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From early childhood to ripe old age we are always in dilemma of making a right choice! There are millions of dilemmas; such as; which toy to play with, which partner to bond with, which seeds to sow, which shares to invest, which leader to trust, which guru to follow, which policies to adopt; and so on! The nature of dilemmas; varies; as the constitutions, age groups, geographic regions, occupations, religions and the situations vary.

SUPERLIVING is a continuous, unending and yet fulfilling expedition of increasing the percentage; of right choices. By right choices; we mean; those choices, which give maximum satisfaction that lasts for maximum time; and involves maximum people. Further; it enhances the individual and global blossoming; defying the opposing forces; inside and outside us!

All religions, ideologies, traditions, customs, conventions; on the one hand and the scientific, technological, literary, artistic and cultural developments on the other; contribute to this! The hallmark of the SUPERLIVING; is evolution and implementation of globally benevolent perspective, policies, plans and programs; at the helm of the global affairs.

The simplest, easiest, totally inexpensive, universally acceptable common minimum program; that is practicable in any situation; throughout the day; is NAMASMARAN (jap, jaap, sumiran, simaran i.e. remembering Godís name i.e. true self).

It is hypothesized; that NAMASMARAN would reorient us; through our individual consciences and consciousnesses; to the cosmic consciousness; common to all; and reveal to us; the most pleasant fact; of the unity of our (otherwise divergent and conflicting) individual consciences and consciousnesses. The more the people involved in this; the faster would be the revelation!

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