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The most telling characteristic of the profession that is supposed to deliver health care is that doctors, as a group, appear to be sicker than the rest of society. Conservative counts peg the number of psychiatrically disturbed physicians in the U.S. at 17,000 or one in twenty, the number of alcoholics at more than 30,000, and the number of narcotics addicts at 3,500 or one per­cent.Indian st..

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I for one strongly believe in re-certification of medical degress at regular intervals for all medical doctors like the way it is done in the west. This is an attempt to improve constantly the quality of medicine practiced by us especially in a milieu where advances in medicne are taking place at rocket-speed. Apart from the mandatory attendace at some CMEs and conferences every year i feel we s..

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Due to the sheer size of our country and our population our dcotors are exposed to enormous disease load during their training and practice and not surprisingly they are among the best lot in the world. You will be surprised to know that many medical students in the developed world learn about disease conditions by looking at photographs while we are lucky to see the real patients with real diseas..

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