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The implicit implication of the question; “How are you?” is “Whether we have succeeded in conquering the struggle of life (stress); or it is taking the better out of us”!

We usually answer “fine or OK” and get rid of the question! This is because there is nothing much to talk about our success or failure; in terms of monetary profit, political power, competition success etc. Sometimes; if we have earned excess of money, fame, popularity and power; and are euphoric about it; we say “We are on top of the world!” On the contrary; if we have failed in getting all these; then we are frustrated and give outlet to it in some other way and feel hurt for having lost self respect and dignity. In that case we may expect sympathy and help and may or may not get it!

The content of the word “success”; however; becomes more and more profound; as we mature; and develop global and holistic perspective! We begin to understand that success at different age and in different situations can vary tremendously.

Thus for a new born baby the first breath is the greatest success as it makes difference between life and death. Similarly; getting few drops of water can be a great success; for a farmer in famine.
But in general; the success can be comprehended holistically; in following manner!

The first step to success is to understand that there is a problem (stress); and that; it can be managed. The second step is to get holistic solutions to it. The third step is to be able to crystallize and apply them; or articulate them. The fourth step to success; is to understand the scope and limitations of the solutions; in a given individual, situation, time frame, and on an individual or global canvas; and accept it happily without grumbling. The fifth step to success; is surrendering the endeavors, which we thought as “ours” to the source from where they sprang! The sixth step is surrendering ourselves; to; and merging with our own immortal source!

All these six steps apply to every individual; irrespective of age, sex, occupation, caste, creed, religion, race and nationality. Every step may involve years or even decades; depending o the nature of stress or problems.

The example of success in Total Stress Management can be described as follows. The first step of success is; recognizing the stress of mortal life and the second is; getting the holistic solutions. The third step is; crystallizing and applying i.e. treading the path of Total Stress Management and articulating and sharing the details of the sojourn; with others. The fourth step is to happily accept the result; as the solutions have their own scope and limitations. The fifth step of success is; surrendering the endeavors, which we thought as “ours” to the “source” from where they spring. The sixth step of the success; is to return to immortal source of the solutions and be immortal!!!

NAMA (BRAHMA) is the immortal source of holistic solutions to individual and global stress. NAMASMARAN is the process of growth and maturity; so as to recognize the stress, comprehend it holistically, get the holistic solutions, crystallize, apply and share them with others, accept the result (determined by several factors) happily, return the whole endeavor to NAMA from where it springs gratefully; and return to NAMA for ever to be immortal!

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