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"Talking About SEX"
As a Psychiatrist and Relationship Counselor I get the opportunity to meet a lot of people who are gracious enough to share with me, their deepest secrets.

SEX is one issue where both men and women are always hesitant to talk about.

Most of them, want to talk about it, but take sometime to be comfortable and open up their inner mind.

Restless thoughts regarding sex are like a monster that keeps eating the peace of mind, and that's why I encourage talking about your inner sexual feelings

The following statistics are a proof of how much Emotional Pain we could save the society from if we just spoke about SEX in a progressive way.

1. 54% men and 25% women think about sex on a daily basis. - Unable to express these thoughts leads to restlessness, anger and decreased concentration.

2. Average Married Indian couple has sex about 70-90 times a year.

At 1/3 of these encounters are a complete disaster with either one or both partners not being satisfied.

3. More than 80% women think of sexual activity as activity to prove they are loved.

4. More than 50% of women have fake an orgasm, just to keep their husband happy.

Many of these live under the "delusion" that they are able to satisfy not only their wife, but also go ahead and give wrong advice to other man

5. Lack of sexual satisfaction makes a woman feel unwanted, hopeless, restless and depressed.
Its one of the most common reasons for Clinically high levels of depression among married woman.

This is also one of the prime reasons for woman looking to have extra-marital relationships.

6. 80% of Men doubt their sexual capacity at least once in life. Most of them are not happy with their sexual performance, but scared to talk about the same to a professional.
Majority of the advice they get from friends, family or wife increases their restlessness.

7. 2/3 people feel they don't have enough satisfying sex. But lack of proper emotional communication leads to the same.

8. A great majority of men use sex as a way to show their "macho" or "male" supremacy over their female partner.
Henceforth sexual activity becomes a ego tussle.

9. Mutual respect plays a vital role in a satisfying sex life.
82% of sexually satisfied say they feel respected and loved by their partner during sex.

59% are looking for more love and romance in the act.

10. A great majority Indian males and females only focus on the sexual intercourse phase of sex.
Build-up, Fore-play, after-play, experimentation phases are never talked about.

Sex is a beautiful and divine activity. It's a gift of god to increase happiness, increase body immunity, decrease body pains provided it has the right mixture of LOVE to it..

If an individual is not Lovingly Sexually satisfied he/she will fall prey to psychological problems like restlessness, depression, sleep disturbance, body pains, masturbation addiction, pornography (both visual and reading) addiction, increased need to seek satisfaction outside relationship.

Dont just have sex... HAVE LOVING SEX.....AND ENJOY IT COMPLETELY.....

for any further query feel free to email me....

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