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“Indiscriminate violence and nonviolence” are like short circuiting. They manifest through an individual due to inappropriate communication through nerve impulses (energy flow) from and towards the brain.

“Indiscriminate violence and nonviolence” usually result from extreme subjective responses. Indiscriminate violence towards others or towards self is counterproductive and detrimental to inner and outer and individual and global blossoming.

Indiscriminate nonviolence i.e. hysterical pampering of self or that of other men or animals is equally counterproductive and hindrance to inner and outer prosperity and profundity.

Therefore, “indiscriminate violence and nonviolence” in the form of impulsive or planned activity by individuals or groups is neither conducive nor justifiable, for the welfare of a person or mankind.

The globally benevolent perceptions, emotions, passions, instincts and personal and social actions are (should be) aimed at rectification of impulsive, mean, cruel or stupid and hence “indiscriminate violent or nonviolent” concepts and practices, counterproductive and hazardous to human progress.

The essence of these efforts is however defeated time and again by gullible kindness and cunning wickedness!

Thus “indiscriminate violence” in the form of exploitation, repression, fanaticism, terrorism, cheating and torture in more than one way of innocent people; and the massive propaganda of the “indiscriminate nonviolence”; go on incessantly and hand in hand by practitioners of indiscriminate violence! They are inappropriately and suicidally supported by genuinely kind but unwise proponents of “indiscriminate nonviolence” who unknowingly accept and subject themselves to indiscriminate violence!

Thus “indiscriminate violence” multiplies exponentially because “justifiable and essential therapeutic violence” against such “indiscriminate violence”; is paralyzed by the hypocritical preaching or gullible propaganda of “indiscriminate nonviolence” by the practitioners of “indiscriminate violence” and some well meaning but naïve supporters of “indiscriminate nonviolence” respectively!!

It is important to understand urgently that “destruction of diseased cells benefits the diseased patient for recovery to health and hence the global conscience must rise against concepts and practices of “indiscriminate violence” and “indiscriminate nonviolence” (harmful to blossoming of mankind). It is urgent to employ wherever necessary, “a well meaning globally beneficial, surgically skilled, appropriate, disciplinary, corrective and “nonviolent violence” to effectively and rapidly curb the indiscriminate violence and indiscriminate nonviolence towards self and others by state agencies and non state entities.

This is essential for creating a world where even this sort of “therapeutic and nonviolent violence”; would also not be required.

NAMASMARAN is said enable us to acquire this enlightened wisdom and overcome indiscriminate, unwise, unjust and suicidal conception and practice of violence and nonviolence!

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