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Some couples who have been told they are experiencing fertility problems may have been told about IVF treatment that is available to help them conceive but sometimes it is no good being told about something when you don’t actually know what it is.


IVF stands for in vitro fertilisation with basically in vitro meaning in glass, so in a test tube. A simple way of explaining IVF and much detail isn’t needed initially as in straight forward cases IVF can be exactly that, straight forward. The man’s sperm is taken and added to the woman’s eggs, this is done in a laboratory and then this produces embryos and it can be as simple as that.

IVF is generally used for couples who have been trying for a while and have exhausted all other options of treatments to help them conceive, one of the main reasons that IVF needs a lot of thinking is that the age of the woman can depend on how many try’s she will need at IVF and IVF can be very expensive, so although it has somewhat high success rates it’s not always the best financial option for some people.

IVF is an option to many couples who cannot conceive through what is seen as the traditional or conventional therapies but this is not always the case as women without a male or same sex partnerships have used IVF with sperm donors in order to conceive their children.

Once the sperm has been added to the egg and fertilisation as occurred it can then be time for the developing embryos to be placed back into the womb, for women who have problems with their womb such as it being tilted or damaged in someway this is when they embryo would be placed into a surrogate mother who will then carry the child for 9 months.

In more popular cases the embryo is then placed back into the mother, this is after being in an incubator for up to five days to increase and continue to dividing of the cells, causing them to grow into a baby.

There are so many reasons why IVF may be done, and it is all about the couple as an individual rather than what is best for people of a certain age group. Poor sperm quality can be one of the reasons that IVF is used, the couple may choose to use the same sperm but hope for higher chances of fertilisation when using IVF or they may opt to use a donor to increase their chances.

Another factor can be the quantity of sperm, the overall sperm count, for men who have smoked over the years or had bad diets they may find that their sperm count is lower than average and therefore this can cause infertility problems resulting in using IVF.

There are also additional problems that can mean IVF is a better solution to having a child such as ovulation problems, sperm and egg interaction problems and obstructions stopping the egg and the sperm reaching one another. All of these things can prevent a couple from begin able to have a baby naturally so IVF is there in order to help solve this problem and give them a chance of being able to conceive a child of their own or one from a donor egg or sperm. And if you experiencing fertility problems, you can always visit an experienced IVF Specialist in Ahmedabad and get a right IVF treatment.


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