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Primary Interhemispheric Subdural Empyemas - A report of three cases and review of literature
Interhemispheric subdural empyema is an uncommon condition and is considered neurosurgical emergency. These are generally seen following neglected oto-rhinological infection, but may be post traumatic or iatrogenic in origin. The source of infection can be frequently found, but in few cases no source of infection can be identified, called primary empyemas. These primary interhemispheric subdural empyemas are even rare. They can present with a rapid progression of symptoms and can carry poor prognosis. Early intervention with craniotomy and appropriate antibiotics can improve the condition of these patients.
We present three cases of primary interhemispheric empyemas who underwent emergency craniotomy and evacuation followed by antibiotics for 6 weeks. All the patients had excellent recovery on mean follow up of 10 years.
Key words:
Interhemispheric subdural empyema, neurosurgical emergency, primary empyemas, craniotomy

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