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One of the most natural, inborn, inevitable, inseparable and essential properties or qualities of living beings; is communication in different forms!

The communication goes on amongst us, amongst birds, amongst animals, amongst plants, amongst organs and tissues in the body, amongst cells and amongst molecules. Many modes of communication such as those operating during sleep, during dreams, during pregnancy, amongst us, different animals and plants are not completely understood by us.

As and when we get the intense urge to share our desires, passions, needs, feelings, thoughts, imaginations, intuitions, dreams and convictions; we are motivated; to talk, sing, dance, write, paint etc.

The activity of sharing becomes a pleasurable lifeline, when the relevant issue is relatively uncomplicated such as; food, sex, traveling; love, care, money, power, publicity, anger, revenge, insecurity or tensions; and their escapist stress management or stress relaxation.

One can get gratification from such sharing, though it fades in the course of time; and one is left to merely bask in the glory of bygone past, or get uneasy, helpless and depressed!

But sharing the aspirations of welfare of universe is very difficult to articulate and share effectively. This is because such aspirations have a relatively weak physiological substrate or template in the brain, in the form of cerebral cortex; as against the issues mentioned above, which have strong anatomical and physiological basis in terms of less evolved structures in the nervous system.

The concepts and scope and potentials of TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT (holistic solutions to universal stress) and the concept, scope and potentials of NAMASMARAN (simplest universal way of universal welfare) are also difficult to articulate and share smoothly and pleasurably; because they require inner growth, maturity, generosity, objectivity and blossoming! Further; they are subtler. Thus this sharing is tedious and also; it does not produce instant results!

In fact; this is why; creative geniuses and great artists, who communicate through music, paintings, dance, acting, writing and so on; with such aspirations; are often found to suffer from STRESS; because of difficulty in communicating the truth they want to share from the bottom of their hearts or innate cores!

The practice of NAMASMARAN before during and after sharing; makes one; buoyant, vibrant and strong enough; to victoriously continue to share the holistic solutions to universal stress; without getting depressed and frustrated.

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