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There are two main trends of ideological or philosophical literature, thoughts and perspective.

Thus; most spiritual writings emphasize on individual purification, righteousness, impeccability; and individual emancipation and liberation; with almost complete neglect towards the system; i.e. government, laws, rules etc.

Most materialistic, socialistic and communistic writings insist on socioeconomic and sociopolitical change or revolution in the system; with almost no reference to individual blossoming.

A spiritualist assumes that the society would automatically emancipate if an individual emancipates and a materialist assumes vice versa; i.e. change in system would automatically emancipate an individual.

The religions and various philosophers such as Plato; had aimed at; an orderly society; working according to the commandments or decrees or precepts in the scriptures or other books; thus ensuring minimal conflicts of interests. They tried to combine the spiritual and material benevolence and harmony; in individual, family and social life.

We have to accept, love, respect; and maximally reconcile the essence of all these literatures; to overcome the rapidly worsening individual and universal stress!

How can this be done?

This can be done if we clarify our ideas; such as heaven, hell, fortune, misfortune etc.

Let us be clear; that various ideas such as; virtuous deeds, blessings of deities, gains in terms of mundane pleasures or heaven; and vices, sins, curses, losses, and misery of hell; represent bright and dark shades of life (our consciousness and experience); respectively. They are meant for enabling us to progressively blossom from being petty, subjective and selfish; to sublime, objective and selfless individuals and societies.

True heaven is actually a state of consciousness where our happiness concurs with the blossoming of billions. This true heaven is far more fulfilling and dignified than the one described in some scriptures.

True hell; is the state of misery where we are obsessed by the pursuit of petty and deceptive gains; and helplessly trapped in the mean, savage, barbaric and indiscriminate transactions! This hell is worst than the one described in many scriptures.

Having seen the nature of heaven (and hell); let us see the potential of astrology.

Being concerned about petty gains; our curiosity in astrology has got stunted and become a bonsai. We keep studying and seeking answers to questions related to marriage, education, service, occupation and so on; without bothering about the most important aspect of life; the self realization and SUPERLIVING!

This is a trivialized perspective of astrology. Naturally astrology has become mercenary, degenerated, degraded and deteriorated and full of blindly believed ridiculously irrational solutions!

True astrology is sublime. It is meant for studying our future so as to increase our participation; in holistic renaissance! It is meant for guiding and motivating us in developing holistic perspective, policies, planning and programs for the beautiful future of mankind, life, earth and the universe!

Thus; whether we believe or disbelieve in heaven/hell and astrological fortune/misfortune; if we are petty; then we can not resolve and reconcile the conflicts and/or contradictions in them; and can not arrive at solutions.

However; they can be easily resolved and reconciled and we can arrive at holistic solutions; if we grow from within and identify how our welfare is linked with that of billions!

Let us realize that; spiritual, astrological or ritualistic endeavors; without the holistic perspective, policies, plans, programs and their implementation for holistic universal renaissance; and any socioeconomic or political theories of revolution; devoid of individual blossoming; are palliative, useless or harmful and hence counterproductive.

In view of this; many steps are described in “SUPERLIVING”; (available on 175 international websites for free download) which lead to; culmination of; every stressful metabolic, endocrine and nervous activity; into “most fulfilling; holistic perspective, thinking, feelings and behavior; conducive to individual and universal blossoming!

We have to assert ourselves by sharing this evolution or blossoming of ours; if we want to conquer the stress and engender and enjoy the ambrosia of Holistic Renaissance i.e. Superliving.

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