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Hernia Repair, Umbilical
A hernia occurs when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall.

An umbilical hernia appears as a lump near the navel (bellybutton) that may get bigger when your child laughs, coughs, cries or goes to the toilet. It may shrink when your child is relaxed or lying down.
Umbilical hernias are very common and affect 10% of infants and young children. They are especially common in babies who are born prematurely.

An umbilical hernia is not painful. In 85% of cases, the umbilical hernia goes back in and the muscles reseal before the child's first birthday.

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Free fertility evaluation camp in Maharashtra - Indira fertility center
We are proud to promote Infertility awareness week in Maharashtra with big IVF events organised than ever before at 5 major cities of Maharashtra.This fertility camps will focus on Advanced infertility treatment and IVF or Test Tube Baby process in a very simple and easy to understand presentation for all.

India’s declining fertility rate (at 2.59), now only slightly higher than that of the United States (2.1), is part of a global trend of lower population growth.A drop in fertility rate is due to both medical factor and external factors —like late marriages, more career orientation or reluctance to have children in general.Rapid lifestyle changes are also impacting fertility in urban areas of India today.

Often couples are not aware that their chances of having their own biological child are greatly reduced as they approach their early to mid 30s. Child bearing is delayed due to career progression, financial issues and countless other reasons. This infertility event will raise awareness that both men and women need to seek fertility evaluation and treatment sooner rather than later.

Indira IVF brings free information mornings for individuals and couples interested in learning more about IVF and other fertility treatment options.Indira IVF is holding a free fertility seminar for people who have been trying to fall pregnant and wish to take a positive step towards conceiving.

Hear from the IVF experts on the causes and treatments of infertility, the IVF process, the science behind IVF as well as lifestyle factors that can influence your chances of getting pregnant.

At this IVF Pregnancy seminar, you will meet one of Indira IVF's leading fertility specialists. They will explain the treatment options available including the latest scientific breakthroughs that maximise the likelihood that you will conceive a Test Tube baby. You’ll also have time after the presentation to talk one-on-one to have your questions answered by our experts.

The presentation at fertility Seminars will include:

Factors affecting fertility
Why am I having difficulties?
Fertility Treatment Programs
The latest advancements in IVF science
What to expect with IVF
Options other than IVF
What are the next steps

OPPORTUNITY for a Free fertility chat with Leading fertility specialist and know all about:
1.Common causes of infertility for men and women.
2.Options available to help you conceive from simple natural fertility treatments to more complex assisted reproductive technology.
3.Give you the opportunity to have your fertility questions answered.

Take a positive step towards becoming pregnant.Numbers are limited so register for this free and informative seminar today!

Free Infertility awareness camp on Test Tube Baby (IVF) Seminar dates details with cities :
Free Public Fertility Awareness Seminar in Maharashtra, Attendees must register to reserve a seat by sending SMS.

26th July,2014 at Amravati
Tme:9.00 AM
For registration and Free entry at infertility awareness camp on Test Tube Baby (IVF)camp Amravati please send SMS- IVF A on 57333 from your mobile today.

27th July at Nagpur
Tme:10.00 AM
For registration and Free entry at infertility awareness camp on Test Tube Baby (IVF)camp Nagpur please send SMS- IVF N on 57333 from your mobile today.

1st August at Kohlapur
Tme:9.00 AM
For registration and Free entry at infertility awareness camp on Test Tube Baby (IVF)camp Kohlapur please send SMS- IVF K on 57333 from your mobile today.

2nd August at Solapur
Tme:9.00 AM
For registration and Free entry at infertility awareness camp on Test Tube Baby (IVF)camp Solapur please send SMS- IVF S on 57333 from your mobile today.

3rd August at Pune
Tme:10.00 AM
For registration and Free entry at infertility awareness camp on Test Tube Baby (IVF)camp Pune please send SMS- IVF P on 57333 from your mobile today.


We hope that you will share these links on your own social networks and spread the word for happiness of those how are deprived of parenthood in your circles.

Contact us today to register Free infertility awareness camp on Test Tube Baby (IVF)::: or

Indira Infertility Clinic & Research Centre,
2nd Floor Anand Emerald, Sakore Nagar,
New airport VIP road, Viman Nagar,
09028062676 / 09028062677

Indira Infertility Clinic & Test Tube Baby Centre,
9, Govindpura Colony,
Udaipur Rajasthan- 313002,
Phone:0766 500 99 64 / 65

Contact Person:
Bhavesh 09028062633 or Padhyna 09028062638

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एलर्जी से होगा बचाव, करें ये उपाय
एलर्जी से होगा बचाव, करें ये उपाय
एलर्जी या अति संवेदनशीलता आज की लाइफ में बहुत तेजी से बढ़ती हुई सेहत की बड़ी परेशानी है कभी कभी एलर्जी गंभीर परेशानी का भी सबब बन जाती है जब हमारा शरीर किसी पदार्थ के प्रति अति संवेदनशीलता दर्शाता है तो इसे एलर्जी कहा जाता है और जिस पदार्थ के प्रति प्रतिकिर्या दर्शाई जाती है उसे एलर्जन कहा जाता है l
एलर्जी के कारण –
एलर्जी किसी भी पदार्थ से ,मौसम के बदलाव से या आनुवंशिकता जन्य हो सकती है एलर्जी के कारणों में धूल ,धुआं ,मिटटी पराग कण, पालतू या अन्य जानवरों के संपर्क में आने से ,सौंदर्य प्रशाधनों से ,कीड़े बर्रे आदि के काटने से,खाद्य पदार्थों से एवं कुछ अंग्रेजी दवाओ के उपयोग से एलर्जी हो सकती है सामान्तया एलर्जी नाक ,आँख ,श्वसन प्रणाली ,त्वचा व खान पान से सम्बंधित होती है किन्तु कभी कभी पूरे शरीर में एक साथ भी हो सकती है जो की गंभीर हो सकती है l
स्थानानुसार एलर्जी के लक्षण -
1. नाक की एलर्जी -नाक में खुजली होना ,छीकें आना ,नाक बहना ,नाक बंद होना या बार बार जुकाम होना आदि l
2.आँख की एलर्जी -आखों में लालिमा ,पानी आना ,जलन होना ,खुजली आदि l
3.श्वसन संस्थान की एलर्जी -इसमें खांसी ,साँस लेने में तकलीफ एवं अस्थमा जैसी गंभीर समस्या हो सकती है l
4.त्वचा की एलर्जी -त्वचा की एलर्जी काफी कॉमन है और बारिश का मौसम त्वचा की एलर्जी के लिए बहुत ज्यादा मुफीद है त्वचा की एलर्जी में त्वचा पर खुजली होना ,दाने निकलना ,एक्जिमा ,पित्ती उछलना आदि होता है l
5.खान पान से एलर्जी -बहुत से लोगों को खाने पीने की चीजों जैसे दूध ,अंडे ,मछली ,चॉकलेट आदि से एलर्जी होती है l
6.सम्पूर्ण शरीर की एलर्जी -कभी कभी कुछ लोगों में एलर्जी से गंभीर स्तिथि उत्पन्न हो जाती है और सारे शरीर मंक एक साथ गंभीर लक्षण उत्पन्न हो जाते हैं ऐसी स्तिथि में तुरंत हॉस्पिटल लेकर जाना चाहिए l
7.अंग्रेजी दवाओं से एलर्जी-कई अंग्रेजी दवाएं भी एलर्जी का सबब बन जाती हैं जैसे पेनिसिलिन का इंजेक्शन जिसका रिएक्शन बहुत खतरनाक होता है और मौके पर ही मोत हो जाती है इसके अलावा दर्द की गोलियां,सल्फा ड्रग्स एवं कुछ एंटीबायोटिक दवाएं भी सामान्य से गंभीर एलर्जी के लक्षण उत्पन्न कर सकती हैं l
8.मधु मक्खी ततैया आदि का काटना –इनसे भी कुछ लोगों में सिर्फ त्वचा की सूजन और दर्द की परेशानी होती है जबकि कुछ लोगों को इमर्जेन्सी में जाना पड़ जाता है l
एलर्जी से बचाव -
एलर्जी से बचाव ही एलर्जी का सर्वोत्तम इलाज है इसलिए एलर्जी से बचने के लिए इन उपायों का पालन करना चाहिए 1.य़दि आपको एलर्जी है तो सर्वप्रथम ये पता करें की आपको किन किन चीजों से एलर्जी है इसके लिए आप ध्यान से अपने खान पान और रहन सहन को वाच करें l
2. घर के आस पास गंदगी ना होने दें l
3. घर में अधिक से अधिक खुली और ताजा हवा आने का मार्ग प्रशस्त करें l
4. जिन खाद्य पदार्थों से एलर्जी है उन्हें न खाएं l
5. एकदम गरम से ठन्डे और ठन्डे से गरम वातावरण में ना जाएं l
6. बाइक चलाते समय मुंह और नाक पर रुमाल बांधे,आँखों पर धूप का अच्छी क़्वालिटी का चश्मा लगायें l
7. गद्दे, रजाई,तकिये के कवर एवं चद्दर आदि समय समय पर गरम पानी से धोते रहे l
8. रजाई ,गद्दे ,कम्बल आदि को समय समय पर धूप दिखाते रहे l
9. पालतू जानवरों से एलर्जी है तो उन्हें घर में ना रखें l
10.ज़िन पौधों के पराग कणों से एलर्जी है उनसे दूर रहे l
11.घर में मकड़ी वगैरह के जाले ना लगने दें समय समय पर साफ सफाई करते रहे l
12. धूल मिटटी से बचें ,यदि धूल मिटटी भरे वातावरण में काम करना ही पड़ जाये तो फेस मास्क पहन कर काम करेंl
13. नाक की एलर्जी -जिन लोगों को नाक की एलर्जी बार बार होती है उन्हें सुबह भूखे पेट 1 चम्मच गिलोय और 2 चम्मच आंवले के रस में 1चम्मच शहद मिला कर कुछ समय तक लगातार लेना चाहिए इससे नाक की एलर्जी में आराम आता है ,सर्दी में घर पर बनाया हुआ या किसी अच्छी कंपनी का च्यवनप्राश खाना भी नासिका एवं साँस की एलर्जी से बचने में सहायता करता है आयुर्वेद की दवा सितोपलादि पाउडर एवं गिलोय पाउडर को 1-1 ग्राम की मात्रा में सुबह शाम भूखे पेट शहद के साथ कुछ समय तक लगातार लेना भी नाक एवं श्वसन संस्थान की एलर्जी में बहुत आराम देता हैl
14. जिन्हे बार बार त्वचा की एलर्जी होती है उन्हें मार्च अप्रेल के महीने में जब नीम के पेड़ पर कच्ची कोंपलें आ रही हों उस समय 5-7 कोंपलें 2-3 कालीमिर्च के साथ अच्छी तरह चबा चबा कर 15-20 रोज तक खाना त्वचा के रोगों से बचाता है, हल्दी से बनी आयुर्वेद की दवा हरिद्रा खंड भी त्वचा के एलर्जी जन्य रोगों में बहुत गुणकारी है इसे किसी आयुर्वेद चिकित्सक की राय से सेवन कर सकते हैं l
सभी एलर्जी जन्य रोगों में खान पान और रहन सहन का बहुत महत्व है इसलिए अपना खान पान और रहन सहन ठीक रखते हुए यदि ये उपाय अपनाएंगे तो अवश्य एलर्जी से लड़ने में सक्षम होंगे और एलर्जी जन्य रोगों से बचे रहेंगे एलर्जी जन्य रोगों में अंग्रेजी दवाएं रोकथाम तो करती हैं लेकिन बीमारी को जड़ से ख़त्म नहीं करती है जबकि आयुर्वेद की दवाएं यदि नियम पूर्वक ली जाती है तो रोगों को जड़ से ख़त्म करने की ताकत रखती हैं l
Dr.Manoj Gupta-
Ansal Palam Vihar,Gurgaon

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Phimosis is a commonly diagnosed problem in the Pediatric age group. But unfortunately, more often than not, it is overdiagnosed. Most of the children who are referred to us for surgical correction for phimosis do not need so. A degree of adhesion of the prepucial skin to the glans is natural and expected. The wrong step is manually retracting the prepuce which is often advised by the physicians. This causes small often microscopic tears in the inner prepucial skin which later on causes scarring and true shortening of the prepucial skin. There are many ointments available which help in adhesiolysis of the physiological prepucial adhesion.

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Difficulty Swallowing – Dysphagia
Difficulty swallowing is also called dysphagia. It is usually a sign of a problem with your throat or esophagus -the muscular tube that moves food and liquids from the back of your mouth to your stomach. Although dysphagia can happen to anyone, it is most common in older adults, babies, and people who have problems of the brain or nervous system.

There are many different problems that can prevent the throat or esophagus from working properly. Some of these are minor, and others are more serious. If you have a hard time swallowing once or twice, you probably do not have a medical problem. But if you have trouble swallowing on a regular basis, you may have a more serious problem that needs treatment.

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Student: Sir, have you experienced any miracles of NAMASMARAN yourself?

Teacher: We think of miracles, as and when our reasoning and logic are exhausted or we are desperate and helpless. Miracle is a romantic and elevating idea of short cuts to short term success or pleasure! It is natural to have such ideas, get engrossed in them and derive solace from them; at certain stages of development.

But; if miracle is the one, which does not fit in human imagination or explanation, then it is indeed a miracle; that “we” are amongst those, who did not belong to the category of still births; or those, who are still continuing to breathe! Certainly no one can decide not to belong to still births and no one can decide the time of death and still continue to breathe beyond that point (possibly barring some exceptions)! Similarly it is a miracle that amongst the breathing population, “we” are the ones who are involved in NAMASMARAN!

Student: But this does not appeal to beginners like me!

Teacher: That is because; initially we are not aware of the grandeur of the involvement in NAMASMARAN!

But to be straight forward; the answer to your question is; while practicing NAMASMARAN; we go through relatively minor and/or mundane experiences, which are beyond human logic and explanation (hence considered miracles); such as; being trapped and then saved from life threatening situations, being severe physical agony and then inexplicably cured of it, being in the threat of and then relieved from defamation, being in dire financial emergency and then getting sudden and unexpected monitory help; and so on! But these are debatable; as some people may call them coincidences or accessible to human efforts.

However; the greatest miracle of NAMASMARAN is that through such easily identifiable “miracles” and through unidentifiable “miraculous grace” that springs from Guru; we get relieved from the bondage and burden of our urges, missions, rationality, hypotheses and anticipations and the associated vain glory or frustration; in short; ego! This is the beginning of true victory and true surrender, and takes us closer to the lotus feet of Guru! Truly this is the individual blossoming; and is inseparable from the universal blossoming!

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Student: Sir, what is the significance of Guru Poornima?
Teacher: Some say that it is the day, on which Adi Guru Shiva taught the yoga to seven sages (Vishvamitra, Jamadagni, Bharadwaj, Gautam, Atri, Vasishtha and Kashyap). Some maintain; that it is the day, on which the great sage Vyasa was born to sage Parashara and Satyavati. Some say that is a day, on which the Guru principle (the benevolence of individual and universal blossoming) is 1000 times more. Some say that the Brahma sutras were completed by Vyasa on this day.
Student: What is the message for us?
Teacher: The message is clear. We should try to rededicate ourselves to our Guru by trying to practice and spread His message.
Student: How should we celebrate Guru Poornima?
Teacher: The loving remembrance; of Guru and His message; is exciting, inspiring, rejuvenating, revitalizing and empowering! The ecstasy of reverence for Him manifests as a celebration in a spontaneous manner in different ways; with a common feature of practice and promotion of NAMASMARAN and sharing of PRASAD!
Student: Sir, but there is still one problem.
Teacher: What is it?
Student: Sir, many people ridicule the practice of NAMASMARAN as a useless activity. They call it wastage of time. They say that it is escapism from real problems; such as poverty, injustice, hunger, disease, violence!
Teacher: This hurts! Isn’t it? It unnerves us, disheartens us! This is because we are weak in our conviction! We are still vulnerable! Let us understand once and for all; that these people say so; because; they are not as evolved as our Guru! They do not and cannot “see” the vital role (like that of oxygen) of NAMASMARAN in the individual and universal blossoming.
But if we are firmly convinced about it then we are engaged in its practice (and vice a versa), then we would certainly spread it; at least; till we reach the stage of being totally engrossed in it for 24 hours!
However; we practice NAMASMARAN and promote it; according to our constitution, aptitude, inclination, flair, skill, knowhow; and expertise; as our Guru decides!

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Student: Sir, what are the experiences of NAMASMARAN?

Teacher: I think NAMASMARAN is like breathing oxygen. What are the experiences of breathing?

Student: We cannot show any specific psychological experiences.

Teacher: But we can say that the experiences are those, which result from good physical health and a sense of well being!

Student: That is true!

Teacher: Similarly; the experiences of NAMASMARAN are also varied; resulting from inner blossoming, which I call holistic evolution.

Student: But aren’t there any specific experiences, like milestones?

Teacher: I have read many experiences of many people; but I don’t think they are predictable or definite milestones; common to all!

Student: Is the holistic evolution; associated with; blossoming of instincts, emotions, thoughts and perspective?

Teacher: I think so. But the holistic evolution is not a stereotyped phenomenon! Hence the experiences and expressions of the practitioners of NAMASMARAN; in different walks of life are not the same and do not fit in some logical pattern!
But I think the very state of being in NAMASMARAN embodies simultaneously; both; the greatest bounty of Guru as well as the phenomenon of inner blossoming or holistic evolution; although it is extremely inconspicuous, subtle and hence almost imperceptible!

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Student: Sir, in spite of years of practice of NAMASMARAN; I am still not able to experience what is described as satisfaction! What should I do?

Teacher: As far as I understand it, satisfaction is even more difficult than achievement of extraordinary feats.
Student: What do you mean?

Teacher: Practice of NAMASMARAN is actually a training of doing an activity where you do not get any “benefit”! Being such a practice; NAMASMARAN does not impart any benefit to us, but actually transforms us to our original omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient state, which is totally devoid of any desires! This is an immortal state. But this may require not years and decades but even more.

Student: I don’t understand!

Teacher: When we are told that don’t expect anything; we think that we should not expect money, name, fame, power etc. So we stop expecting those things and start expecting satisfaction; because we think it is assured by Guru! But this concept of “getting” itself traps us! We mistakenly take the satisfaction referred to by our Guru, to be some kind of gratification or complacence; and keep waiting for it; and are eventually disappointed.

Student: So what to do?

Teacher: Just as we breathe oxygen to survive physically; we ought to practice NAMASMARAN to be what we actually are i.e. to be our self. Just as we breathe at every age and every stage of life, we should practice NAMASMARAN in every condition.
Just as there is no necessity to curb other activities relevant and appropriate to a particular age and stage of life there is no need to suppress any impulses arbitrarily. Our physical, emotional and intellectual needs, desires and aspirations have to be given justice through our efforts; in the light of NAMASMARAN in the form of prompting from deep within; the empowering guidance of our Guru!
Actually our needs and desires go on changing or disappearing in the process of our transformation, without any coercion or suppression. This buoyant life style is called KRAMAYOGA.

Student: In short, we should not expect anything, even happiness, peace, satisfaction from NAMASMARAN?

Teacher: It may appear strange. But it is true. When we feel cold, we should use warm clothes. But how can we expect warmth from a process which actually transforms us to our original state of “fire”? Moreover once we become fire, how can we experience the warmth of warm clothes?

Student: Sir, this explanation is quite different from the overt sentimentality of millions of devotees!

Teacher: Actually, often; we are in need of some solace, some peace; some escapism and so on. Hence we try to cling to some tradition, some cult and feel secure in it. Often we infatuate piety, devotion, surrender, blessings, bounty, freedom from instincts; etc as these are our emotional crutches. We seek some social acceptability, social recognition and some social cohesiveness. This is understandable.

But for me; NAMASMARAN is a straight forward and transcientific process of individual and universal blossoming, which may be termed “holistic evolution” to distinguish it from “organic evolution”. Can we wish to be evolved? Evolution cannot be wished for!
Hence my Guru Brahmachaitanya Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj repeatedly states that practice of NAMASMARAN is appropriate, when it is for the sake of NAMASMARAN only!

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Student: Sir, what is your opinion about preaching?

Teacher: Nothing in particular! Why?

Student: Many people preach one thing and practice another! Is it not disservice to society?

Teacher: Look; there are thousands and thousands of varieties of people and accordingly there are that many activities; going on in society! Moreover these people and their activities keep on changing and their contexts also keep on changing! It is very difficult to judge what is right and what is wrong; as most often we are not aware of the background, cause –effect relationship and the interrelations amongst these activities and interactions!
What I have begun to realize; is that there is a time dependent expression of one’s inner characteristics; according to the past history, present circumstances, personal qualities, family culture; social environment and so on!

Student: What do you mean?

Teacher: What I mean is; in a given society; some people preach and some people listen. Some teach and some learn. Some perform and some watch. Some exploit and some get exploited. Some rule some and get ruled. Some commit crimes and some pass judgment. But I am not in a position to judge who is right and who is wrong!

Student: So you mean to say that preaching is also a function of several factors?

Teacher: Yes! Previously I used to be judgmental about everything including myself! Naturally; I used to search and usually come across some solution for whatever struck me as a problem! May be it was; like everything in nature; appropriate for that stage of my development; and in tune with the unfathomable and infinitely potent wisdom of nature!

But today; I realize that; every one’s actions like those of mine; are a function of several factors apart from those mentioned above; and it is erroneous to form opinions, be self righteous and/or be judgmental.

I can only say; that I have a hunch that NAMASMARAN is a key to individual and universal blossoming. But having said that; I also concede; that the very emergence, practice and globalization of NAMASMARAN; and hence the manifestation of individual and universal blossoming; are functions of the time i.e. the epoch in which we live, which in turn is a function of the cosmic wisdom!

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