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We may call it intuition, sixth sense, divine guidance, spell of good power, divine love or anything. It is beyond our logic and sometimes even against our logical arguments. One is tempted to hypothesize existence of “super autonomic nervous system” that is differently and vaguely described as residing in the right cerebral hemisphere of right handed people and in charge of non sequential thinking, appreciation of poetry, holistic perception and so on. In my view this vaguely described functional complex which I refer to as super autonomic nervous system resides well spread in several silent areas such as those of prefrontal cortex.

But the purpose of this article is not merely to indicate this possibility; but to visualize the culmination; of the vast panorama of knowledge; in the form of various arts (including martial arts and arsenals), sports, literature, science, technology, religions, ethics, rituals, laws etc and overall accomplishments of mankind. Let us visualize and remind ourselves and reiterate repeatedly that the purpose and the culmination of all the accomplishments of mankind is self realization (which may be tangible in future; in terms of evolution of super autonomic nervous system). We, the people of world (irrespective of religions, races, and nationalities) have to keep on organizing, reorganizing, orienting and reorienting our accomplishments in the direction of this self realization.

While the instincts of not merely survival, but racial, religious, ideological, cultural, economic and political supremacy are natural and understandable; they are undoubtedly the obstacles in individual and global blossoming. The indiscriminate violence and rabid propaganda for one’s racial, religious, ideological, cultural, economic and political supremacy are counterproductive and self defeating.

Let us realize that we are blessed to participate in the real and most urgent expedition of conquering the basal nature of ourselves, which prevents us from self realization (being truly nonviolent, happy and in evolved state of living that preempts our pettiness and superficiality)! We are really fortunate to have the potential to acquire such a state of living! Even as there are many ways prescribed by many for such evolved living; the simplest and universal one is NAMASMARAN, which need not be believed, but verified.

Practicing, preaching, writing, publishing, broadcasting, sponsoring, talking, sharing; in fact; doing whatever we can to promote NAMASMARAN (and other activities and programs in respective fields conducive to NAMASMARAN and self realization) ensures and ensues individual and global blossoming).

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The degree of accuracy and appropriateness of constitution, laws, rules, other manners of government regulations; regarding the taxes and the manner of expenditure of the taxes collected; decide the extent to which they convince the conscience of people, and their acceptability. This in turn decides the extent of public compliance with the constitution, laws, rules and other ways of government regulations regarding the taxation.

One of the major causes of black money is the bitterness amongst majority of the people that they are being deceived by the unjustified and coercive taxation. Naturally this is followed by manipulations to hide money and evade tax. Private entrepreneurs can often escape from the agony of having to pay (unjustified and coercive?) taxation, where as government servants cannot escape from (unjustified and coercive?) taxation on their regular legitimate income and hence try to earn money by illicit means and hide it.

The tax evasion also takes place due to lack of faith in the way the tax money is “used” by the government.

The ministers, bureaucracy (government agencies) involved in tax collection and police are part of the people and hence can not be expected to have a perception and behavior different from that of the majority of the people.

In such a situation; money earned by cheating, misguiding, swindling, stealing, exploiting, robbing and most importantly through making and twisting laws to suit the vested interests; is really the darkest money! In fact; the tax money laundered ni several government projects and programs (on which tax is evaded) the darkest money!

Besides these two points one point is important.

We the people (from top to bottom) whether in government or in free enterprises; are governed by individualistic and petty ideas. Hence we revere superficiality, glamour, and glitter and material success achieved by any means.

Naturally we get leaders and rulers who thrive on darkest money, supported by black money and not those who can have moral and spiritual sway; without money! We have no interest in having such leaders either. Till such time that we have this mindset; no political parties can not come to power and remain in power without money! Naturally; we can not expect; neither the (desperately and helplessly gathered) black money; but most importantly the darkest money refereed to above; to disappear.

But even amidst all this; NAMASMARAN practiced through centuries; has begun to get expressed in holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs; world over. The universal conscience has begun to arouse and the process of individual and universal blossoming has taken momentum! This sway of NAMASMARAN is bound to purge and cleanse the world of all darkness!

Hence this is the most opportune time to practice, teach, preach, sponsor and do whatever we can; to promote NAMASMARAN and consolidation, and implementation of holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs; so that the governance of pettiness, superficiality, individualism, selfishness and all kind of deception including the black money and “darkest money”; be destroyed!

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About Us
Food is one of the basic human necessities. Aayushkaam promotes healthy food habits to keep everyone healthy. Its not a kind of wellness institute or gym where everyone guaranteed to loose weight at any cost. Aayushkaam helps to make person healthy through diet therapy. Food itself is a remedy for the human body. Today we all are totally dependent on medicine for every disease but food can also be substitute to an extend. AAYUSHKAAM (wish you a very healthy life to all).
One to One diet counseling by diet experts at your door step
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· Diet counseling for obese or Underweight patients and for all therapeutic solutions for all therapeutic solutions

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Warm Regards,
Garima Gupta
Managing Director
Wish you a healthy life

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New Orthodontic Bracket Positioning Gauge - Ravi Gauge
A new orthodontic straight wire bracket positioning gauge - Ravi Gauge had been developed by Dr.Ravi Kumar, here at Academy of Fixed Orthodontics. I has a vertical positioner which helps in aligning the center line of the bracket to the axial line of the teeth. It also has two prongs which helps to align the bracket horizontally, while the center portion presses the bracket onto the teeth

See the complete article here

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prevention of photo aging
It is well established that sun avoidance
and sunscreen use are important adjuvants
to antiaging regimens. Obviously,
sun avoidance is not always possible and
hardly a popular behavioral adjustment
for many patients. However, patients
should be discouraged from engaging in
unnecessary sun exposure, particularly
between 10 AM and 4 PM, and any exposure
to tanning beds. Sunscreen should
be recommended for use on a daily basis,
even when the patient remains indoors.
Patients should be reminded that UVA
rays have the capacity to pass through
glass, thus individuals are at risk of solar
exposure even in their cars and homes as
well as at work. UVA shields can be
placed on windows, providing some protection.
Sun protective clothing, such as
a broad-brimmed hat and SPF 45 clothing,
should be encouraged for patients
planning any protracted exposure to the
sun. Many patients believe that their sun
exposure is minimal and does not warrant
daily use of sunscreen. Use of a
Wood’s or a UV light to reveal solar damage
is a helpful way to convince patients
of the necessity of sun avoidance. Such a
demonstration will also make them
more likely to employ preventive measures,
such as sunscreens, antioxidants,
and retinoids, when sun avoidance is impractical.

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The total body potassium (K+) content in a normal adult is approximately 3,000 to 4,000 meq, 98% of which is intracellular. The normal serum potassium concentration ranges from 3.5 to 5meq/L, whereas that inside the cell is approximately 150 meq/L. Thus, the ECF compartment from which we measure the serum K+ level contains only 2% of the total body potassium. The results therefore are misleading as to the degree of total K+ deficit or excess. With the major effector organ of potassium excretion being the kidney, its balance is regulated primarily by two physiologic stimuli; aldosterone and K+ concentration itself.
Hypokalemia or low serum potassium occurs as a result of three main mechanism a.) A shift of K+ to the ICF, b.) Inappropriate renal wasting and c.) Extrarenal K+ loss. In the critically ill patients these etiologies are of special importance. 1.) Transcellular shift : movement of K+ into cells may transiently decrease the plasma K+ without altering the total body K+ content. The magnitude of the change is relatively small, often <1meq/L, but it may amplify hypokalemia from other causes. Triggers of intracellular shift include alkalemia, insulin and catecholamines( either produced endogenously through the stress response or administered exogenously.) Marked anabolism can also result in K+ translocation into cells. The most common example of this occurs with the refeeding syndrome, when nutritional support is initiated after a long period of starvation. 2) Gastrointestinal K+ loss : In general, gastrointestinal fluids have a significant K+ content and excessive enteral losses may result in hypokalemia. When lower GI tract is the source of the loss, there is a concominant metabolic acidosis from bicarbonate loss. When losses are from the upper GI tract , metabolic alkalosis is usually present. 3.) Renal K+ loss: Urinary K+ wasting may be caused by factors that augment the distal nephron tubular flow rate or by factors that increase the distal tubular fluid [K+]. Augmented distal flow occurs with thiazide and loop diuretic use, osmotic diuresis, hyperaldosteronism of any cause, the urinary excretion of anions which causes coexcretion of cations including K+, hypomagnesemia and amphotericin B. Hypokalemia seen in diabetic ketoacidosis result from glucosuria, volume depletion and intracellular shift due to insulin therapy.
Treatment of hypokalemia consists of rapid correction when symptoms or electrocardiographic changes are present. In these cases when patients are unable to take enteral medications, IV repletion is appropriate. Otherwise it is generally safer to correct hypokalemia via the enteral route bcoz larger doses can be administered orally given the limitations on the rate of IV infusion of K+. KCL is usually the preparation of choice regardless of the route of administration as it promotes more rapid correction of hypokalemia and associated metabolic alkalosis than the other preparations. Potassium citrate or bicarbonate may be useful in correcting hypokalemia and acidosis associated with chronic diarrhea or renal tubular acidosis. Hypomagnesemia should be sought in all hypokalemic patients and corrected prior to, or concurrently with K+ repletion. Without Mg+ repletion, reduced renal K+ absorption in the loop of Henle and collecting duct would result in the prompt loss of administered potassium. Although there are rules to estimate the total K+ deficit present, mechanism of transcellular shift are difficult to predict and the degree of K+ depletion does not correlate well with the serum[K+]. The serum K+ should therefore be monitored closely and frequently during therapy .

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LOW GI Foods
This is to bring to all interested , in management of Diabetes,CAD and Hypertension
This is just and introductory brief in few lines that the LOW GI FOODS like
LOW GI RICE long grain XXL
now is available especially for those -suffering with diabetes
also helps in maintaining the Weight etc..
Information available can write to know more about supplier
Dr Veerendra

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When we are trained in mere rote, mechanistic, reductionist and lopsided logical thinking and learning; without evolving internally; then we fail to appreciate the importance of the activity, places and phenomenon of pilgrimage.

We hate, ridicule, humiliate or at best tolerate or consider the pilgrimage sympathetically. Sometimes by virtue of our socio-economic perspective; we offer trivial explanations which undermine the sublime and pivotal role of pilgrimage.

Once some one asked a sage; “What is the meaning of DHARMA?”

The sage replied; “Whatever elevates (evolves) you is DHARMA”!

The places of pilgrimage are the conduits to self realization. These are the places wherefrom we collect the vitality and vigor to ascend to our true SELF.

Hence pilgrimage has to be given maximum importance in terms of making them easily accessible, improving the transport facilities, making their historical and spiritual importance known to the visitors, and maintaining and promoting their cleanliness, habitability and sanctity.

Pilgrimages are centers of civilization and must be treated as such.

Let us understand that pilgrimages are pivotal to our holistic health, total stress management, simultaneous blossoming of one and all; and not meant for expecting mere trivial gains.

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The activities in body cells, various exocrine glands and endocrine glands go one and contribute to peculiar activities in nervous system. These contribute to our body consciousness, pains and pleasures. These pains and pleasures in turn lead to desires, ambitions, hopes and despair of pride.

The culmination of these however eludes most of us. Hence we remain discontent and disturbed irrespective of failures and successes.

The body however undergoes aging in the course of time and our restlessness and anxiety begin to deepen in view of impending end of our bodies.

This is the reason the saints have repeatedly preached to begin the activity of self realization in the form of NAMASMARAN right from childhood; irrespective of whether one understands the essence of it or not.

NAMASMARAN has been emphasized because most of the other supportive activities conducive to self realization; e.g. exercise, diet, social norms, career building, etiquettes, manners, customs, traditions, conventions, rituals, festivals, hobbies, art, entertainment; are generally followed without much resistance and without much reluctance! But all these in absence of NAMASMARAN; prove elusive and illusive.

In fact it happens so; that NAMASMARAN, and the sublime consciousness of global unity and simultaneous blossoming of one and all (BHAKTI); become obscure; and we start expecting some kind of “gain” from NAMASMARAN.

Any kind of so called “gains” and activities related to them are worth when they culminate in NAMASMARAN and BHAKTI. NAMASMARAN and the BHAKTI associated with it are thus the culmination of life and not the means for any gains!

Hence someone has said that he is ever grateful, humbled and prostrated in front of; and adores; all those who practice and promote NAMASMARAN.

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We are blessed with the opportunity to realize the SELF and experience the process of simultaneous blossoming of one and all.

It is like being provided with ripe alfanso (hapoos) mango. Should we care to taste it or worry about its getting deteriorated?

It is like being provided with jasmine flowers. Should we smell and relish it or worry about its drying out?

Our body is like a beautiful house; a place for self realization. We are blessed with the opportunity to realize the SELF and experience the process of simultaneous blossoming of one and all.
Should we begin NAMASMARAN and begin to experience the process or get worried and anxious about its decay and death?

Let us understand that our mind does not merely and rightfully so; get involved in the maintenance of house; but in the process forgets the very purpose of it!

Hence practice of NAMASMARAN is a golden opportunity; irrespective of our religion, race, age, sex, occupation, nationality etc.

If we begin NAMASMARAN right from now; then fear of aging and death would vanish because we would have won the race with the rapid processes of bodily aging and death.

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