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Is it appropriate to advocate desirelessness; or fulfilling of all desires; right from childhood? This is very important question in Total Stress Management i.e. individual and global blossoming.

In general; many ascetics advocate arbitrary suppression of desires; and austerity; and the individualists uphold indulgence and fulfillment of all desires right from childhood!

Irrespective of the semantics, both aim at maximum fulfillment, which is embodied in a state called STHITAPRAJNA. The meaning or purport of this state is neither annihilation of; nor indulgence in desires; but culmination or sublimation of all the individual desires into the cosmic desire. This is an evolved, buoyant and a dynamically fulfilled state. This is not a state of surrender; but sublime, victorious and ecstatic state of merging with the cosmic consciousness.

The suppression and indulgence are double edged weapons. Suppression can inflate ego and indulgence can spill the life into vanity. Hence; what is required; is grooming and channelizing life; into ultimate fulfillment. Hence; the needs of the newborn babies, infants, toddlers, children, youths and the elderly are variable and ought to be fulfilled; by holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs and their implementation; at all levels.

This requires NAMASMARAN, which reorients us to the precise and sublime duty (SWADHARMA) at every stage of and every walk of life; and helps us to march joyously and victoriously; from; the states of enjoying the personal desires; to the state of sublimating them in cosmic desire! Hence the leadership of the world; should introduce the study and practice of JAPA, JAAP, JIKRA, NAMASMARAN i.e. remembrance of one’s true self; in all the courses; at all the stages of education; and in every walk of life!

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Restriction on breathing, sleep, drinking, eating, defecation, urination and delivery of baby; can cause severe STRESS.

But even as this STRESS is easy to recognize; most of us do not recognize the STRESS caused by the opposition, suppression or restriction on assertion i.e. following our own conscience, our inner voice or the inspiration of our soul. In fact; rather than others; more often; we ourselves suppress our own assertiveness! This is because we do not know our inner voice.

We have this stress; but we also have the freedom to assert; in tune with our inner voice; in tune with the aspirations of billions! This is possible through what may be called Total Stress Management, which involves; being objective and holistic in; perspective, policies, planning, programs and their implementation; though NAMASMARAN.

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DEPRESSION - Why is it so Important?
Everyday I meet many people who have been sad and lonely for weeks, months and in many cases years.

The relatives (father, mother, wife, sister, etc) have a simple stance - " Why come to a psychiatrist? He/She ain't mad... Just feeling sad... We will give him/her some good counseling and they will improve!"

Why Do Repeated Counseling from friends and family Fail to cure the sadness and loneliness?

Answer - The human brain is an organ like no other. Misunderstood and lack of knowledge about it is present in a great majority, but everyone seems to be an expert in its functioning.

I am sure most people who feel only counseling or talk-therapy (as popularly called) will be aware of the fact that Depression has the following biological effects on the brain:
a. decreased blood circulation
b. decreased nervous functioning
c. decreased production of neuro-chemicals and hormones.

Over-all decrease of Brain activity leads to following symptoms of depression.
(anyone having 5 or more requires immediate treatment)
1.Sad or depressed Mood thru most of the day.
2. Decreased interest in activities
3. Sleep Problems - lack of sleep or excess of sleep
4. Weight Problems- Drastic Increase or Decrease in Weight in last one month.
5. Feeling Restless/ agitated thru out the day.
6. Slowing of thought process - not able to do things as quickly as before
7. Fatigue or loss of energy thru out the day.
8. lack of confidence in self.
9. Decreased Memory Power- decreased in the ability to think, concentrate, inability to take decisions.
10. Thoughts of leaving everything and going away, /or Thoughts of Suicide / Self-Harm.

Why does it require treatment?
Any part of the body that doesn't get proper blood circulation slowly starts to die.

in depression, not only blood circulation, but also nervous functioning and neuro-chemicals levels go down, hence-forth creating a 3-way harm and destruction of brain.

what treatment is effective?
treatment has to be based on a proper 40-45min evaluation of the personality of the individaul, factors and causes of stress and depression.
Only a detailed session can reveal the deep subconscious problems of the client.
based on it, a combination of two or more of the following is effective:
a. venting out - talking or actions thru which negative emotions are brought out
b. mental training - exercises thru which the brain is thought to be motivated
c. psychological helps - small techniques to battle episodes of high restlessness and anxiety
d. meditation techniques
e. medicines - HOMEOPATHY is recommanded as it does not have side effects, non-addictive, and completely Safe.

The psychiatrist should spend enough time with the patient to understand his/her problem and accordingly design a treatment for them.

for any further help, email me at

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One of the worst kinds of STRESS results from imminent death. We feel stressed even with the thought of our death; or that of our near dear ones. Usually we remain occupied in something or other and keep on escaping from such thoughts, calling them “negative”. If we are for some reason; in a hospital, we prefer to remain engaged in “positive thinking”!

We are not only afraid of death, but we are afraid of rebirth; as it forces us into; an unforeseen and possibly painful life; of an “individual or animal”.

The fear of death is a common phenomenon; with a physiological basis. Thus the fear is actually a sensation that results from autonomic outflow (impulses) causing visceral activities; such as pain in the chest, throbbing of heart, sinking of stomach, cold clammy extremities, and giddiness due to reduction in blood supply to brain.

The fear of death is actually because we identify strongly with these phenomena causing unpleasant sensation. The fear is more as and when we experience these unpleasant sensations (till we are able to detach ourselves from them). Hence the children are possibly not afraid due to inexperience. The very old ones are also probably not afraid as they too experienced to be afraid; as compared to us!

In other words; the STRESS is due to the fact that death of “our body” is considered to be or actually deeply convinced to be “our” death. In fact many of us believe that everything in life comes to an end after the death of the body. According to them the idea of rebirth is merely a vain imagination. They think it is an excuse; to deny the sovereignty and supremacy of nature and “our” inevitable mortality.

Let us understand the death and rebirth little more; so that our STRESS is reduced.

Let us appreciate that; the death (rebirth) does not always refer to the whole body. Our body cells are dead and lost to a variable extent; and new cells are born from time to time. Even our passions, emotions and thoughts are undergoing changes; in terms of vanishing of the old ones and appearance of the new ones. But we remain the same individuals!

Thus without denying our association with the changing existence, we can; to start with at least imagine; and later experience that we are changeless backdrop or background or substratum on which the changing cells, tissues and also; bodies are born, grown and perished. The consciousness is constant and the cycles of birth and rebirth continue on and within it!

In fact; the birth and rebirth; as we see and perceive; are the product of our physiological senses, our cerebral cortical capabilities and their limitations. The consciousness however “exists” beyond our limitations!

Rebirth; thus is not a matter of belief or disbelief. It is not a hypothesis, a postulation or a theory and certainly not a wild imagination or bluff; to explain the results of good deeds and bad deeds; or anything else. It is not a psychological tool for consoling or pacifying the suffering of people.

Rebirth of identities pertains to concurrent consciousness and memories. This is observed in case of certain historical figures such as Shripad Shrivallabh and Narasimha Saraswati (1378 to 1458). Others do not have the memory or consciousness to endorse rebirth.

The proof of the rebirth; through science; needs an accurate identification, definition and understanding of consciousness as a separate entity. Because; we have to show; birth (easy), death (easy) and the individual consciousness and its relation to the individual who is born and dead; that “persists” after death (very difficult; unless we have a gadget that can capture the existence of individual consciousness).

So far; we do not have such a gadget. Moreover; our consciousness can not capture our consciousness in its entirety. “Our consciousness” cannot identify or demonstrate “our consciousness”; as a separate entity; to “our own consciousness”! Hence currently; it is not possible to “prove” rebirth!

However; if we practice NAMASMARAN; we can verify; these otherwise mysterious and esoteric aspects of birth, death, rebirth and immortality.

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Generally we vacillate between indiscriminate suppression of desires; and indiscriminate fulfillment of all desires!

7 billion people and innumerable animals and plants; have different instinctual, emotional, intellectual, psychomotor and creative needs. The irresponsible and indiscriminate suppression or gratification of these; has lead to universal stress at all levels in the form of poverty, hunger, deforestation, famines, global heating; on the one hand and corruption, indulgence, addictions, terrorism, persecution, riots and wars; on the other.

We should not be obsessed by the idea of either destroying the shad-ripus (six enemies); termed viz. KAMA, KRODHA, MOHA, MAD MATSAR and LOBHA; or indiscriminate indulgence in these.

There ought not to be a regimentalization. The needs have to be differentiated from the desires, whims or fancies. The biological needs; of the fetus, newborn, infants, toddlers, children, youths, pregnant mothers, and the elderly, are variable; and must be optimally fulfilled. It is implied that there have to be accurate international, national, regional and local policies and laws for this; and not mere outcry for philanthropy.

It is convincing that the ultimate destination of spiritual quest is immortality or self realization; and at certain stage of development an individual is beyond physiological existence.

But we seem to have forgotten that DHARMA is a holistic system enabling every person to tread this path of invincible supra- physiological and immortality; and not indiscriminate suppression or indulgence in SHAD-RIPUS. Hence; whether we have conquered or whether we indulge in SHADRIPUS; there ought to be unanimity on; the holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs and their implementation (SWADHARMA), which aim to optimally fulfill all these physiological needs of all.

This can enable us to practice NAMASMARN with greater intensity, involvement and selflessness. There is no “short cut” (bypassing the holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs i.e. SWADHARMA); to total stress management that ensures optimal fulfillment of individual needs and satisfactory conquest of SHADRIPUS.

Presently; our materialism and spiritualism perpetuate pursuits of subsidy, profits, glamour, glitter, popularity, fame, success, promotion; on the one hand; and trance, bliss, ecstasy, moksha, mukti, nirvana; respectively; on the other! Thus we continue to feel incomplete and frustrated or arrogant and delirious; in personal and social life; and keep perpetuating vicious cycle of; stressors-their mismanagement-further multiplication of stress; at individual, local, regional, national and international levels.

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If the history books are studded with photographs and praise of invaders; and neglect of the freedom fighters and saints; then it creates conflicts. Same is true for the divisive (and hoax) theory of “Aryan invasion” that surreptiously indicts division into “Indigenous Dravids” and “Alien Aryans; and condemnation of certain rituals and traditions; suggesting indirectly; that all other religions; are better!

Severe stress; due to lack of accuracy and purpose in history; can culminate into prejudices, bitterness, bigotry, hatred, rivalry, fanaticism, unrest, riots, terrorism and so on.

When such superficial and petty teaching and/or propaganda are dominant; they suppress our inner growth, silence our inner voice and crush our conscience! We are attracted by the royalty and repelled by the poverty; tempted by the riches and repelled by the rags; excited by the abundance and depressed by the paucity and abstinence!

Even historians do not seem to grasp the undercurrents in history; which are probably beyond their comprehension!

Take for example; the depiction of personalities. The real heroes; the saints; appear sympathogenic (deserving sympathy or pity) and the film stars, the political leaders and other celebrities; appear intoxicatingly attractive and grand!

However, our education and acculturation; are often influenced by the geniuses of the particular period; who have almost realized truth. In addition; our values and our idols and ideals; are determined our constitutions, moods; and even whims and fancies!

Hence; even as; our values and idols; are conflicting; they are not blatantly superficial, shallow, and petty or mean. Our yardsticks for idolization and idealization are NOT uniformly retrogressive. Our values are not uniformly vulgar and/or antisocial. They are multifarious; with various complexities and shades. They are evolved subconsciously; and shaped mysteriously! Hence; strange it may appear; but our values and idols do not conform to only our superficial perceptions!

Thus our idols are violent (war heroes such as Chatrapati Shivaji), nonviolent (Buddha, Gandhi, Mahavir, Jesus Christ), economically rich (Bill Gates), economically poor (Vinoba Bhave), physically strong (Mohammed Ali, Dara Singh), physically weak (Srinivas Ramanujam, yogis (Patanjali) and indulgent (kings); and those who served in British Service; (British Army, Police, Administration); and freedom fighters!

To overcome our stress resulting from conflicts; we have to introspect and find out what determines our apparently opposite values and idols! All our idols; are larger than “routinely perceived concept of individual life”! They have manifested the vision and actions (although at times contradictorily); involving the well being of a sizeable section; or whole society; and/or they have transcended the usual human needs, greed, worries and capacity, in their respective fields!

We often feel that the solutions of our opposing idols are final, exclusive and can bring about permanent and everlasting heaven on earth.

But; how can there be a permanent heaven on earth; and of what nature; and how can millions of generations of living forms (living and to be born); conform to our ideas? Is it sensible; to impose a hope of illusive heaven; on ourselves; and/or on others?

This implies that; stress of history, ideals, values, ideologies and idols; can be managed totally; if we demystify all opposing values and idols and go to their eternal center; by blossoming from within and being objective. This is possible; but not by merely reading and discussions; but through the practice of NAMASMARAN as assured by the immortal gurus.

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We experience STRESS; when our freedom is jeopardized.

In cellular jails the freedom is throttled in terms of even making movements and meeting people apart from all other things. Vast majority of suffer from lack of freedom of availability; of security, food, water, clothes, shelter, health care and education.

Lack of freedom of building shelters, cultivating and using medicinal herbs, cultivating land, running businesses etc; because of coercive and harrowing license system; or throttling restrictive laws; is denial of freedom.

Lack of freedom of moving to other countries, doing business in other countries, expressing ourselves in paintings, music, literature, movies, dramas and so on; is also a STRESSOR.

Lack of freedom from superstitions is also a major STRESSOR!

Thus; both the atheism and theism harbor the superstition of believing blindly; in existence and nonexistence of God.

The word existence is actually very deep and meaningful. We tend to ignore the deeper aspects of this word! Existence of a stone, existence of electricity, existence of laser rays, existence of space, existence of time, existence of a bird, existence of a boy, existence of mind, existence of feeling, existence of thoughts all are described by a single word existence. As a result of ignoring the different meanings of the word “existence”, the followers of so called atheism and theism go on arguing endlessly! Due to lack of appreciation of these meanings of the word, the truth i.e. the sense of satisfaction, unity, fearlessness, joy etc. keep on eluding us.

Let us understand that The God does not “exist” and does not “non-exist”; in routine sense of the word existence! The God experience is beyond the routine, crude and restrictive meaning of the word “exist”!

Lack of freedom to assert our conscience causes major STRESS. This is due to obstacles in our blossoming; such as; bigotry, religious and racial impositions, vested interests, fanaticism, terrorism, and pettiness of perspective, policies, plans, programs, and transactions inside and outside us! This imprisonment is fortified by restrictive laws, conventions, traditions, fashions, beliefs, films, literature, media and advertising.

Lack of freedom to be together (physically and mentally) also causes STRESS. We do not realize the unifying link, between us and others. Actually; every particle is connected by gravity, space, time and so on, and similarly but not exactly in the same way; we are connected with others; through consciousness.

When we define and hail political freedom; we have to consider these different aspects of freedom and see; whether majority of us in the world are FREE! Then we can work together; for total freedom to realize the unifying link. Moreover; through our perspective, thinking, policies, plans, administration, arts and creative efforts; create an atmosphere conducive to such individual and universal blossoming.

This is possible through the practice NAMASMARAN (JAAP, JAP, JIKRA) i.e. reorientation and realizing true self; supplemented by complementary efforts; in different walks of life. This is a process of overcoming subjectivity and being objective as taught by the immortal gurus; and is a core of Total Stress Management, superliving or holistic renaissance.

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Conceptual stress is not a separate entity. It is a part of over all process of stress. We can also call it intellectual confusion, doubts, chaos, conflicts, suspicions etc; born; out of physical, metabolic, endocrine, autonomic, and nervous i.e. instinctual, emotional and intellectual interactions; with internal and external environment.

It is true that we should manage to bypass or ignore some questions, and rightly so; e.g. mathematical problems need not; as a routine, bother a biologist. Similarly, the problems of school children are best dealt with in the text-books and guides and the experts in those fields; and need not worry a musician.

But there are issues which are a) inevitable b) inseparable c) unavoidable, d) faced by most of us; and affect our personal, family and social life; as well as the life of the society as a whole; immensely. These issues produce Conceptual or Intellectual Stress!

In modern life; the pace of life has become very fast. The nature of the influences of the scientific and technological advances is much more complex and there are rapidly emerging new issues and we are unable to understand and deal with them. Morality, ethics, customs, traditions and conventions, which guided us in past; are being proved inadequate and/or irrelevant!

Conceptual stress results from day to day questions; such as celibacy or free sex, divorce no divorce, legalization of homosexuality or no, caste based reservations or no, charity or SWADHARMA, vegetarianism or non vegetarianism, theism or atheism, rationality or shraddha, productive element in education or no; and so on!

Health related issues are even more troublesome. Thus complexity, mysteriousness and dread of; AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, muscular dystrophy; cause stress.

To give a simple example, excessive and unfounded fear of cancer; is a case of conceptual stress. Cancer phobia many times results from inappropriate views, feelings and actions (conceptual deficiency) about cancer, its nature, its symptoms such as pain and its outcome.

A patient of cancer phobia may suspect that he/she has cancer, whenever he/she gets pain. If he/she gets repeated pain, in a particular organ then he/she starts suspecting cancer of that particular part! This leads to morbid fear, anxiety, worry, and sense of helplessness; due to imagination of pain, agonies and physical, mental, economic and social dependence helplessness.

Conceptual stress involves:
1. Defective or inaccurate perceptions, imagination, ideas, thoughts, guesswork;
2. Lopsided, disproportionate imbalanced emotions;
3. Unreasonable instincts and unnatural physical needs,

These are associated with disturbed rates, interrelationships and proportions in electrophysiological interactions in brain, secretion of neurotransmitters, hormones; and metabolic activities. These cause deleterious effects on personal and social health.

“Conscious” conceptual stress is minimal or absent if we are totally ignorant and adjusted to a self centered, petty, indifferent, reflexive, passive, callous and stereotyped life style like a lower animal. But still; there can be “subconscious” stress; and it can play havoc!

Conceptual stress is not merely determined by the technological advances and their complex effects; but also by our nature, constitution and overall resilience, tenacity, fighting spirit, patience, killer instinct and objectivity. Confusing information about the risk of computers and mobile phones, radiations of mobile towers, swine flu, bird flu, chicken Gunia, cyber crimes; creates stress.

Maximum conceptual stress is developed; when begin to grow. As our perspective assumes global dimension our thinking reaches out to probe into; and explore the mysteries of various natural phenomena, our feelings reach out to the miseries of the millions including animals; the conceptual stress multiplies! This stress amongst Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Lokamanya Tilak and others; gave new light to world.

Our conceptual stress also; increases as we search for solutions to the conflicting situations and observations and inexplicable issues and come close to the solutions; but encounter difficulty in expressing them! This becomes more disturbing when our solutions are proved ineffective, though not inaccurate! Since we seem to fail we get quite stressed in persisting with our views and mission; but cannot abandon them too! We are in agony! Why are we ineffective if we are accurate?

At this point the very foundation of our existence begins to shake and our existence almost gets uprooted! But through this devastating dark night; dawns; the capacity to assert ourselves and conquer the stressors on the one hand; and there is visible benevolent impact of Total Stress Management on the other!

The key factors involved throughout; is NAMASMARAN, which is very simple. There is no need of any technique, money, methodology, technology, cooperation; or anything for that matter. It is beyond all kinds of “barriers and walls” of beliefs and non beliefs. It is a super-solution provided by the immortal galaxy of saints, seers and sages; from round the globe, but most importantly by Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavlekar.

Lastly; every one of us is bound to go through the conceptual stress knowingly or unknowingly and hence; there is no escape. We can conquer it through NAMASMARAN (remembering our true self); and get the empowerment and enlightenment; and vision, clarity and clues; to individual and global blossoming; or else; suffer and inflict others with our suffering.

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It is often said that practice is more important than merely preaching and promotion. This is obviously true; in case of those who preach and promote something for petty gains; and practice something else; for money, power, adulations or more lowly gains; at the cost of others.

But this is also true for those who unknowingly preach and promote NAMASMARAN more; and practice less!

Why does this happen?

Living (practice); and sharing (preaching and promotion) of impressions, understanding and experiences; go hand in hand!

We tend to preach and promote more; because we share a common dream with the whole world; the dream of global welfare. This is called (VISHVACHE ARTA by Saint Dnyaneshvar). But we rarely identify it; and unknowingly are charged and possessed by it according to our predisposition and capability.

Some of us get satisfied with ad hoc (incomplete, superficial and symptomatic) solutions; and enter political, social, commercial, artistic, academic, industrial, agricultural, philanthropic careers.

Some are not satisfied with ad hoc solutions; and try to go deeper to realize the dream of universal welfare.
Out of these; some get lost into the fleeting ideologies, unrealistic concepts and self deception. They come to terms with the deception and in turn; deceive people under the guise of political revolution, spiritual renaissance, sat yug and so on!

While remaining few; try to go to the roots of the problems for realizing the dream of global unity and harmony; with holistic perspective. They almost reach holistic solutions in terms of universal perspective, policies, plans and actions. The most important common factor amongst them is the indescribable bond of blossoming together.

NAMASMARAN is found to be the eternal source of holistic solutions; and in NAMASMARAN; there is an experience of the whole universe coming closer. Due to this experience; people cannot resist themselves from preaching and promoting NAMASMARAN; in every possible way; as a matter of greatest privilege, golden opportunity.

But still; it must be clarified here; that the practice of NAMASMARAN is far more real, vital, crucial to us; and the welfare of universe; than preaching and promotion.

The practice however; at times can be tiring; and hence the next best thing to do is; preaching and promotion.

In view of the overwhelming dark forces; the preaching and promotion are very much needed; so as to inform and inspire (not coax) maximum people; for the inner blossoming through NAMASMARAN. However; if we do not practice, then we are likely not to blossom from within and not get the objective experience of universal benevolence (BHAKTI); and hence indulge in loud propaganda, gaudy advertisements and create aversion and repulsion about NAMASMSRAN!

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NAMASMARAN, is a fundamental and universal solution (other solutions being adjuvant) for the perceptible transition from individual and universal problems; to individual and universal blossoming.

In rigid and unquestioning body consciousness; we can be callous and oblivious to the pain of others. We can be “happy” and “stoic” and free of doubts; whether we practice NAMASMARAN or not; till; we ourselves are not inflicted; or are in tribulations.

But doubts creep in our mind; due to sensitive and inquisitive body consciousness; manifesting into our genuine concern; for the sectarian and piecemeal approaches and policies; revolving around petty perspectives, thoughts and vested interests; in various (political, social, economic, medical, industrial, agricultural, educational and even ‘religious and spiritual’) fields; to everyone’s detriment.

We cannot be happy and fulfilled from anything else; other than self realization, that is freedom from the overwhelming impact of body consciousness. This is true liberation or mukti or Nirvana; and is coupled with universally beneficial policies and their actual implementation in all the fields of life.

If NAMASMARAN is meant for mere ‘self realization’ and not for social revolution; then how can merging in NAMASMARAN completely; be cosmic self, the reflection of which is the universe and society? Hence there cannot be any individual liberation without the actual reflection (the details of which may vary) in personal and social life.

All the ideas and pursuits of “personal” liberation; without tangible changes in environment; are petty and actually counterproductive. But the feeling of personal liberation in absence of such changes; is theoretically possible; as nothing is impossible! The concerned individual himself or herself; has to decide; whether he/she is; on the way of liberation or actually liberated; or is callous and in self deception.

Doubts about NAMASMARAN creep in mind; because of the agonies of the burning problems of the people; at global to local levels; in as much as the doubts spurt by our physical pains, financial crisis, and humiliation in personal life. There is no disagreement and no denial; that this is due to the body consciousness.

NAMASMARAN, is inseparable from globally beneficial perspective, policies, plans and programs, to be evolved by the leaders in different fields, and their meticulous implementation by the masses; and thereby; the successful individual and universal blossoming in actual day to day life.

All this can be disproved by their own examples; if self realized people, having nothing to do about society and have no influence on the society whatsoever; bring forth other evidences of their self realization

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