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Any and every obstacle that obstructs the respiratory passage can cause strangling, breathlessness, suffocation, asphyxia and death; if not promptly and skillfully removed. This is very true for the holidays and casual leaves in India.

The “paid holidays” and “casual leaves” in India are like respiratory obstructions! We “enjoy” these holidays and leaves; by misuse of tax payers’ money and/or persuasively or coercively extracted donations and extortions.

Holidays and casual leaves in India implicitly imply; that we have right and privilege or obligation to shirk daily responsibility. This policy of “holidays and leaves” is an overtly populist; and subtly and covertly implies contempt towards the work or schools. Our enjoyment being diagonally opposed to our work, we are bound to favor and promote unaccountability, irresponsibility, excuses, escapism, frustration, disgruntlement in the work and studies.

Naturally the insincerity in work and studies is expressed; in absenteeism, indiscipline, copying, bogus students, teachers and so on.
Why don’t we learn to enjoy holidays at our own cost; i.e. by taking “without pay leaves”? Why should we not; irrespective of our caste, religion, region, culture and so on; “enjoy our duties” rather than getting addicted to “irresponsibly and shamelessly enjoying” holidays at the cost of others?

Most of us would agree to this in principle; but probably would argue that unsafe and hectic commuting, excessive traveling time, exertion, exhaustion, poor working conditions, disheartening and discouraging unfairness, unaccountability, and lack incentives; destroy all the initiative and enthusiasm to be fair and sincere; and hence enjoy the holidays and casual leaves in any way they become available!

However; we have to realize that; all these problems have to be solved, but by other means! The “holidays and casual leaves” are; NO solution!

It is hypothesized that; through NAMASMARAN we (decision and policy makers, administrators and workers in different grades) and can learn to “enjoy our duties and be fair”, and enjoy “holidays and casual leaves” more creatively and constructively at our own cost; i.e. “without pay”!

This hypothesis can’t probably be verified convincingly enough and tangibly enough; by just casual and passive practice of NAMASMARAN.

We need to appreciate and globalize the fact that practice of NAMASMARAN embodies not merely the enlightenment but its expression in every field of life; and thereby; bring about conquest of inner and outer evils; and individual and global blossoming.

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