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One of the causes of STRESS is lack of adequate and satisfactory communication.

Even as the world has come closer through technology; most of us; are suffering from the STRESS of lack of adequate and/or satisfactory communication.

Why could this be so? Why in spite of internet, mobile phones, video conferencing and speedy transport facilities, we still get this sort of STRESS?

If we carefully study; then we find that we are in situation where there is; “water; water everywhere; but no water to drink!” In other words; it is not the lack of coming together and meeting physically, or connecting of people through the internet, cell phones etc; and talking; but it is our inability to communicate heart to heart; that is causing STRESS!

Since we are trapped and engrossed in the values of chasing the mirage of individual pursuits, such as power, money, fame, glamour, glitter and so on; we have forgotten our own conscience! We are unable to reach our own subconscious and unconscious stratums.

In fact; we have knowingly or unknowingly; deserted our innate core and stopped communicating with our selves! As a result; we are unable to listen to our “own” inner voice and know, understand and feel our own “selves”! We do not know our own innate aspirations, our desires, and our urges.

Whenever we are disturbed by the STRESS of being lonely or dejected and miss communication; we frantically try to communicate! But our communication remains restricted to issues irrelevant to our soul; and hence does not satisfy us!

We give vent to our feelings; but only after filtering them through the doubts about acceptability, fear of condemnation, apprehension about fall in our own evaluation, shyness to accept our basal aspects publicly; and ignorance about intricate activities going on in our body tissues and cells!

In addition there are filters of our limitations of the knowledge of language and the inherent limitations of the language itself; to express the objective truth!

This makes us dishonest; though most of the people may not call us so; and we also may not think so! We are ignorant and oblivious about our dishonesty!

This is not restricted to our talk. It applies to writing even more. The question; “Can we express truth or interact heart to heart?” does not arise if we are writing reports, news, fiction, research papers etc! Because, these things are fairly clear. These things deal with facts. They may be true or false.

But, this is not so when we are engaged in vague, ambiguous, philosophical questions and answers; regarding abstract ideas and exploring our innate and objective perceptions. Hence this question arises more often; after writing for years; on what we presume to be “Absolute Truth” and “discover to be otherwise”! This is because; after repeatedly trying to catch the “Absolute Truth from deep within us” in words; we experience that whatever is written by us; becomes merely relative and subjective perceptions; and not absolute “Truth”!

It is obvious that we are not lying or cheating; knowingly, intentionally or deliberately. In fact; there is a genuine feeling that we are expressing “Absolute Truth” from our conscience. This is why we are frequently adamant and insistent about our opinions; beliefs, dogmas and superstitions, which we think are “Absolute Truth”. This often makes us; obstinate, inconsiderate and even fanatic.

If we carefully think; then it becomes clear; that most of the times what we write is limited by “characteristic limitations of our brain, the number of synapses, the synaptic connections, synaptic interactions, neuro-hormones, hormones and autonomic nervous system and environment inside and outside. Even apparently remote facts in space and time influence our perceptions and our articulations.

Hence most of our writing is discrepant from Absolute or Objective Truth! It is away from reality. It is relatively superficial and peripheral; even if it appears to us; to be full of intense, deepest and egalitarian emotions; and judgments!

Our limitations and our shackling idiosyncrasies, whims, fancies and ego; can manifest; even if we are honest in our day to day functioning also; and make a lot of difference (positive or negative) to the people if we are in a decision making position; such as political, spiritual, and economic leaders; opinion makers and judges!

When we are trapped in the confusion, uncertainty and dilemma of what we expect from ourselves; and what we actually feel and do; we are STRESSED! This is the STERSS of being hypocrite. We try frantically and in vain; to overcome such STRESS by “assuming actually to be” “what we think; we should be” rather than being what we are!

When we get “pulled” between; “what others should think or believe us to be” and “what we believe we are”; we get stressed! This is because “we are not what we believe to be” and we can not know and determine “what people think; should think or believe us to be”!

We try to manage such stress by hiding things which we think people would not approve; and show, exhibit and advertise things, which we think people would appreciate! This hypocrisy results from fear of defamation, shame, insults, dejection, punishment etc!

Often we condemn others for being hypocrites!

But actually; most of us are hypocrites. This is because we do not understand ourselves and we do not understand whether others understand us not! Actually it is impossible to “know” “ourselves” and of course; “otherselves”!
The “self” of every one of us is beyond intellectual definition and concrete and constant identity. It is not even possible to know in their entirety our own and others’ perceptions, feelings, instincts and needs; because they are not too subtle and rapidly changing!

It is true that we like to come together. It is also true that coming together, staying together and working together are all part of life. Coming together and celebrating has a lot of morale boosting capacity. Hence there are festivals and get-togethers, which play a vital role in society. Coming together also involves a variety of joint projects and missions.

But our self created obstacles determined by our values; come in the way of our honest heart to heart communication; and cause the STRESS!

These obstacles are independent of technology; and cannot be overcome by technology. The technology is like the wiring and the bulbs; and the obstacles in communication; are like defects in the “powerhouse”! Mere additions and/or corrections of wiring and bulbs; cannot be curative!

Let us understand that this is exactly why; frequent chat, gossip, flattery, accolades, fame, popularity, celebrations, festivities and other awards and rewards; though elevate the mood; do not reach the soul.

Let us interact with our innate core; and the innate core of the others; and conquer the STRESS of the lack of adequate, satisfactory, heart to heart and honest communication! This is definitely possible; through; NAMASMARAN; which taught by immortal gurus and which is like oxygen; that enlivens, integrates and blossoms us from within by rectifying the “powerhouse”! This is true networking!

We may not accept all this or believe in it; but verify it through our own experience.

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Isn’t it stressful to find that we are helpless against the evils seen on TV? Aren’t we disturbed when we read about barbaric, criminal activities in print media?

Often we are!

But; are we STRESSED because we are against evils?

Would we be equally interested and motivated to fight against the “evils” if they are not some else’s; but our own creation?

Do we feel relaxed or elevated or elated; if we see some good activity?

Often we feel happy to see noble acts on electronic media and read in print media.

But are we happy because we are protagonists of the virtues? Are we on the side of divinity?

Even as we may think we are protagonists of the welfare of world; don’t we feel jealous when we see; “our” dreams, being high jacked and accomplished by others? Aren’t we hurt; if we don’t get projected on TV in spite of our desire? Don’t we feel dejected if we don’t get the credit and accolades (which we think we deserve)?

It appears then; that the opposition to the evil and the support to the virtue or divinity; is only if we are not at risk; and if we get credit for the virtue or divinity; respectively.

Is it not true that our opposition or support clearly conditional? Such conditional opposition or support however NEVER gives the satisfaction that can reach the depths of our hearts! Hence we call this behavior HYPOCRISY!

If we do not see the evil within us; when see it on electronic media or read it in print media; we are bound to be “disturbed” but only superficially and impotently.

Conversely; if we cannot see our invisible connection with the virtuous achievements by someone else; then we cannot get the boost; even if we actually deserve! In both cases STRESS remains unaffected and keeps eroding us.

Thus we remain in STRESS irrespective of whether we see evil or virtue on the media!

The second point is; if we keep trying to ignore or escape from our deficiencies; then we become cynical and keep “seeing” faults in virtuous achievements of the others and inevitability and normalcy in crimes and perversions.

The third point is; we remain cold, neutral and depressed; even if we are honored and felicitated thinking that it is false (as we harbor deep lowliness for self and others). We are cold, neutral and depressed also because of the philosophical intoxication that everything is ephemeral, temporary, impermanent, passing and hence nothing to celebrate for!

We are pathetic, unresponsive and melancholic; if we are neglected or humiliated; as we expect such “villainous behavior only” from others; about whom we harbor contempt and hopelessness about any appreciation!

Thus we remain perennially in STRESS; unconditionally; irrespective of whether we are honored or and felicitated or we are neglected, dejected or humiliated!

What is the reason?

The reason is; our separation from the reality and our true selves; and our identification with our body, our look, our monetary condition, our skill, our intelligence, our religion, our race, our caste, our place and our ideology. The success of our identity gives mere superficial and temporary boasting; and the failure gives degenerating and disabling depression!

This separation from the true self; is ego and causes; STRESS and dissatisfaction; in every circumstance.

More over; if our ego is rigid, we get more STRESS and give more STRESS to others; by becoming, arrogant, depressed, violent, suicidal, exploitative, exploited, criminals, victims, cheaters, cheated and terrorists and innocents! But in every case; we are sufferers!

Hence it is generally said that get rid of ego and you would be free of pains and pleasures. But this is neither simple nor appropriate.

The arguments in favor of ego are:

Is it not true that when we identify ourselves with our family, society, nation and world that we perform our duty towards them?

Is it not true that our ego (identity) as doctor, lawyer, minister, and farmer make it possible to function smoothly; in complementarity and harmony in the society?

Is it not true that our identity is crucial for our commitment in our work, even though that implies getting pains or pleasures?

Ego per se; has its role; and as it keeps blossoming into true self; we begin to excel as daughter, wife, mother, father, doctor, lawyer, scientist, employer, leader etc; and also as a member of our family, village, region, nation, religion, and universe!

However; this cannot be experienced by mere communication, reading, discussion, conjecture, intellectual analysis or contemplation! Total Stress Management (the core of which is NAMASMARAN) can be experienced only through ongoing study, interaction, practice, and sharing on priority basis!

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The degree of evolution in individual and social life determines the expression of life in different physical actions, skills, sexual interactions, poetic perceptions and expressions, scientific and technological development, artistic feats, thinking and formulation of ideology, leadership and decision making, administrative and legal frameworks and so on!

According to the evolution at different stages of development in individual and social life; the meaning of various concepts such as “god”, “freedom”, “revolution” also change.

This why; at earlier stages of development; individual pursuits, activities and social struggles, revolve around preying for survival, procreation, perpetuation of species, rearing of offspring, conquering another tribe, establishing autocratic rule, establishing intellectual technological, economic, social and political supremacy, establishing religious supremacy and so on.

Conversely they (the individual pursuits, activities and social struggles); may revolve around defending one’s individual life, one’s tribe, economy, culture, religion and people in general. They may also revolve around annihilation of exploitation, arousing mass consciousness, arousing social commitment, establishing equality of opportunity, uniting and reestablishing a particular religion and so on.

The methodologies may include right from guerilla and open bloody wars; to public education, public awakening, non-cooperation and various other modalities of protests.

As we evolve further; through NAMASMARAN; as taught by the immortal gurus; we rise above the subjectivity and evolve holistic perspective, policies, plans, programs and implementation in all the fields of life, so that the individuals and people in turn, “enter” into the immortal center of the cosmic consciousness, or the trans-temporal light that enlightens and invigorates everything!

This whole process may be called; conscious evolutionary transformation, Total Stress Management, Superliving, Holistic renaissance, Spiritual renaissance, Samashti yoga, Cosmic enlightenment or Cosmic yoga.

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It is a common experience that the accolades and admonitions from our parents, teachers, relatives, friends; and even our followers and fans (if we are a celebrity); determine our happiness and sadness respectively.

But why is this so?

This is because in our mind there is always a process of self evaluation on the basis of what we need and what we want; and what we feel and what others “need, want and feel”; about us. Sometimes we give more importance to our subjective views and at other times; to those of others!

But amidst this conflict, there are occasions when we tend to agree with the opinions of others but can not comply with them. For example, we may agree with the public opinion that speaking truth is great; but we may not be able to follow it; and then we may develop guilt, lowliness and self hatred.

If we cannot assert our conscience adequately, we may get bogged down by the subjective opinions of the others and develop bad self image! We can be devastated if public opinion about us; is spoiled. This stress of bad public opinion or defamation is there with us for millennia!

To avoid this stress; we try to hide; what is against public opinion. This forms the basis of our hypocrisy; on the one hand; and our black mailing by others; on the other! But even as we try to hide our “vices” from the society; these bad opinions keep reverberating in our mind and make us miserable by guilt complex, which can lead to violence towards ourselves (suicide) or others (murder)!

This can be prevented if we learn to forgive ourselves and others! But this is easier said; than practiced! Not only the defamation itself; but even the idea, thought and apprehension about defamation also; is so severe, that it can be destabilizing and devastating! We can get several examples in day to day life; such as sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, impotence, failures in love, examinations, and interviews and so on! Even the daughter’s marriage and related issues cause worry of defamation in many sections of society; in India.

In reality all the stress of defamation is essentially due to our subjectivity. Either we are weak, meek, helpless and diffident; or we are weak, arrogant, impatient and overconfident; because of our subjectivity. Hence the holistic solution for overcoming the stress of defamation; is to grow objective. The immortal gurus say that this is possible through the practice of NAMASMARAN.

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Every morning you wake up with some desire; and also desire to do something (although vague). This excitement when gets flared up indiscriminately and becomes excessive and unreasonable and coercive and violent; gets commonly branded as MANIACAL TENDENCY. Pathologically severer forms of mania manifest far more dangerously! Many times there is undue restlessness. Your own quiet and peaceful existence appears to be passive, redundant and useless! This agitates you!

One simple and non-drug method is to introspect and find out how reasonable and how important your desires are. This would preclude many desires, which are unreasonable and not important to you. Secondly; find out how much you are likely to harm others; in fulfilling your desires.

But even if the restlessness is severe; and does not allow you to introspect; do not worry. NAMASMARAN has helped many people with such problems; irrespective of their beliefs and non-beliefs! It is most likely to avert many disasters; apart from those caused by maniacal tendencies; in your life too!

It is always good to consult a psychiatrist and/or clinical psychologist or counselor; in psychological disturbances. But it is even better and mutually beneficial; to share with them as well; the precious scope, potentials and experience of NAMASMARAN.

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It is high time we realize how important and urgent it is; to look at the stress in a holistic manner. This is because, neither the stress at individual level nor the stress at social and universal levels; be managed properly and effectively, without holistic perspective.

One of the major stressors is; the phenomenon of conversions.

While the instincts of not merely survival, but racial, religious, ideological, cultural, economic and political supremacy or helpless submission to them; are natural and understandable; they are undoubtedly retrogressive, exploitative, oppressive, coercive, and often brutal or suicidal.

While there can not be racial, ideological, cultural, economic and political conversion as such, the disguised, surreptious, concealed, covert or coercive conversion in the form of imposition of racial, cultural, economic and political characteristics, and passive submission to them; has been taking place in many parts of the world, for millennia.

These conversions in different forms are associated with deceptive, seductive, misleading and/or rabid propaganda and indiscriminate violence for racial, religious, ideological, cultural, economic and political supremacy and gullible submission to them.

If we introspect and try to understand and appreciate our own deepest aspirations, then we would realize that the basic idea of individual and universal blossoming does not call for any kind of conversions. In fact, these are in most instances only counterproductive and self defeating external changes reaping division, disruption and discord. They hamper the process of individual and universal blossoming, produce stress!

Our devotion and dedication to our innate core of our conscience; is marred by our basal, barbaric, fanatic and frantic efforts to convert others; or helplessly get converted. Conversion (whether by force, temptations or deceit) to certain names, titles, certain dress, certain arbitrary rules and regulations; is the greatest insult to self and others; and greatest violence against freedom.

Conversions per se; are nothing but promotion and/or imposition or submission to our pettiness, superficiality, whims, fancies, names and titles. They insult the basic tenets, motto and spirit; of our racial, religious, ideological, cultural, economic and political identities; viz. global welfare!

Hence we should oppose and resist; converting and being converted respectively! But it is easy to speak. How to practice it? How to free ourselves; from our basal instincts and the shackles of barbarism?

The answer is; to wake up and heed the preaching of immortal gurus and begin the practice of NAMASMARAN; as per our beliefs and traditions. It is the simplest and universal way!

Practicing, preaching, writing, publishing, broadcasting, sponsoring, discussing, sharing; in fact; doing whatever best we can; to promote NAMASMARAN; engenders individual and global blossoming, which is the basic and essential motto and spirit; of all religions and the whole mankind.

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There is always a struggle probably within every person, who can feel and think about “what is” and “what should be” or “what should have been”!

This is born out of the tussle between the prevalent sensory input and its interpretation; and the prevalent subjective feeling of wants, deficiencies or demands of the individual.

Not merely a common man is restless because of wants and unfulfilled desires, but even if you are a leader in some intellectual and philosophical field, you are restless and hence intolerant about “what should be”!

This is “my problem”! Is it not a universal problem?

How much ever I am brain washed, I can not be noble hearted. I can not be generous. I can not be selfless.

Being “better” is not as simple and as instant as “merely changing clothes or washing make up”! Whenever I seem to have “improved”, I come across a situation that bares open my meanness. “My problem” is difficulty in voluntarily blossoming and becoming buoyant, generous, loving and benevolent to all; and overcoming; “what should have been”!

You can punish me, torture me or kill me but cannot transform me into unprejudiced and innocent individual.

Can you?

You can force me to pay tax but can not motivate me to be selfless! You can emotionally coax me or black mail me; to donate but cannot inspire me to voluntarily stop exploiting! You can force me to behave in a gentle manner. But you can not erase the sexual, infatuative, and other bizarre ideas, whims and fancies from my mind!

Can you?

For me to blossom, you have to blossom yourself. You have to create an environment of a holistic perspective of globally beneficial policies, plans, laws, rules, regulations, conventions and fashions, which in turn catalyze my blossoming.

Can you do it?

You would admit; if you are frank; that you cannot!

That is because “my problem” is “your problem” also!

Hence, let us be considerate to everyone; including ourselves.

But can we be so?

Even this is not possible! This is not possible by voluntary efforts and/or authoritative and apparently intellectual rhetoric; in sectarian and mean ambience, in and out.

The immortal gurus say; that this is be possible; through universal practice of NAMASMARAN. It makes us tolerant, and honest. But strips off our gullibility and stupidity and makes us wise! It imparts accuracy to concepts and expressions. We become more fulfilled as it gives globally beneficial dimension to every activity of ours.

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The racial, ideological, cultural, economic and political aggressions, invasions, expansions ;are either deceptive, illusive, disguised, surreptious, concealed, covert; or blatantly barbaric and coercive; or both; and have been taking place in many parts of the world, for millennia.

These have been usually associated with corrupt distortion of historical facts of philosophy, religions, ideologies, sociology, politics and even art and literature and science and gullible submission to; and admission of; them.

This is born out of the instincts of racial, religious, ideological, cultural, economic and political supremacy; on the one hand; and helpless submission to them; on the other. These are natural and understandable; but have to be defeated; as they are undoubtedly retrogressive, exploitative, oppressive, coercive, brutal and destructive and/or suicidal.

If we introspect and try to understand and appreciate our own deepest aspirations, then we would realize that the basic desire of ownership, and possessions when multiplies cancerously; it culminates into all types of imperialism and expansionism.

When billions of people begin to practice NAMASMARAN; their craving of ownership; or listless submission; are consumed into inner growth and internal unity. The rabid competition and the indiscriminate violence get dissolved in unity, cordiality. The corrupt distortion of historical facts; gets rectified. The art, science, ideologies, philosophies, religions, literature and laws get revitalized, rejuvenated, remodeled, holisticized and globally blossoming.

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One of the major causes of STRESS; is the religious persecutions and forcible conversions. The wounds of the religious oppression have still been bleeding in many places; and their marks and scars are too obvious to go ignored; in several places and people. Religious fundamentalism and fanaticism (like other versions of fanaticism); are indiscriminately violent, destructive and also suicidal!

If we understand the meaning of DHARMA; then we would understand it its potentials to evolve; individual freedom into self realization; and democracy into global blossoming!

DHARMA means a principle that holds the universe together. It has two aspects. One is conceptual and the other is practical. These complement each other.

The conceptual aspect; embodies is intellectual study and mental work such as meditation, NAMASMARAN etc; and practical aspect; embodies codes of conduct; evolved over thousands of years by consensus. They are aimed at individual and global blossoming. In Hindu or SANATANA DHARMA these are called SHRUTI and SMRUTI; respectively.

As a part of Total Stress Management; we have to understand; that DHARMA is not a religion. The word religion is derived from the root; religare, which means to bind human beings in an organization. DARMA is derived from “Dharayati”, “Dharanat”, which means; to support and implies principles connecting and coordinating the universe including different religions, regions; and for the welfare of all the inmates of the universe!

Everything we do to connect with the truth; right from the birth to death, in every season, through out 24 hours and in any corner of the world is DHARMA. DHARMA is everywhere; be that a house, a hospital, a laboratory, a school, a college, a university, a court, an industry, a farm, a gymnasium; or wherever there is a search and a pursuit of truth through any activity by any individual!

In fact; the art, literature, music, dance; and everything we do; either contributes to; our being connected with truth (DHARMA); or being disconnected from truth (ADHARMA).

SATVA GUNA propels people to yearn for understanding and realizing the DHARMA and deal every problem in a holistic fashion. Holistic vision brings about blossoming of all activities; into DHARMA i.e. the supreme experience of the innate universal unity and harmony, by inmates of the universe.

The RAJOGUNA leads to lopsided, analytical and reductionist thinking bereft of holistic perspective. This thinking; leads to a kind of animosity between; the theist, atheist, spiritual, material; and different ideologies and different religions. The thinking is in one way, feeling in another way and yearning through passions in yet another way! This is precisely the cause of chaos in the global and individual life.

The TAMOGUNA and RAJOGUNA, lead to delusion, superstitions, fanaticism, obstinacy, fundamentalism, hatred, contempt, prejudice and lopsided, analytical and reductionist thinking bereft of holistic perspective; respectively; and make it difficult to understand this concept of and potential of DHARMA. This leads to a kind of animosity between theist, atheist, spiritual, material and other ideologies and different religions.

TAMOGUNA and RAJOGUNA and their typical outlook and (harmful) actions; are presumably due to disintegration and in-coordination between; right and left cerebral hemispheres; between higher and lower centers in the brain, between central, autonomic, neuroendocrine and endocrine systems; and metabolism, and between intellectual conviction, emotional appreciation and instinctual fervor! This leads to; thinking in one way, feeling in another way and passionately craving in yet another way!

TAMOGUNA leads to prevalence of dark forces of fanaticism, bigotry, lethargy, adamancy, indiscriminate hatred, malice, viciousness; and coercive, cruel and indiscriminate violence to impose their opinions, whims, fancies; under guise of religion, philosophy or ideology; on others!

Preponderance of RAJO GUNA and TAMO GUNA promote the ADHARMA. This is precisely one of the major STRESSORS in the world; in the individual and global life.

The immortal gurus say that; NAMASMARAN, i.e. JAAP, JAP, KIKRA i.e. remembering one’s true self; lets us identify and gradually blossom at individual and global levels; and experience the innate universal unity and harmony; and conquer the ADHARMA. One may; if one chooses to; grab the golden chance; and verify this statement.

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The microcosmic and macrocosmic manifestations of movements, colors, sounds, rhythms, melody, behaviors and the emotional relationships; amongst the nonliving and living forms; are intricate and subtle. They are beyond one’s intellectual comprehension and even imagination.

All that we see and even perceive; is defined and restricted by the characteristics of our sensory receptors and the limitations of cerebral cortex and hence; forms a small fraction of what actually “exists” around!

Actually the concept of “existence” has also been born from our physiologically limited; though cumulative framework of intelligence; through the civilizations. We are entrained to assume; that whatever we “perceive” or “experience”; exists, and what we do not; does not “exist”! Thus we have “learnt” to conceptualize birth and death separated by existence!

It is kind of addiction to such belief that we feel extremely uncomfortable and sorry with even the thought of nonexistence or death.

Hence; truly speaking; even the fraction we perceive; may not be in congruence or in consonance with the core of nature. This alienation or separation from the core of the nature or cosmic consciousness; is the cause of inherent restlessness in most of us.

This separation from the core; and the addiction of individual “existence” or “living” manifests in the behavior; as; e.g. struggle for existence, which is apparently governed and directed by physical needs.

The separation from the core; manifests later, in the struggles and wars motivated by instincts and passions, aspirations, and ambitions of imposing, possessing, controlling, and owning and so on.

This separation from the core of nature; also manifests at personal levels in the dissatisfaction, from moment to moment; and dissatisfaction in different personal interactions.

The separation from the core of nature gives rise to strong or weak prejudices and likes and dislikes; in our minds; and these manifest in different walks of life we work in!

The process of study and practice of Total Stress Management involves; the understanding of our alienation or separation from the core of the nature or cosmic consciousness (our true self) first; and our reunification with it subsequently. I call this; “conscious evolutionary transformation” or individual and global blossoming.

Such clear vision and appreciation of the universe; is a blossoming experience. The individuals get freed from the subjectivity; and blossom into objective “existence” and merge with the core of nature! With such merger the “struggle” for individual existence ends! This is the root of DHARMA as well as soul of DHARMA.

The traditions, customs, conventions, and even manners and etiquettes are evolved in congruence and consonance with this essence of DHARMA.

Through such blossoming experience; we realize that individual subjectivity, constitutions, capabilities and skills are different. Intellectual, emotional, instinctual and physical needs are variable. This is so according to the different stages of evolution, in different people, ages and situations.

Different individuals do different so that the natural or divine orchestra; or the cosmic dance continues; with all its splendor, melody and charm; while simultaneously opening all the possibilities and opportunities for every individual to blossom to his/her fullest potentials! This is called his or her SWA-DHARMA implying the expression of the innate core!

This is why; DHARMA and SWADHARMA have such paramount importance in our life. If we understand this; then we would be able to transcend the conflicts, controversies, chaos and confusion; over different ideologies, theism, atheism, organized religions, conversions and so on!

From another point of view; all the subjectivity is contingent in the “objectivity in and around, which is the eternal master and manager of the cosmic orchestra”! The universe is filled with this innate harmony; vibrant with orchestrated rhythm!

DHARMA and SWADHARMA; embody emulation of this cosmic orchestra at individual, social, global and universal levels, by identifying and performing the respective roles! The greater the accuracy in emulation, the greater would the rhythm, harmony and melody in universe and vice versa.

This state of identification of one’s role and its assertion; marked by victory over restlessness (born out of separation from the core of nature), is implied in the preaching of Marathi saints; “THEVILE ANANTE TAISECHI RAHAVE, CHITTI ASO DYAVE SAMADHAN” (Perceive the divine plan of the Almighty i.e. the comic consciousness; and live and blossom happily in it)!

In view of the “fall of the leaves” of the tree of DHARMA; i.e. decline and disappearance of most of the traditions and customs; there is a need for new traditions, new customs and new way of life; which can be developed with global consensus; through realization of the innate unity. The immortal gurus have been preaching for millennia; that NAMASMARAN and its ecstatic, subjective and objective experience; bring about rejuvenation of DHARMA and are; the core of DHARMA!

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