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After all orthopedics rejected this 22 year old Girl for Hip Replacement Surgery, she found solace in Dr. Shailandra Patil. He recommended Anatomical Hip Replacement Surgery also know as Bone conserving Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement Surgery, which is ideal for young patients in their early 20's. Offering benefits like: 1. Patient gets the feel of a Natural Hip, as it Mimics Natura..

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Being the best in a field is not easy. Not everyone is called the best. He is called the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi for a reason. His talent has been recognised across not just the city or country but even on a worldwide level. In 2011, he was the recipient of a prestigious scholarship awarded by the World Congress of Dermatology. In the preceding year, he was awarded the ‘Youn..

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As you can see, in spring break or summer, you all have faced the problem of main things and that is unwanted hairs. Tweezing, shaving or waxing is a painful process and it is annoying too for every day procedure. Actually wearing shorts is not comes in trend when you covers up your hairs and wax bumps all time. To predict this problem, you can visit at laser hair removal clinic in Delhi and ge..

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Whilst it must be emphasised that the practice of homeopathy entails a detailed knowledge of Materia Medica, nevertheless First Aid and Domestic Emergencies can often be treated safely and effectively at home. This is partly because of the affinities of various remedies for particular tissues and because experience has shown that injuries and common ailments, such as burns, bruises, cuts and sting..

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Collected by:- Dr Vinay Mistry Oscillococcinum Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic alternative medicine marketed to relieve influenza-like symptoms. It is one of the most popular homeopathic preparations. The name The preparation is derived from duck livers, which are diluted to 200C. This is such a high dilution that the final product contains not even one molecule of the original liver..

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A person who has thin hairs or no hairs suffers from lots of emotional situations. Most people will not go out in the public because of fear people laugh at them. Baldness or reduce hair problem is actually common for men and women both. In the time of modern tech, it is possible to get rid out of the problem of baldness. If you want to get a proper solution of your hairs then you need to find ..

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In the event that you are tired of shaving your body each couple of days, and long for a changeless arrangement, laser treatment is a solution for you. With the goal that you can remain completely hair free forever, there's no preferable hair expulsion strategy over laser hair removal. This is a permanent hair removal technique that helps you to get free from excessive body hair. Before we go..

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Fat grafting has gained more and more popularity in recent times. This is due to its appeal as a natural alternative to implants. Although it does not guarantee the amount of augmentation that implants do, it is highly desirable today. What is fat grafting? Fat grafting is when fat is removed from the subcutaneous layer in one part of the body and grafted into the same layer in another part. It ..

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Laser hair reduction is a popular aesthetic treatment that helps men and women to get silkier, smoother skin without painful tweezing or shaving. If a person is looking for laser hair removal in Bangalore, then they can visit Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology as they have world-class technologies such as diode and world-class lasers to provide the best services to their valuable patients. For men, th..

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