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One of the interpretations of this Sanskrut word is work without result or work without expectation.

My other interpretations are described in my books.

The interpretation I conceived yesterday is that the “soul” or the very purpose of the work is ISHWAR (God) and the result is MAYA (subjective perceptions)!

Hence it is taught by most saints to remember God during every action or rather remembering God (NAMASMARAN) is the most important action and the other actions are secondary and tertiary!
Thinking about result is forgetting God and losing the very purpose or the very core of the work!

One can tally this interpretation with one’s own experience.


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Pain arising from body, sorrow arising from mind, conflict arising from intellect and feeling of absurdity or injustice arising from external observation and utterly depressive feeling of everything gone is never going to return and everything present is going to perish and lost for ever, brings inexplicable and insurmountable agony!

These dark forces quickly take your possession and make you miserable, no matter how much moneyed, powerful, influential, popular or erudite you are! Those; who do not feel this way today are bound to feel so; tomorrow.

NAMASMARAN is said to be the solution. But though I do not see any other alternative it is essential to admit that I have not experienced freedom from these dark forces as yet and have not experienced the SUPERJOY envisaged in such freedom! Probably if billions of friends all over the world; practice NAMASMARAN together, it may bring about that SUPERJOY!


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If you carefully observe, you may notice that your behavior is the root of your happiness. If you go further deep, then you may realize that not merely the behavior but the feelings responsible for the behavior and the perceptions responsible for feelings are responsible for your happiness!

This may appear circuitous, but perceptions lead to feelings (happiness or unhappiness) and the behavior that leads to happiness or unhappiness!

Hence the root of happiness is involved in evolution of appropriate perception, feelings and behavior.

Careful observation suggests that billions of people all over the world perceive, feel and behave in rather unevolved manner.

Most of the times most of the people are unaware of what they engaged in and the merits and demerits of it! Sometimes some people are aware of what they are doing and being oblivious to the merits and demerits they feel proud about it! They can not think of anything superior!

These people impose their judgment and vicious criticism on others, in coercive manner.

Sometimes however, some people are aware and repentant about what they involved in, because they are aware of merits and demerits of their behavior and something superior and beyond them. These people wish to evolve and seek guidance. If you are one of them, then you must appreciate that billions of people could also be like you, helpless to rise from the abysmal mess they are trapped in!

Considerate attitude is born in such a frame of mind.

A person freed from subjective considerations, judgments and subjective interests, is called free soul or MUKTATMA. These people are also called yogis, seers, enlightened people, saints, sages, rishis and so on. These SUPERHUMANS provide universal solution through their life and preachings, to one and all.

They are like jamboree fire and their words are like smokeless light and warmth. The writings are inspiring and immortal. They give you the clue to the latest and greatest and hence the “SUPER LIFESTYLE”!

Following their precepts enables and empowers you to reach the source of knowledge, money, art, power, beauty, romance and everything for that matter!

This is precisely what makes you SUPER HAPPY.

The common denominator to the preaching of every saint and prophet is to remember the true self or God.

This is also called NAMSMARAN or JAAP.

You may practice it if you seek SUPER HAPPINESS.


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One of the enigmas of Geeta (Gita) philosophy is NISHKAMA KARMA, which means action without expectation of a particular result.

How can you perhaps do anything without expectation of a result, when you see that everything is associated with result?

Excepting perhaps involuntary actions and activities during sleep, every action and its planning are associated with anticipation or projection of its result.

It is understandable that if you focus on; or get obsessed by a particular result or start day dreaming about it, then it can distract you from the procedural skills and concentration. But how can you completely forget or get rid of the thought or idea of the result?

It is also true that you should not get involved in the result, because it can disappoint you if you don’t get the expected result. This is also fair and pragmatic. It can protect you from imminent reactive depression or psychiatric maniacal elation.

But still, how can you totally dissociate the vision about the result from the action?

While thinking about these questions; suddenly I realized that even as most actions are associated with results, all the actions and their results i.e. cause and effect relationship; do not follow the same logic. This is especially true of subtle actions; for example, my thinking or feelings are not describable in terms of their physicochemical details and hence their cause and effect relationship/s with their results and the nature of their also can not be defined!

It is true that actions are roughly and in general; associated with successes and failures.

But the human civilization is evolution of actions (including the thoughts and feelings and the vision). As they evolve further; they become subtler and cosmic. Their nature and results; can not be qualified or quantified by routine gauging and assessment. Further, neither the actions nor the results remain personal or subjective and hence their “Ownership” or “Credit” ceases completely! So we no longer remain attached to it. This is NISHKAMA KARMA!

Geeta (Gita) inspires us for evolution of our actions from crudity, tight attachment to or insistence on cause and effect relationships, arbitrariness and subjectivity; to; subtlety where subjectivity and objectivity and the procedure and the results conceptually merge and the ownership ceases!!

One such absolutely evolved action is NAMASMARAN i.e. remembering God or one’s true self! Billions are already practicing it in different religions and billions more are most likely to practice it and emancipate themselves and others!

One can ponder over these explanations and decide about the option of NAMASMARAN!


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Stress is neither; merely in the environments nor; merely in the individuals.

Stress is inappropriate interaction or interactions between environments and the individuals. The environments are both internal and external. The individual responses are also both internal and external.

Total Stress Management requires that the interactions are appropriate.

NAMASMARAN is an appropriate and accurate internal as well as external interaction between internal and external environments and the individuals and hence a process of simultaneous blossoming of the individual and the environments.

Mere belief and disbelief in this idea do not matter as the result depends only on practice or otherwise.


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Some said that poverty is due to exploitation. Some said that the misery is due to invaders. Some said the malady is due to imperialists. Some said the strife is due to religious fanaticism. Some said the stress is due to social oppression and injustice. Some said that the stress is due to deprivation of biological instincts.

These are not completely wrong, but not entirely accurate also. Such partial understanding usually breeds indiscriminate hatred and violence, towards others.

On the other hand there are many theories basically indicating the root of the distress in individual frailty.

These are also not completely wrong but not totally accurate either. They usually lead to self abnegation and indiscriminate violence towards oneself.

There is one simple and practical process that has benevolent and emancipating impact on individual and the environment. This process is called NAMASMARAN i.e. remembering the God i.e. your true self.

Billions of people of the world actually are engaged in it without using this terminology. If billions more get engaged in it, the blossoming of the individuals and the world are absolutely inevitable.

There is no proof for this; so; one need not believe in this, but as the idea of proof itself has its limitations one need not disbelieve also! Unprecedented events have no proofs. They are realized only after they happen!


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If there is a thorn inside, then it hurts badly and the child cries. But if you try to remove it, then it resists and cries more. A sick child refuses to take injection because it is apprehensive about the pain it produces. The list of such instances can be very long in fact unending. The point is simple. If you do not know the cause and nature of your problem and the efficiency of its solutions, then you tend to despise and reject the solutions.

Today, most of the people are complaining of one thing or another. Some people are not complaining but the others are complaining about them! This is especially important because “normal” people are suffering! There is no clinical disease and yet they are suffering or at least they say so!

The suffering is largely because of immature or maturing perception, feelings and actions. The solution is to development and maturation of these. This requires consciousness that emerges triumphantly out of the biologically dominated perceptions, feelings and actions. This is actually the freedom of your soul or your conscience!

This requires NAMASMARAN in every place you go and in situation face. This is why you need NAMASMARAN.

But it is most important to realize that NAMASMARAN is a supreme option open to you and is a golden opportunity. You are privileged to know about and practice NAMASMARAN.

The answer to “when” NAMASMARAN is; from the moment you come to know about it and always! The answer to “why?” is, because it is an accurate and radical solution to the problems, for which you seek a solution!


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God and His worship have been a part of human civilization for millennia. In fact many philosophers and seers consider God to be unanimous with truth, rather, absolute truth.

However for an ordinary person like me faith in God appeared to be paranoid! I never could really understand or appreciate why an individual should suffer the burden of this belief or faith in some other entity alien from himself or herself.

In addition, God and everything associated with God insisted on surrender; unquestioning and unconditioned surrender!

The freedom of an individual and his or her behavior, emotions, thoughts and reasoning were brutally challenged in these “God” phenomena and stories and doctrines associated with them.

I observed that suppression of such reasoning lead to thriving of coercion, oppression and exploitation.

My urge for freedom, rational thinking and my conscience thus felt suffocated in everything associated with God.

But it was not easy to overthrow the overwhelming influence of religious and pious activities and their deep impressions from the early childhood. This was also because, everything sublime, selfless, subtle, serene and supreme also; was associated with God and related phenomena.

In the course of time, I came across the theory and practice of NAMASMARAN and realized that there is no necessity to believe or disbelieve God. What is important is practicing NAMSMARAN like we practice bath or brushing. The objective change common to individual and the universe become self evident. The imagery; both atheist and theist begin to disappear.
The prejudice about theist or prejudice about atheist disappears. In fact all prejudices disappear!

You may not believe in anything I have shared here. It is up to you to verify if the chasm between ideals and practices of human beings can be narrowed through NAMASMARAN.


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The “Active Peace” is a concept to suggest desireless (absence of subjective desire) desire i.e. objective desire or 0 desires.

This is a stage in life. It can not be and need not be arbitrarily imposed on oneself.

But even as it is pleasant to those who achieve it; it can not be imagined by those of us who are engrossed in material and sensual pleasures. In fact those like us, who are engrossed in sensual pleasure and the pursuits of sensual pleasures, find it quite dreadful to be “freed” from these “pleasures”! This is a kind of abstinence syndrome! One really becomes miserable even with the thought of such “freedom”!

This is why NAMASMARAN, which binds you in something non sensuous and ties you in painful abstinence of the sensuous, is generally ridiculed as foolish, escapist, nihilistic, “nonsense’ and erratic; by many!

In addition; in the initial stages of NAMASMARAN; it also gives an impression to submission, prostration, defeat, surrender or prostration to negation of oneself! In fact this negation to oneself is actually negation of ego, and is extremely painful. For example if “I” want to acquire, accumulate and indulge, then this “I” gets “tortured” because of NAMSMARAN and you find it as painful as death itself.


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Zero is extremely important and gives meaning to the language of Mathematics and its branches, ubiquitously spread throughout universe!

However if we carefully try to search the origin of the concept of zero, we find that it is an arrangement to comprehend, explain and maneuver the fleeting phenomena!

Where is zero?

If we carefully search for the existence of zero, then we only realize that existence of zero is only with relation to three dimensions and their influence on our brain. When we indicate absence of a particular entity and assign the value zero, it has merely a limited meaning in terms of absence of that entity in that place at that time with respect that observer.

Actually; how can zero per se; i.e. nothingness exist? The moment we say zero, it implies presence of time, space, background or field and the observer!

Hence isn’t it true that not only zero/zero; but zero itself; is also indeterminate?

Where is zero?
In fact; the origination of the concept of nothingness and its designation in terms of zero, have given rise to the dreadful concept of end and death!

This is only a piece of wild thinking by an ignorant individual and all the erudite readers can give a thought to it and highlight the truth to the people.


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