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Student: Sir! What is your opinion about the present changes in India?
Teacher: After years of brain storming I identified that my basic passion as well as mission is Individual and Global Blossoming (IGB) or Total Stress Management (TSM). This same may be called SUPERLIVING or Holistic Renaissance. Later it became clear that NAMASMARAN is the way for this. Later still; I realized that maximum practice of NAMASMARAN and all efforts to globalize NAMASMARAN; with top priority; are prerequisite to this.

Student: But what are the initial and redeeming features or signs of such an Individual and Global Blossoming (IGB)?

Teacher: The emergence of selfless and visionary political leadership can be said to be the first concrete and redeeming feature! It appears that this is what is happening in India!

Student: What would be next stage?

Teacher: The next stage would be the emergence of selfless and visionary leadership in every field, so as to support, buttress and empower the selfless and visionary political leadership to evolve policies, plans, programs and their implementation for Individual and Global Blossoming (IGB)!

Student: What is our role?

Teacher: Everyone has different role in terms of details. It would vary according to one’s constitution and circumstances. But; the practice and globalization of NAMASMARAN; with top priority; is the common feature. This is the most essential, crucial and vital infrastructure or foundation for the Individual and Global Blossoming. This is essential for evolving individual freedom into self realization; and democracy into global blossoming; and prevent; the degeneration of individual freedom into petrifying pettiness and democracy into perverted pathocracy (governance at individual and social levels by perversion).

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When we are introduced to NAMA in childhood; we understand nothing about NAMA. We think that it is merely a word indicating or pointing towards God or Guru. We think that it is merely a name; a proper noun!

Later; as we go ahead with the practice of NAMASMARAN, we tend to take pride in being involved in this meritorious activity; while discovering the scope and potentials of NAMASMARAN. We begin to appreciate; that
NAMASMARAN is not merely a means of material gains or other benefits; such as peace, solace, support and so on; but it is a way of individual and global blossoming; and is a panacea! Naturally; we begin to think that; if we globalize NAMASMARAN with the help of others, then it would rectify all the problems in the world; from time to time.

But in the course of time; we realize that the very beginning of our existence, our instincts, our emotions, our thoughts and everything we do including NAMASMARAN and the revelations associated with it; are all initiated, sustained, controlled and terminated; by the source of our existence and that of the universe. This immortal entity present simultaneously deep within ourselves; while encompassing the entire universe, multiverse or omniverse; is nothing else; but God, true self, Guru, Brahma etc and not different from NAMA!

Thus; through NAMASMARAN we reach the point of understanding; that the NAMA that we remembered initially; is actually the ultimate reality. It is God, Guru and Brahma and encompasses the microcosm and macrocosm.

In this sense; everything connoted by “I” and “mine”; and everything implied by universe, multiverse, omniverse, and cosmos; is the victory of NAMA!

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The infinite universe, the myriads of events and the space and time cannot be comprehended completely; and are beyond human intellect. We know that we don’t know it.

We do not know the reality; hence it is true that what we write is not a reality.
Even though; it springs from reality; it gets quite distorted in the process of being filtered through the thick filter of our body needs, subjective instincts, feelings and thoughts.

Hence there is always an apprehension about whether what gets expressed through us; is a worth expressing and presenting. This is especially true, if we are writing about such a meritorious topic as NAMASMARAN!

Another thing; is we are ordinary or even less. We have not internalized the majesty and glory of NAMA and NAMASMARAN; expressed in our writing.
But this is understandable. How can an individual match the glory and majesty of the trans-temporal absolute reality?

Hence without assuming any credibility; we can write and present; with due humility; what we understand about NAMA, NAMASMARAN and SUPERLIVING or HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE or TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT!

In fact; while doing so; i.e. following SWADHARMA our Guru is taking us to the individual and global blossoming!

Our mortal existence and our crap in our writing; should and will perish at appropriate times; as and when they deserve.

But NAMA would victoriously continue to illumine the universe; with NAMASMARAN; in different ways, by different means; and in appropriate manner!

This small bunch of articles is a tribute to the eternal victory (VIJAY) of NAMA!

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Treatment for blocked fallopian tubes surgery in Surat
The fallopian tubes are two thin tubes, one on each side of the uterus, which help lead the mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus.When an obstruction prevents the egg from traveling down the tube, the woman has a blocked fallopian tube. It can occur on one or both sides. This is also known as tubal factor infertility, and is the cause of infertility in 40% of infertile women.

What Causes Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

The most common cause of blocked fallopian tubes is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID is the result of a sexually transmitting disease, but not all pelvic infections are related to STDs. Also, even if PID is no longer present, a history of PID or pelvic infection increases the risk of blocked tubes.

Other potential causes of blocked fallopian tubes:

Current or history of an STD infection, specifically Chlamydia or Gonorrhea
History of uterine infection caused by an abortion or miscarriage
History of a ruptured appendix
History of abdominal surgery
Previous ectopic pregnancy
Prior surgery involving the fallopian tubes

How are Blocked Tubes Diagnosed?

Blocked tubes are usually diagnosed with a specialized x-ray, called a hysterosalpingogram, or HSG. This test involves placing a dye through the cervix, using a tiny tube. Once the dye has been given, the doctor will take x-rays of your pelvic area.The fertility specialist will go for laparoscopy (or key-hole surgery), a procedure performed under general anaesthesia, saying it involves making a small incision beneath a woman's umbilicus (navel) and inserting a thin viewing device to examine the fallopian tubes, ovaries and inner lining of the uterus. This, she said, is to ensure the tubes are not blocked.

How Do Blocked Fallopian Tubes Cause Infertility?

Each month, when ovulation occurs, an egg is released from one of the ovaries. The egg travels from the ovary, through the tubes, and into the uterus. The sperm also need to swim their way from the cervix, through the uterus, and through the fallopian tubes to get the egg. Fertilization usually takes place while the egg is travelling through the tube.

If one or both fallopian tubes are blocked, the egg cannot reach the uterus, and the sperm cannot reach the egg, preventing fertilization and pregnancy.

It's also possible for the tube not to be blocked totally, but only partially. This can increase the risk of a tubal pregnancy, or ectopic pregnancy.

What is Hydrosalpinx?

A specific kind of blocked fallopian tube, hydrosalpinx is when a blockage causes the tube to dilate (increase in diameter) and fill with fluid. The fluid blocks the egg and sperm, preventing fertilization and pregnancy.

Can You Get Pregnant With a Blocked Fallopian Tube?

If only one fallopian tube is blocked, but the other is clear, it may still be possible to achieve pregnancy. It depends on how well the ovaries are functioning, and also what caused the blocked tube in the first place.

What are the Symptoms of Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Unlike anovulation, where irregular menstrual cycles may hint to a problem, blocked fallopian tubes rarely cause symptoms. A specific kind of blocked fallopian tube, called hydrosalpinx, may cause lower abdominal pain and unusual vaginal discharge, but not every woman will have these symptoms.

However, some of the causes of blocked fallopian tubes might lead to hints of a problem. For example, endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease may cause painful menstruation and painful sexual intercourse. But these symptoms don't necessarily point to blocked tubes.

Other tests that may be ordered include ultrasound, exploratory laparoscopic surgery, or hysteroscopy (where they take a thin camera and place it through your cervix, to look at your uterus). Blood work to check for the presence of Chlamydia antibodies (which would imply previous or current infection) may also be ordered.

What are the Potential Treatments for Blocked Tubes?

If you have one open tube, and are otherwise healthy, you might be able to get pregnant without too much help. Your doctor may give you fertility drugs to increase the chances of ovulating on the side with the open tube. This is not an option, however, if both tubes are blocked.

In some cases, laparoscopic surgery can open blocked tubes or remove scar tissue that is causing problems. Unfortunately, this treatment doesn't always work. The chance of success depends on how old you are (the younger, the better), how bad and where the blockage is, and the cause of blockage.

If just a few adhesions are between the tubes and ovaries, then your chances of getting pregnant after surgery are good. If you have a blocked tube that is otherwise healthy, you have a 20% to 40% chance of getting pregnant after surgery.

But if thick, multiple adhesions and scaring are between your tubes and ovaries, or if you have been diagnosed with hydrosalpinx, surgery may not be a good option for you. Also, if there are any male infertility issues, you might want to skip surgery. In these cases, IVF treatment is your best bet.

Also important to note is that your risk of ectopic pregnancy is higher after surgery to treat tubal blockage. Your fertility doctor should closely monitor you, if you do get pregnant.

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Breastfeeding Guidelines:
No one has ever studied breastfeeding thoroughly in a society. Even normal feeding requires a technique that has to be learned, especially with the first baby. If a women has a problem with breastfeeding, as commonly happens, she has no inborn knowledge of what to do? She must be taught what to do if her baby refuses to suck, if her nipple hurts, or if her milk supply seems to be diminishing.
In a traditional society, older woman give younger ones confidence by helping them through their earlier experience.
• The mother should offer the baby her whole breast, not just the nipple.
• The baby should take the whole nipple and much of the areola into his mouth. (the dark area encircling the nipple)
• How much milk a breast produces depends on how much the baby sucks.

Tips for nursing mother.

 The infant should be allowed to suck the breast within an hour of a delivery.
 Frequent sucking is necessary to establish lactation.
 For first few days after delivery, the breast secrets colostrums (Yellow fluid).
It contains antibodies, growth factors and has laxative effect.
 Breast milk is clean and free of bacteria.
 It contains all nutrients that baby needs for first 4 to 6months.
 Baby does not need extra water.
 The mother should hold the baby close to her body. If baby is not close enough, it may have to suck too hard on nipple and can damage the nipple skin.
 Sucking makes mother’s uterus to contract and it helps to stop uterine bleeding.
 Do not wash nipple with soap, it can damage the skin.
 Let the baby suck until it releases the breast spontaneously.
 If the breast are full (engorged), express the excess milk.
 Mother should feed infant regularly from both the breast.
 Cancer of the breast and ovary is less likely in women who breastfeed compared to those who do not.
 The common problems that new mother may have are:
o Sore nipple.
o Engorged breast.
o Not enough milk.
o Too much milk.
o Leaking breast.
o Flat nipple.
o Inverted nipple.
 If the nipple looks red and sore, she should consult doctor immediately.

Tips for working mother

If you are planning to return to work, you can still nurse your baby either by expressing breast milk or by supplementing with complementary feed.
 If you prefer that your baby be totally breastfed,
o You can express your milk by hand or hand pump. You have to express several times a day to keep up the supply of stored milk ,stimulate milk production and to avoid engorgement.
o Covered, sterile expressed milk can be stored in refrigerator for 1 -2 days.
 If you decide to supplement with infant formula,
o Consult your doctor.
o Do not give whole cow’s milk.
o Follow manufacturer’s instruction properly for preparing formula feed (Not to over dilute or under dilute).

Dr. Manoj D. Chohan.
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist.
Gokul Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home.
D 3/2, Vijay Nagar.
Marol Maroshi Road, Andheri (East).
Mumbai 400059.

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If I am restless now, then what would give me peace?
It is universal experience that food, clothes, shelter, health care, sports, education, job, good salary, status symbols, marriage, children, power, fame, popularity, awards….are sought after with variable priorities. But they fail to give me fulfillment!

However in a mechanical manner I go on pursuing them!
If I pursue a particular mission; such as practice and promotion of NAMASMARAN, and if I am able articulate my views, then I may write!
But can accomplishment of accurate and appropriate drafting, its impeccable proof reading, corrections, editing, completion, printing and publication; give me fulfillment? Can the feedback of the readers and their participation in the mega process of NAMASMARAN and its promotion (even if it is in on a very large scale) give me fulfillment? Can an extensive expression of the practice of NAMASMARAN in the form of globally benevolent policies, plans, programs and their implementation; somewhat agreeable to me; give me fulfillment?

Firstly, I would not know how many people read, how many understand, how much they understand; and how they respond to it from within. Moreover I would not know; whether what they express in their policies, plans, programs and implementation; is guided by NAMA or otherwise!

In other words; whatever I see and perceive; is only my perception and not a reality!

The true fulfillment ensues only from being in what is real! The absolute reality is deep within; hidden in the core; and is the same as NAMA, which is the same as my Guru Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar, who urged to practice NAMASMARAN with topmost priority.

This realization of the need to reconnect with NAMA; keeps dawning inside; from time to time and is the victory (VIJAY) of my Guru (NAMA), over the rest!

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Probably majority of us feel like loving! But majority of us probably do not know how to love!

Love is very much there is in every heart. In fact there is an eternal ocean of love in every heart and this is what is referred to as the true self! There is a fountain of nectar of immortality; in the core of every being.

We have to overcome the insensitivity to this source of eternal love in our own and others’ hearts. We have to open our eyes to the beauty of our own and others inner charm. We have to have passionate urge to drink the fountains of nectar in our own and others’ core.

But at least this was not possible for me; on my own!

I found (Thanks to my Guru); that NAMASMARAN strips off our innate core off the ugly clothes of pettiness and ego; and empowers us to reach out to others. NAMASMARAN strips off our innate core of its repulsive clothes of prejudice, vengeance; and callousness; and wholeheartedly welcome the others, who are trying to reach out to us!

NAMASMARAN adds melody and rhythm to life; by immortalizing it! This is victory (VIJAY) of NAMA!

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When there is a beautiful object, exhilarating fragrance or melodious music at a distance; they are indistinct and blurred. But they attract us and keep haunting us!

What about the promising and revitalizing signals of events; in future?
When we sense the events in future; even indistinctly; they imperceptibly begin to enter our being and later; occupy our conceptual framework! Gradually the ideas about these events get crystallized and we develop a distinct picture of future! This is called vision and it is nothing else; but the bounty of the trans-temopral truth, which we call NAMA.

The ‘architect’ of the future gives us, who are ‘masons’; this vision and involves us in constructing it! Hence we feel good and grateful, if and when we are involved in articulating the vision in the form of holistic evolution or holistic renaissance!

But neither the future nor its concepts; and neither the vision nor its construction; is actually our achievement.

They embody the victory (VIJAY) of NAMA the eternal trans-temporal truth, in charge all universal affairs.

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When we begin to write; we gradually get involved in its accurate and appropriate drafting, its impeccable proof reading, corrections, editing, completion, printing and publication! Later, we get involved in the feedback of the readers and their participation in the mega process of NAMASMARAN and its promotion! Later still we get involved in the extent of expression of NAMASMARAN in the form of globally benevolent policies, plans, programs and their implementation (even though we don’t have any clear cut and distinct blue print of these)! Hence in the process of getting involved; we get trapped and bogged down under our own burden!

Why don’t we enjoy freedom? Why don’t we get rid of the burden of our own expectations? Why don’t we stop expecting people to do something as per our projection?

This is because; unknowingly; we get detached from the power of NAMA and NAMASMARAN; and get dragged by our mind in the process of conceptualizing and writing about its scope and potentials!

This realization of the need to reconnect with NAMA; and being empowered for it; is the victory (VIJAY) of NAMA, over the drag of mind!

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It has been mentioned time and again by many; including me; that; NAMA is absolute truth, it is independently and incomparably luminous, it is supreme, it is all powerful and it controls every activity in universe!

If this is so, why should we be frantic to prove or promote the value, scope and potentials of its remembrance i.e. NAMASMARAN? Can NAMA not illuminate itself?

This question is quite logical and valid! Truly speaking we need not be frantic to prove or promote the value, scope and potentials of NAMASMARAN! It is not at all necessary! In fact; if we are doing so; assuming that it is required, then it is really an illusion!

Then why do we do it?

Actually; we don’t do anything!

It is NAMA which does everything! NAMA is supreme, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and from millennia to millennia; it is NAMA only that emanates the magnetic influence by which get attracted towards it and remember it! Thus, it is NAMA that involves us in NAMASMARAN and get irresistibly inspired to proclaim its value, scope and potentials!

Let us therefore celebrate this defeat of our petty self and the victory (VIJAY) of our true self and our innate core; NAMA!

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