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Types of bariatric surgery
Bariatric surgery is considered the most effective treatment for obesity in terms of long-term weight loss and improvement in obesity-related co-morbidities.
<a href="">Best Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi</a> procedures cause weight loss by limiting the amount of food that can be held in the stomach, causing malabsorption of nutrients or a combination of gastric restriction and malabsorption. Bariatric procedures also bring about desirable hormonal changes. Most weight loss surgeries today are performed using minimally invasive techniques (laparoscopic surgery).

How do I know if I am eligible for slimming surgery?

Weight loss surgery is only recommended if you can't lose a lot of weight and keep it off with diet, behavior changes, and exercise alone. Doctors often use body mass index (BMI) and health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure to determine which patients are most likely to benefit from weight loss surgery. Patients with concomitant comorbidities such as diabetes, etc., or with a BMI greater than 37.5 kg/m2, with or without concomitant comorbidities.

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Fractional Laser Resurfacing Treatment Done by Dr. Megha Modi
Fractional Laser Resurfacing

What is fractional resurfacing?
Fractional resurfacing is an advanced technology in which only a small fraction of the skin receives the laser light. The laser delivers a series of high precision microbeams that create narrow, deep columns of tissue penetration well below the epidermis (skin surface) and into the dermis, while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue from damage. This “fractional” treatment allows the skin to heal much faster than if the entire area were treated at once, using the body’s natural healing process to create new, healthy skin cells.

What conditions does fractional resurfacing treat?
Fractional resurfacing is very effective on fine lines and wrinkles (including around the eyes), age or sun spots, acne scars, surgical scars and sun damage.

What is the recovery time?
The healthy cells in unlasered areas promote rapid healing of the entire treatment area, resulting in faster recovery time and minimal side effects. The result is softer, smoother and healthier skin without a prolonged healing period.

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Tattoo Removal in Dwarka by Dr. Navjot Singh Arora
Tattoo/Birthmark Removal
A tattoo design is formed by injecting ink and pigments into the dermis of skin through pricking method.

Though the idea of getting inked sounds fun, it happens quite often that people regret the choice of a permanent tattoo.

The good news is that it is now possible to remove the permanent tattoo fully/partially by latest treatment options.

Treatment Available
At Dermaheal Skin and Hair Clinic, permanent tattoo removal is done by most advanced Q- SWITCHED Nd : YAG LASER which is safe as well as effective. This laser is also used to reduce the appearance of:
Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
Freckles and Lentigenes removal
Nevus of ota
Pigmentary Demarcation Lines

About The Procedure
Before beginning the treatment, numbing cream is applied to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient.
Laser is guided over the selected area of the tattoo that emits pulses of light energy which is absorbed by the pigments, heating and breaking them into smaller fragments. These particles are absorbed by our immune system which are then excreted through the lymphatic system. As these fragments are recognized as foreign substance/waste by our body, they are discarded by natural means of excretion (urine, sweat and fecal matter).
Number of sessions required depends on the shape, size and area of the tattoo. However usually minimum of 3-4 sessions are needed to visualize the difference in results.
The interval between each session ranges from 3-5 weeks.
Mild swelling and redness may occur post procedure, for which topical medications are prescribed.
One can expect a significant reduction in the appearance of tattoo following the sequential sessions.

At Dermaheal Skin and Hair Clinic
Get your permanent tattoo removed with advanced technology and at an affordable price.
To enquire in detail about laser tattoo removal and other cosmetic treatments best suited for your individual needs, schedule an appointment with our trusted and experienced dermatologist Dr. Navjot Singh Arora at Dermaheal Skin and Hair Clinic, Dwarka Sector 7, Delhi.

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Tattoo Removal In Vasundhara | Tattoo Removal In Indirapuram | Tattoo Removal In Vaishali - Twachaaclinic
Q-Switch for Tattoo/ Nevus Removal

Extremely short pulse, Q-switched (QS) laser systems can successfully lighten or eradicate a variety of pigmented lesions. Pigmented lesions that are treatable include freckles and birthmarks including some congenital melanocytic naevi, naevi of Ota/Ito and Becker naevi. The QS laser systems can also selectively destroy tattoo pigment without causing much damage to the surrounding skin. The altered pigment is then removed from the skin by scavenging white blood cell.

How will my skin react to the treatment?
During treatment the tattoo will appear to have a white surface layer which is the first initial sign that the process is working. This is caused by the breaking down of pigment and the reaction to the laser, this colouring will subside within a couple of hours. Immediately after treatment the surrounding skin is likely to show a red discoloration and a small amount of pinpoint bleeding may occur. The feeling can be compared to a mild sunburn where swelling and redness may last for one week. Over the next few days a small amount of blistering may occur followed by a scab or thin crust, which should be left untouched to eventually fall off. The skin will remain red for a few days to a week or two and begin to heal on its own.

All of these reactions are a normal response to the removal process and the way in which the body begins to heal.

How many treatments will I need?
Generally the average required number of treatments varies from 3-8 depending on various indications. Dr. Megha Modi will guide you according to your skin condition.

What are post treatment care?
Post treatment care is vital to ensure the treated area heals effectively to achieve your desired results. The following steps should be carefully executed:

Apply an aloe vera or antiseptic ointment to the treatment area
Avoid direct sun exposure during the entire healing process and ensure adequate SPF sun cream is applied and/or clothing is covering the area (this includes tanning beds).
Avoid prolonged exposure to water and avoid excessive heat in the skin for 48 – 72hours post treatment. Excess moisture will hinder the wound/scab from healing
Avoid scratching, picking or touching the direct or surrounding area
Cold packs or a cool cloth may be applied if further discomfort persists

Does tattoo removal hurt?
A client can expect to feel a level of discomfort however pain is an individual experience. Most may compare the pain to a flick from an elastic band.

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Dermal Fillers Treatment in Dwarka at Affordable Cost - Dermaheal
Dermal Fillers Treatment in Dwarka
Soft tissue fillers also known as dermal fillers are widely used as an anti aging treatment which significantly helps the patient to replace the lost facial volume thereby diminishing the appearance of creases and wrinkles.

As dermal fillers get absorbed by the body as the time passes, so it can only provide a temporary effect ( generally up to one and a half years )

Uses Of Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers help in recontouring the facial features by uplifting the face and restoring a smoother appearance to the overall face.
It gives additional plump to cheeks which re-establishes a youthful and fresh look.
Dermal fillers are also used as lip fillers, reshaping the lips according to the individual’s desires, making them more supple, hydrated, luscious and beautiful.
Dermal fillers also help in reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds.
Patients with under eye shadows are the ideal candidates to get under eye fillers.

It improves the appearance of sunken eyes and enhances the tear troughs.

Under eye fillers dramatically improve the wearisome look and intensifies the features instantly.

How it works
Dermal fillers are carefully introduced to the dermis of the skin by different techniques of injection therefore they are sometimes also called as Injectable fillers.
Use of proper injection techniques is very important as it determines the even distribution of fillers to the site of insertion.
Dermal fillers come in the form of prefilled syringes containing local anaesthetic agents which when injected causes a mild stinging sensation which subsides after some time.
Dermal fillers are usually injected around cheeks, lips, and jaws and sometimes around eyes and forehead according to the requirement.

Post Care
We provide detailed counseling regarding the pre and post instructions and management followed by the procedures as proper post care is equally important to maintain the efficacy of the treatment.
The treated area should not be manipulated immediately by pressure in any way unless advised.
Life span of soft tissue fillers is hampered by constant exposure to environment of extreme temperature.

At Dermaheal Skin and Hair Clinic
Derma heal Skin and Hair Clinic ensures to provide our patients the best quality of fillers which enlivens their faces instantly leaving their skin glowing, hydrated and contoured.
Schedule an appointment with Dr. Navjot Singh Arora at Dermaheal Skin and Hair Clinic, Dwarka Sector 7, Delhi to know more about the fillers best suited for you based on your personalized requirements and get the rejuvenated look you deserve.

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Thread Lift Treatment in Dwarka by Dr. Navjot Singh Arora
Thread Lifting In Dwarka
What exactly is Thread Lift
Thread lifting is one of the finest procedure to redefine the facial contours and reverse some Signs Of Ageing which can help you in creating a remarkable difference to attain a youthful face.

Signs of ageing include - loosening of skin causing sagging, folds and creases due to loss of muscle mass, bone density and decreased production of elastin and collagen.

Thread lifting is a revolutionizing alternative to surgical face lift, as it is minimally invasive so it brings new hope for those who are afraid of traditional surgeries.

It is a non -surgical and quick procedure with minimum downtime and no major risks involved.

Wonders of Thread Lifting

Thread lifting helps in elevating the sagging skin of cheeks, neck, chin and jaws. So this option of anti ageing treatment is a boon especially for those who are in their middle ages ( mid thirties to late fifties )

It has also proven to be effective in younger patients who desire certain cosmetic procedures to enhance their facial feature like Eyebrow Lifting, double chin etc.

As thread lifting works against the pulling effect of gravity, it also allows jaw line reshaping establishing a chiseled frame

The results of thread lifting allows the patients to regain self confidence.

The restoration of vitality that comes post procedure is unparalleled

The trimmed face due to skin tightening also helps in reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles thus making the overall appearance fresh, smooth and youthful

Somber expressions due to loose, dull and tired looking skin are replaced making the patient feel happy and stress free about their facial appearance.

How it works
So as to tighten the skin, strands of specially designed threads are inserted into the facial skin with the help of fine needles along different directions in order to create a mesh of threads resulting in firm and elevated tissues.

These barbed threads are dissolvable and the effects are long lasting (usually up to 2-3 yrs). The Polydiaoxanone threads are placed in the subcutaneous plane under the ptosed facial skin.

Local anesthetic agent is applied so there is minimum discomfort to the patient.

Thread lifting enhances production of elastin and collagen thereby increasing the durability of the results due to collagen remodelling.

Results of skin tightening and rejuvenation can be observed instantly post procedure but the toning and overall elevation keeps improving over next few months.

Why Us
We at Dermaheal Skin and Hair Clinic offer variety of anti ageing and cosmetic treatments. We ensure to provide hassle free and comfortable experience to our patients which motivates them in overcoming their doubts and fears regarding the procedures. As a result, a sense of self esteem is rebuilt along with cheerful satisfaction.

Dr. Navjot Singh Arora personally assesses and counsels the patient before planning the treatment, ensuring to modify it according to individual’s requirements.

Thread lifting can be combined with various other procedures varying from patient to patient.

Patients are properly counseled regarding the maintenance after the procedure has been performed to enhance the effectiveness of the treatments.

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Dr. Navjot Singh Arora provides Chemical Peeling Treatment in Dwarka - Dermaheal
Chemical Peeling In Dwarka
Chemical Peeling is the most commonly used dermatologic procedure that can be carried out on an OPD basis, it helps in promoting the effect of other medicines and thus is highly recommended by dermatologists.

A chemical peel is a technique used to remove the outermost layers of the skin (in a controlled manner) with the help of a chemical solution.

The nature of the chemical used determines the depth of the peeling and also decides the indication of that peeling agent.

Most common indications of chemical peels are Acne, Acne Marks & Scars Hyperpigmentation problems like Melasma, Tanning and Freckles.

Dermaheal has developed its own peeling mechanism where different peeling agents are combined to give best results to our patients according to their skin problems. These have been designed specially for the Indian skin type.

Peeling for Acne
According to the severity and chronicity of the Acne, Acne Marks & Acne Scars for a particular patient, we use a 3 to 4 step sequential peeling mechanism to give desired results. Peels used for this indication are -

Black Peels (Theraderm Inc. Imported from South Korea)
Salicylic Peels
Pyruvic Peels
Retinol (Yellow) Peel
The aforementioned peels can be used in different combinations or solitarily depending on the severity of Acne, Acne Marks & Scars and Patient skin type.

Peeling for Hyperpigmentation (Melasma)
In Indian skin the most common hyperpigmentation problem is Melasma, which occurs in the butterfly region of the face surrounding the nose, most commonly observed in the females of reproductive age group. This condition is very resistant to conventional medical treatment. Peels have come a long way to help Melasma patients to improve their quality of life and their social interaction by acting on the deeper layers of the skin where most creams and lotions can't penetrate. Peels used for this indication are -

Pyruvic Peels
Phenol-TCA Combination Peels
Glycolic Peels
Retinol (Yellow) Peels
Lactic Peels
The aforementioned peels can be used in different combinations or solitarily depending on the patient skin type and ongoing treatment protocol.

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Dermatologist in Indirapuram, Skin Doctor In Indirapuram, Skin Specialist in indirapuram - Dr. Megha Modi
Dr. Megha Modi - Dermatologist
Dr. Megha Modi is a practicing Dermatologist in Delhi and received her medical degree from Baroda Medical College. She went on to specialize in dermatology and attained her MD in Skin–VD from the same college. She has to her credit the enviable distinction of being a gold medalist at both the undergraduate as well as post graduate levels.

Professionally Dr. Megha Modi has been a consultant at the Dermatech Clinic in North Delhi and brings to the table a rich experience in the field of Cosmetology and Dermatology. On an academic front, she has won numerous accolades and citations for her stellar contributions for her paper presentations at State and National Level conferences. Concurrently Dr. Modi has numerous publications in indexed journals which are standing evidence of her prowess in the specialty.

Some of her most significant contributions are to textbooks on topics like ‘Clinical Approach to Homosexuals with STDs’ in Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS’. Dr. Modi has even done some extensive editorial work for IJSTD in the recent past and is unarguably an authority when it comes to Cosmetology and Dermatology.

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Skin White Patches and Vitiligo Treatment in Dwarka - Dermaheal
Vitiligo Treatment In Dwarka
What is Vitiligo
Vitiligo is a form of a chronic skin disorder which can easily be diagnosed by its characteristic appearance of white patches on the skin as the skin begins to lose its pigmentation.

These blotches can occur on any part of skin, however most common areas are face, neck, hands, eyes, mouth and foot.

Vitiligo can be treated by medications, phototherapy, laser and in certain cases surgical transplantation (tissue grafting and cellular grafting) is also advisable.

What causes vitiligo?
Melanin is the pigment which determines the color of our skin and hair.
The cells responsible for producing melanin (Melanocytes) are unable to function in case of Vitiligo thus causing loss of color of skin.
These white areas can either be localized or can continue to grow and are easily noticeable.
Melanocytes can be reintroduced to the affected areas via various methods to treat vitiligo.

Impact Of Vitiligo On Patients
Though vitiligo does not cause any serious impact on patient’s overall physical health and life expectancy, it can adversely affect patient’s psychological well-being.
Patient’s often feel insecure and anxious about their appearance which results in the development of antisocial behavior.
Younger patients are under constant emotional stress.
Mixed emotions of shame and fear often leads to depression.

Role Of Phototherapy
Derma heal Skin and Hair Clinic offers its patients the latest and best possible treatment modalities
We are equipped with a Narrowband UV-B (NB-UVB) chamber which works on whole body upto a great extent in cases of Generalized Vitiligo.
NB-UVB is an upright in-office booth which has a number of lamps that emit ultraviolet light thereby inducing re-pigmentation.
This device can be used in cases of both adults as well as children and does not cause any major side effects.
This treatment procedure is safe for both adults as well as children and generally requires 2-4 sessions weekly.
Phototherapy when combined with medications yield satisfactory results. Usually, prolonged treatments are required to attain better results.

Benefits Of Phototherapy
Significant improvement in the quality of life has been observed in the patients of generalized vitiligo undergoing phototherapy when combined with medications.
With phototherapy going on, the required doses of medicines gradually decreases thus decreasing the chances of long term side effects of medicines.
Patients experience a boost in their self-esteem as they keep on witnessing better results per session.
Phototherapy aids to prevent the formation of new patches thereby helping patients regain the confidence to face the world.

Excimer Therapy is an advanced technology that helps to treat skin diseases like vitiligo, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis which are usually difficult to treat conditions as there are very limited treatment options available for such skin conditions. This therapy is gentle as well as effective when followed with strict continuation.

The Excimer laser delivers a concentrated beam of UVB light through a hand piece directly to the white patches on the patient’s skin.

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Laser Hair Reduction in Dwarka With Experienced Dermatologist Dr. Navjot Singh Arora
Laser Hair Reduction In Dwarka
Gone are the days of waxing, threading, epilating and hair removal creams, Laser hair removal is the latest and most advanced method of hair reduction and offers several benefits over the other methods

How it works?
Laser emits a concentrated beam of light which is absorbed by melanin (pigment present in the hair).

This light energy further converts into heat energy resulting in the destruction of hair follicles thereby preventing the growth of hair in future. However multiple sessions along with maintenance sessions are required as only the hair in their growth phase are actively targeted by the laser at a time.

About the Procedure
Triple wavelength diode laser used at Dermaheal is U.S. FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approved, to ensure better results in fewer sessions.
A diode laser with 810nm is the gold standard for hair reduction.
After shaving and marking the area to be treated, cooling gel is applied before giving laser shots
There may be a warm sensation in some areas and pin-prick sensation in others where the hair is thick and coarse. Cooling the skin again after laser shots, further makes the sessions more comfortable.
The time required for the treatment depends on the size of the area to be treated.
The intervals between each session depends on the growth of hair (ranging from a few weeks to a few month).
As the number of sessions progress, the gap between each session keeps on increasing.

What to expect?
Around 80-90% hair reduction is expected after 6-8 sessions, especially in female patients.
More sessions are required in male patients.
Every subsequent session results in delayed hair growth and reduced density of hair.
Laser hair reduction can be done either on small sections or on full body on both men and women.
Coarse hair decrease in number and even if some of them remain, they turn fine and thin which are easily bleachable.
Maintenance sessions may be required varying from case to case.

At Dermaheal Skin and hair clinic
Get rid of unwanted hair with laser hair reduction and say hello to your hair free skin.
To enquire in detail about Laser Hair Reduction and other cosmetic treatments best suited for your individual needs, schedule an appointment with our trusted and experienced dermatologist Dr. Navjot Singh Arora at Dermaheal Skin and Hair Clinic, Dwarka Sector 7, Delhi.

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