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Interventional radiology of peripheral vascular disease comprises therapeutic measures with imaging system. It includes recanalisation of arteries in symptomatic patients.
IMAGING – To identify site and degree of vascular problem
(i)Color Doppler.
(ii)MR Angiography and CT angiography
(iii)Catheter Angiography

The arterial occlusive disease can be 1. Chronic or 2. Acute

1.Angioplasty and Stenting- Balloon angioplasty/stent: opening of narrow or blocked blood vessels using a balloon; may include placement of metallic stents as well (both self-expanding and balloon expandable).

2.Endovascular stent grafts- In certain situations like long arterial occlusions. Lesions not suitable for angioplasty and stenting endovascular stent graft/ covered stents are used.


1. Arterial embolism in arteries of extremities

Angiographic signs of embolic occlusion are abrupt occlusion, convexly bent filling defect, intact vascular system proximal and distal of embolic occlusion, multiple occlusion and occlusion at bifurcation.
2.Acute thrombosis in extremity arteries

Angiographic criteria of thrombotic occlusion
The occlusion has blurred, cloudy demarcation, atherosclerotic changes and arterial stenosis are present.
(i)Pharmacological thrombolysis –It is used within two weeks of thrombotic occlusion.Intra arterial urokinase./r-TPA is used to treat these lesions.

(ii)Mechanical Thrombectomy
These percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy procedures are efficient at relieving obstruction in short period of time with little or no thrombolytics and hence increase efficiency while diminishing cost of procedure. There are rotational thrombectomy devices which treat occlusions up to 6 months

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Baba Farid Center for Special children
Special Children Of Punjab
Dear Doctors and friends,
Carin Smit, a neuro-nutritional therapist out of So. Africa, has written and forwarded this report, urgently asking for our support.
MICRO TRACE MINERALS has agreed to test about 300 children free of charge. Via hair mineral analysis, we will check the nutritional and toxic status of these children in Punjab. The next step will be to detoxify these children. It is assumed that nutritional deficiencies and intoxications (mercury etc) play a role in the health of these special children, and we are aware that a detoxification program cannot, and should not be started unless nutritional needs are somewhat met. Therefore, detoxification will not take place unless the nutritional status of these children has been improved.
Carin Smit has received a small donation of some protein powder, which is desperately needed to support these children, but is only enough for a dozen children at best.
VITMIN LABORATORIES of Germany, the nutritional company of my daughter Yvette Busch, has offered to provide nutritional supplements sufficient for the majority of children. We are about to send protein and nutritional supplements to start the program. We have cases of protein powders, vitamin and mineral supplements, probiotics etc, worth several thousand Euros, waiting for shipping.
Punjab is a state in Northern India, bordering Kashmir. It is difficult to reach. Few shipping companies deliver to Punjab, and costs for shipping and crating are high. Help us and the Children of Punjab with a donation that allows this project to become reality.
How to donate? Contact us and pledge your help. Every cent, dollar or Euro will help. Anything will be of benefit and we assure you that your kindness supports the children of Punjab.
Most sincerely,
Eleonore Blaurock-Busch PhD
Yvette Busch and Team

Baba Farid Center For Special Children
Harindra Nagar Faridkot (Punjab)

Some years ago I met a mother of a profoundly autistic boy, called Ankit Sharma in Gaberone, Botswana, where she and her husband lived and worked. At the time we provided a unique therapy intervention to Ankit, then 8 years old, called Auditory Integration Training. The treatment is an electronically modulated music intervention, which stimulated the entire auditory system, but also provides a strong impact on the brainstem, midbrain and cerebral cortices, providing overall sensory integration and it also changes the neuro-immunological status of the brain.
Ankit was greatly helped at the time, but because no other metabolic interventions followed his first exposure to AIT (Auditory Integration Training), he again deteriorated and his autism became more and more entrenched.
Savita heard about Dr. Pritpal Singh & Dr vipan kumar in Faridkot, Punjab in G-News whilst she was still in Botswana. Her father lives in Himachal, one of the other states of India. She brought her now teenage son to Punjab for treatment. He attended therapy in Batinda and in Faridkot and it was during her stay here in Punjab that she wrote to me and told me that Ankit had improved greatly under the Neuro-Therapy treatment of Dr. Singh.
She asked me if I would be interested in sharing some of my work with this doctor and his staff and upon my positive reply I received a phone call early in January 2008 from Dr. Pritpal Singh to come over and visit his Center and assist with the special children they serve.
Many months of collaboration followed. Over the months I became more and more convinced that this community of therapists is very poor and that they serve families who are not able to provide for their children according to Western standards.

Eventually the day came when we arrived in Punjab. A colleague and friend, Mrs. Vera Dirr, an NCRT and NCM therapist as well as teacher of Cerebral Palsied and learning disabled children in South Africa, accompanied me to Faridkot.
Our arrival here was met with much excitement and from the outset I realized that the needs were much greater than we could ever have hoped to meet. The families who have children in the center are devastated by the degree of disability which afflicts their sons and daughters. Many of the families have seen miracles happen – sometimes within days to weeks of bringing their children to the Baba Farid Center for Special Children.
The Center’s director is a young man, called Dr. Pritpal Singh. He is energetic, a visionary and a deeply committed therapist of young children. Dr. Pritpal Singh is a Doctor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences. He started this work about 6 years ago and has worked for 12 hours per day for the past 6 years, 7 days a week training up young men who have since qualified as Neuro-therapists in 4 Centers in which there are currently more than 300 children receiving daily Neuro-Therapy.

In addition to the 300 + children served in this way, there are more than a 100 on a waiting list. This is by far not the number of children whose plight is dire in the state of Punjab, as many are currently turned away as there just aren't enough Neuro-Therapists to work with them at this time. Just this morning parents again arrived at the Center hoping to receive help for their children, but had to be turned away, as the waiting list needs to be supplied with therapists, before any new families can be enrolled – this means that there is an urgent need to train up more therapists, but limited resources prohibit training of a new intake of intern Neuro-Therapists. These young men aren’t trained up over-night – the full training to certification takes up to three years to complete.

I was in awe from day one about the constant stream of children who arrive here from early morning (7am) till late evening (some as late as 9pm), who come for help. The Center offers this unique kind of yogic intervention, based on a combination of neuro-stimulation which is the result of stimulation of internal body organs through direct and indirect pressure. The pressure provides better blood flow to organs, thus the metabolism of these organs increases and more hormones, enzymes, chemicals are secreted/produced, which supply the body with better nutrition. Better nutrition for the entire body, results in better nutrition for the brain. Direct stimulation of the spinal cord, peripheral and central nervous system, also brings about better enervation and yielding astounding results.

To date more than 62 children are fully recovered - the majority of these came to the center severely spastic, blind, deaf, with contracted limbs, crossed legs, unable to speak, feed themselves, with no bowel or bladder control and some profoundly autistic. Yet now, after a relatively short time in therapy (15 minutes every 2nd day), they have gained normal bodily functions, are able to walk, talk, can see, hear, feed themselves and are integrated in mainstream schooling!

It is scientifically unacceptable to hear someone make a statement that a happening has been a miracle in the making, but the recovery rates in these children bespeaks super-natural intervention. It is not the norm that severely disabled children, especially those damaged by severe hypoxia at birth or have sustained damage from neuro-toxins, show such recoveries. I have personally seen the MRI’s of the children and the damage is real. Occipital, parietal, deep white matter damage, mid-brain and cerebellar damage abound in these children. Yet, within a relatively short period of time, Dr. Pritpal Singh and his team of Neuro-Therapists apply their therapy and within days the parents start seeing a lessening of spasticity, normalization of squints, correction of severe bowel issues, and improvement in eye contact. Before long, the children start making their first struggling attempts at muscular movements with their hands and then attempts to sit and stand follow.

At last, the first giddy attempts at walking emerge and then they start straightening out. As these processes emerge from deeply injured brains, the children start communicating. At first there are just glances that meet your eyes, then they fix their stare and soon they smile and attempt to babble or the first poorly formed words are uttered. For a parent who was told that his or her son or daughter would never sit, stand, walk, talk or be independent, no-one can dismiss the miracle of the first “Mama” or “Baba” and then the speech-mechanisms start stream-lining, to produce clearer and more complete sentences.

The autistic child who is hyperactive, aggressive to self and others, and the Down’s Syndrome boy or girl who cannot communicate because he or she has a tongue too large for his / her oral cavity or who has huge motor planning problems and who sits or lies locked away, begin to crack smiles and open themselves up to touch and communication; the frenetic behaviours that so often characterize autistics, start diminishing. We met a little girl here with Down Syndrome. She was said to be completely autistic and unable to communicate with people. The day we arrived she still clung to her granny in shy withdrawal, but as the days passed we saw this little girl as active, normal and communicative. Noor has become totally normal and she is well-able to mainstream with regards to schooling. Neuro-Therapy has changed her little life!

We are desperate for this Center to obtain further help as their work is so deserving. Despite the success stories I have enumerated above, Dr. Pritpal Singh acknowledges that there is a small group of children whom they see with whom progress is less than satisfactory - these children still can't show the same recovery rates as the others I mentioned above. He called me in to investigate the causes for their slow or poor progress.
It is my humble opinion that heavy metal toxicity plays a key role in the non-recovery of these children. India, but more specifically, Punjab, where the Baba Farid Center for Special Children is located, is a toxic place. The streets are dusty and dirty. There appears to be no refuse removal. Cattle drift in and out of traffic and make their homes on the rubbish heaps, where they rummage for food and eat all manner of plastic and refuse articles. These ultimately kill them – it is a slow, agonizing and desperately cruel death! The majority of the side roads are mere dirt tracks, the poverty is tangible. The children of the poor are sold into a life condemned to slavery and children as young as 5 and 6 become servants and collectors of rubbish (garbage), as they have huge bags strapped to their heads, and they fill these bags with refuse, which is most likely

Semi-valuable for re-cycling. [Re-cycling is certainly NOT a priority in India!]. Children and their families live far below the breadline and mal-nutrition seems to be the norm rather than the exception. I have been shocked every time when I enquire about the age of a child and am told that the child is at least 3 – 5 years older than what I would have imagined. Their statures are small, their arms thin and wiry, their faces emaciated and their feet and legs bony and weak. The mal-nutrition is palpable and therefore the disease- and infection-ratio must, of necessity, be higher in this country.
In addition to this there is the horror of the intense vaccination schedule for Indian children, combined with the fact that the Indian Pharmacopoiea mandates that even single shot vaccines be laced with Thimerosal, which makes for very interesting and sad case histories. Other factors compound the ravaging effects of Mercury in young bodies: the majority of the children who attend the center are either Cerebral Palsied due to hypoxia at birth (local hospitals in towns and villages in India don't have ANY Pediatric ICU or incubation services and so brain injury due to Hypoxia is very high amongst Indian children - even in the cities).

Progressive brain injury is inevitable when one considers the hectic vaccine loading (28 - 32 vaccines by 9 months), for more than 15 diseases, which has left many devastated especially after the 9-month MMR. Those who haven't become autistic are more severely impacted and become brain injured, with resulting cerebral palsy, mental retardation or life-threatening epilepsy. One such boy at the Center is Nirmal, who currently has status-epilepticus and has not stopped having seizures since I came here 14 days ago. His little sister, aged 7 when she died, also passed away of a similar condition some time ago. Doctors across the state of Punjab and in Delhi have sent the mother home, saying that they can't do ANYTHING more for Nirmal and so she carries her racked and spastic son up and down daily to the Center. Here the men work on the boy, using water syringe therapy on his forehead and small parts of the Neuro-Therapy and these break the seizures for short periods daily, but inevitably the seizures return and contort his little body for hours on end.

I believe Nirmal has Hallervorden-Spatz Syndrome as he has an “eye of the tiger” ring of marked hypointensity involving his globus pallidus on a T2-weighted MR image. His situation is truly one of a life and death struggle, as the condition is said to be neuro-degenerative and his sister died with the same disease at age 7 some time ago. The problem with this syndrome is the deposition of iron as ferritin in the globus pallidus with the eventual destruction of the substantia nigra of the basal ganglia. I feel that chelation with chelators which cross the blood-brain-barrier might be helpful and wondered if this child’s life could not be saved if a strict chelation protocol were designed and applied. At the present time, his seizures are near life-threatening with extreme postural reflexes and rigidity. I tried to use supplements on Nirmal when I came here – not initially knowing what caused the extreme rigidity and seizure-like stiffening of his body. I started giving him Taurine (I didn’t have any GABA to give as this would have been another supplement of choice) and dispensed all the Foodscience sub-lingual DMG's I had access to. In addition to this I gave him Magnesium in mega-doses as he was extremely constipated. The first few days yielded few results, but by the end of meting out little amounts of Idebenone, DMG, Taurine, Omega 3 and Magnesium, he seemed to start stabilizing again and the seizure-like rigidity lessened. There are now days when he only fits 2 - 3 times per day. What his quality of life will be after this no-one can guess, but I feel giving him the little I had, had brought some change and trying to implement a chelation protocol which will cross the blood-brain-barrier might actually save his life from the life-threatening gliosis.

In desperation, before seeing his MRI results, I went ahead and ordered a set of supplements from Marion Ellison in SA for him, but the cost of sending these here plus the purchase costs came to R6000.00 (almost $1000!/ Euros 500!) and for this Center, and the family, whose monthly income is a mere Rs8000 ($200), this was a devastating amount!
The situation on the ground here is dire due to poverty with resulting mal-nutrition. The average parental income is less than $150.00 per month and the very poor ones may earn as little as $15 per month, which is hardly enough to keep body and soul together, not to speak of keeping these little ones healthy and kept in a live-changing therapy service!

The net result is that many die or will die. I can’t believe that there is an affluent “West” out there where people have cars, homes and comforts, fast-food outlets and ample medicine, opulence and high quality medical services, and here in India, in places like Punjab, the children have to die, because parents can’t even access incubators for the prematurely born babies or where talking about nutritional supplementation is like talking about life on Mars! For these families such help is “out of this world”, out of reach and beyond hope. Just today we struggled for over 5 hours just to find a courier company which would transport two serum and a few hair samples to Germany for analysis. The outcome was, after contacting the Post Office, several local courier companies and even DHL India’s National Customer Care services, that sending the biological samples internationally is an IMPOSSIBILITY! When I told the operators of the DHL service that it was a life-and-death matter for these children, I was told it would take up to 21 days just to open an international export account for biological samples and the cost of sending these samples will then be so astronomical, that it will put the entire project in jeopardy.

The ones who are fortunate enough to have heard about the Baba Farid Center for Special Children, and can manage to find transport to come over the miles to obtain help, may need ongoing financial support from Dr. Singh to pay for ricksaw and taxi services (nothing like what we know in the West!), to commute over the many miles to and from their towns and villages for the 15 minute treatment session per day. And yet, remarkably, these children, when treated, become better and better and the spasticity leaves their little wracked bodies and they manage to start healing up.

For the 20% of the children whom he has not been able to give hope and help due to toxicity issues beyond the scope of their therapy, he called for my help. I managed to procure free lab testing for all 300 children with Micro Trace Minerals (Dr. Eleanore Blaurock Busch) in Germany and she has kindly offered to set up a research project for this Center under my supervision to ensure that we carefully document our findings as I believe we might be observing a breakthrough in medical and natural sciences in this Center!

However, offering free lab services to us means nothing if we can’t get the samples to the lab in Germany and even if we could get someone willing to transport the urine for us, the project will still not be viable if the cost of sending these samples becomes exorbitant.
I trust this little vignette of the work and scope of the Baba Farid Center for Special Children will aid potential donors or individuals in power to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of children who can't speak for themselves and for parents who are not able to advocate for their children because their station in life discriminates against them.
With kind regards
Carin Smit – C/CMT
Posted By Dr vipan kumar

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Lotus Children`s Hospital, Kukatpally
For nearly 5 years, Lotus Children's Hospital grew in our location on Lakadikapul through remodeling and additions. We're proud of our history and when faced with the need to grow even more, we thought long and hard about one thing: What's best for kids? That question led us to the desire to build a new state-of-the-art facility eight miles north of our old location. That desire became reality nine months after planning began thanks to the generous contributions and support of our community. The new Lotus Children's Hospital is literally your hospital.

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Low back ache is one of the most common complaint in our practice. Obesity by itself may not cause back pain but if a heavy person gets back pain the suffering would be more and the response to the treatment may be sub optimal. More over the medical team may find it difficult to manage back pain in an obese person with the likes of physiotherapy or surgical treatment. Obesity compounds back pain as these people may also have problems with other joints, especially those of lower limbs as excess fat in the body contributes to the inflammation of the joints. According to the American Obesity Association, back pain is prevalent among 1/3rd of Americans who are under obese category.

What cause back pain in over weight individuals?

The extra weight in the mid segment of the body pulls the pelvis forward and strains the lower back resulting in back pain. In order to compensate for extra weight, the back bone can become tilted and stressed unevenly. As a result, over the time, the back may lose its support and an abnormal curvature of the spine may develop. Overweight also causes early wear and tear in the small joints of the spine and may enhance the rate of disc degeneration which may contribute to back ache. In addition, sciatica and symptoms of pinched nerves may result when nerves get compressed in the spaces between the bones of the lower back.

How much excess weight causes back pain ?

People who are of ‘ideal weight’ as well as people who are heavy, both suffer from back pain. Hence we cannot say what percentage of back pain is purely due to obesity as there are no established scientific studies. Those patients who carry more weight around their midsection are at greater risk of developing pain in the back.

How can you reduce risk of back pain?

“Keep your back fit and maintain a good posture”
The main emphasis of management is to “ loose weight, loose weight & loose weight” which in turn will help you and your back to become fit. A fit back and a good posture are even more important for people on desk jobs with long hours of sitting.
Analgesics and other medications help to reduce the soreness of the back which are generally used only for short durations.
Physiotherapy: Regular aerobic activities that don’t strain your back can increase strength and endurance in your lower back. Strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. Flexibility in your hips and upper legs allows for proper pelvic bone alignment, which improves back pain.
• Walking is usually helpful – start slowly on flat ground, building up to longer walks and gentle slopes.
• Swimming is an excellent exercise – do back or front crawl instead of breast-stroke which can strain your neck.
• When your back pain has settled, using an exercise bike is a good way of getting fit. Keep the saddle at correct height to keep the natural curves in your spine.
• Proper shoes also may help a little.

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Backache- Non surgical treatments-LASER
Please visit my website for detailed information.
Backache- Non surgical treatments-laser and injection treatment
Backache, Treatment- Percutaneous laserdisc decompression (PLDD) and Image guided nerve blocks.
Backache is a common disorder involving young and old patents. Most of the patients get relieved by medicines and physiotherapy. If pain persists more than two months other forms of treatment should be considered. Patients can be treated by injection treatment or by laser treatment. It is effective in more than 80% of patients. Only some of the patients require Surgery.

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infertility treatment- simple and cost effective
Please visit my website for detailed information.
We offer treatment for two causes of infertility-1. blocked fallopian tubes in females and 2. varicoele treatment in males.
infertility treatment- The blocked fallopian tubes are treated with fluoroscopic fallopian tube recanalisation. The varicocoele is treated by embolisation
Both these treatments are cost effective and done as OPD day care basis.
for further details visit my website

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Brain attack- stroke
Please visit my website for detailed information.
Stroke-Brain attack- treatment and prevention
1.Acute stroke treatement
Stroke is a medical emergency which needs to be treated early and urgently to minimize the damage caused by such event. Very year large number of patients in city of Mumbai suffers from disabling stroke resulting in death and disability with huge cost to the families emotionally and financially.
In stroke “time is brain”, earlier the treatment, better the outcome. You should reach appropriate centre/hospital at the earliest.
2.Stroke prevention
• Life style- Eating a balanced diet is important.
• Medication- Your doctor will determine which medicines may be best for you.
• Angioplasty- The two carotid arteries are the main arteries carrying blood to the brain. They can become narrowed (more than 70%) in the neck by a buildup of cholesterol and other fatty material. You may be benefitted by angioplasty .

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Brain aneurysm Treatment-Endovascular Coiling of Aneurysm
Please visit my website for detailed information.Brain aneurysm Treatment-Endovascular Coiling of Aneurysm
Disease-Brain Aneurysm, Treatment-Endovascular Coiling of Aneurysm
Brain aneurysm is a disorder in which a bleb is formed in the brain arteries. When it leaks or ruptures it leads to catastrophe. This bleb or out pouching can be treated by angiography methods. One reaches the out pouching by a catheter and places coils with in it, till it gets blocked.

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Varicose veins and Varicose Ulcers
Please visit my website for detailed information.
What are varicose veins?
Veins return oxygen-poor blood back to your heart and arteries bring oxygen-rich blood from your heart to the rest of your body.
Varicose veins are swollen veins that you can see bulging through your skin. They often look blue and twisted. Left untreated, varicose veins may worsen over time. Varicose veins can cause aching and feelings of fatigue as well as skin changes like rashes, redness, and ulcers.
What are the symptoms?
If you have varicose veins, your legs may feel heavy, tired, restless, or achy. Standing or sitting for too long may worsen your symptoms. You may also experience night cramps.
You may notice small clusters of veins in a winding pattern on your leg, or soft, slightly tender knots of veins. Sometimes, the skin on your legs may change color, become irritated, or even form ulcers.
What causes varicose veins?
High blood pressure inside your superficial leg veins causes varicose veins. Factors that can increase your risk for varicose veins include having a family history of varicose veins, being overweight, not exercising enough, smoking, standing or sitting for long periods of time.
What tests will I need?
Color Doppler ultrasound uses painless, high-frequency ultrasound waves higher than human hearing can detect. Doppler Ultrasound visualises blood flow and to see the structure of your leg veins.
Laser Treatment
Laser is used to treat varicose veins. Doctor will insert a tiny fiber into a varicose vein through a catheter. The fiber sends out laser energy that kills the diseased portion of your varicose vein. The vein closes and your body eventually absorbs it. There will no stitches on your body simple band aid will be used to close the puncture site. You will be required to wear compression stockings for few months.

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Varicocoele-Male infertility
Please visit my website for detailed information.
Varicocoele- Day care treatment
Varicoele is a common disorder affecting males. It can cause pain or infertility.
This can be treated by embolisation.
The approach is via neck or femoral vein. The enalrged veins approached by catheter and guide wire. Then coil embolisation and sclerotherapy is done.
The results are similar to surgery. The recovery is within two days compared to 2 weeks in surgery.
For further details please email your query and visit my web site.

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