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NAMASMARAN, is a fundamental and universal solution (other solutions being adjuvant) for the perceptible transition from individual and universal problems; to individual and universal blossoming.

In rigid and unquestioning body consciousness; we can be callous and oblivious to the pain of others. We can be “happy” and “stoic” and free of doubts; whether we practice NAMASMARAN or not; till; we ourselves are not inflicted; or are in tribulations.

But doubts creep in our mind; due to sensitive and inquisitive body consciousness; manifesting into our genuine concern; for the sectarian and piecemeal approaches and policies; revolving around petty perspectives, thoughts and vested interests; in various (political, social, economic, medical, industrial, agricultural, educational and even ‘religious and spiritual’) fields; to everyone’s detriment.

We cannot be happy and fulfilled from anything else; other than self realization, that is freedom from the overwhelming impact of body consciousness. This is true liberation or mukti or Nirvana; and is coupled with universally beneficial policies and their actual implementation in all the fields of life.

If NAMASMARAN is meant for mere ‘self realization’ and not for social revolution; then how can merging in NAMASMARAN completely; be cosmic self, the reflection of which is the universe and society? Hence there cannot be any individual liberation without the actual reflection (the details of which may vary) in personal and social life.

All the ideas and pursuits of “personal” liberation; without tangible changes in environment; are petty and actually counterproductive. But the feeling of personal liberation in absence of such changes; is theoretically possible; as nothing is impossible! The concerned individual himself or herself; has to decide; whether he/she is; on the way of liberation or actually liberated; or is callous and in self deception.

Doubts about NAMASMARAN creep in mind; because of the agonies of the burning problems of the people; at global to local levels; in as much as the doubts spurt by our physical pains, financial crisis, and humiliation in personal life. There is no disagreement and no denial; that this is due to the body consciousness.

NAMASMARAN, is inseparable from globally beneficial perspective, policies, plans and programs, to be evolved by the leaders in different fields, and their meticulous implementation by the masses; and thereby; the successful individual and universal blossoming in actual day to day life.

All this can be disproved by their own examples; if self realized people, having nothing to do about society and have no influence on the society whatsoever; bring forth other evidences of their self realization

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