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It is very true that one of the worst types of stress; is stress due to exploitation. Physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual, social, economic, political exploitation cause stress. But social and cultural aspects of exploitation (embodied in caste system) are hallmark of a unique kind of stress. This stress makes both; the exploiters as well as the exploited; infectiously and sickeningly stressed!

If we wish to conquer this stress, then we have to learn the root causes of why; and the ways of how; we get trapped in it!

Actually; we are never; “mere exploited” or “mere exploiters”. We harbor both; within us; simultaneously.

Actually; we harbor all of castes; simultaneously within us. In fact; dealing with castes separately; and trying to manage their stress is simplistic, superficial, ineffective and unjust to many; and counterproductive.

Physiologically; we have different control mechanisms, which control our thinking, feelings and our behavior. Thus we have prefrontal cortex, sensory, motor and association areas of cortex, limbic and autonomic nervous system, brain stem structures, spinal mechanisms; and neuroendocrine, endocrine, metabolic controls; in order of evolution.

Our perspective, thinking, feelings and behavior; in individual life and social life; are determined and characterized; by which of these control mechanisms is predominant in our life.

If we (our thinking, feeling and behavior) are predominantly governed by endocrine, metabolic and spinal mechanisms, then we are bound to have prevalence of all the stressors; such as exploitation, pettiness, jealousy, hatred, fanaticism, fascism, lust, cruelty, crudeness, intolerance, indifference, sectarianism, indiscriminate violence, treachery, betrayals, cheating, filth, diseases, and accidents. In other words we are bound to create hell for ourselves and others.

If we are predominantly governed by subcortical brain and neuroendocrine parts; then there would be material progress (increase in ideas, innovations, trade, industry, import, export, technology, crafts and arts, and military strength and so on) in individual and social life.

But this progressed is plagued by individualistic, selfish, competitive, restless, ambitious, subtly exploitative and subtly violent trends. The glamour, glitter, pomp and pride are multiplied without holistic and inclusive growth!

Hence; fragility, fickleness, impatience, pessimism, cynicism, suspicion, aloofness, irresponsibility, recklessness, belligerence, vagrancy, chaos, cacophony, separations, divorces; and subtle, silent, sophisticated, cunning and organized violence towards one’s own self and others; in individual and universal life are increased!

If we are governed by limbic and autonomic nervous system; then we have dictatorship, which may be socialistic, benevolent, disciplined with good amount law and order; but some restriction individual freedom. This would restrict individual blossoming and artistic and creative and holistic blossoming of an individual and the society.

Hence we need the predominance of the control of prefrontal and sensory-motor cortexes i.e. the control of conscience and enlightenment (said to possible through the practice of NAMASMARAN) in individual and social life; to conquer the stress of exploitation embodied in caste system.

This control embodies holistic perspective, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, conceptions, articulations and overall behavior; evident in holistic politics, holistic economics, holistic education, holistic health, holistic medicine, holistic agriculture, holistic industries, holistic trades, holistic banking, holistic art and literature and holistic sports conducive to individual and global blossoming!

If we see the undercurrents (presently not quite conspicuous) of this rapidly globalizing mega-process; of Total Stress Management or holistic renaissance; then we would ecstatically participate in it!

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