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Suddenly in the New Year celebrations the noise changed into whispers and loud discussions.

The news had taken everybody by surprise.

Someone had noticed God Himself sitting on a nearby hillock.
All of them agreed that this was a wonderful opportunity and great boon to meet Him personally.

As they were approaching Him; someone said; “We always pray and put forth our demands and desire to God! But won’t it be wiser to ask Him; His desire?”

Even though it was unusual; ultimately all agreed on this point.

As they reached God; they prostrated in front of Him and saluted in their different ways!

As God asked them to tell what they wanted; all of them unanimously said; “This time; we have come to fulfill; NOT our desire; but your desire!

God laughed!

He said; “Thinking this way; is a great achievement! You have come closer to me! Actually ‘my desire’ operates through you as ‘your desire’; even if you are unaware of it!! Your awareness and concern about ‘my desire’ is also my desire! My desire is self sufficient and omnipotent! Instantly it becomes a reality!
In this New Year and the years to come; the practice of remembering me i.e. remembering your true self (called jikra, jaap, jap, sumiran, simaran, NAMASMARAN) would spread in all the continents, nations, provinces, cities, villages, homes, institutions, industries, hospitals, farms and every nook and corner.

Further; this practice would not be aimed at petty gains! It would be selfless and blossom into holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs and their implementation! The spiritualism and materialism, theism and atheism would be culminated in holistic renaissance, superliving or individual and universal blossoming! The profundity and prosperity would go hand in hand!
Individualism and socialism would be culminated in; Self realization and SAMSHTI YOGA; respectively!”

The people were thrilled to hear all this!

However; one of them, who was very curious to know; how this could happen; asked; “But how would all this happen?”

God said; “Just as 75 trillion cells unite and live in unity, complementarity and harmony; where; every cell participates in its own well being and also homeostasis i.e. well being of the individual; every individual; from every nook and corner of the world; would participate simultaneously and inseparably; in his own well being as well as that of the universe!”

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