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Should we; count while practicing NAMASMARAN; and should we have a target?
Some argue that the practice of NAMASMARAN in itself; is all that matters and counting is not necessary. Counting and keep a target is likely to bloat our ego!

Others think that without counting; disciplined, regular and consistent NAMSAMARAN would be difficult.

Now; it is true that all people donít need counting to be consistent in NAMASMARAN. It is also true that NAMASMARAN in itself is important and counting is secondary; and if we get obsessed with the counting; then it may become a kind of imposed labor!

But how many of us are happily immersed in NAMASMARAN throughout the day; without any distraction? Is it not true; that majority of us; are on the path of; but still away from; the self realization? Are we not addicted to selfish and petty considerations, by which we repeatedly distracted, deceived and disappointed?

This is why; there has to be a target that can rejuvenate us; in the process of self realization help us; and help us overcome the deceptive distractions, which disappoint us!
Such target is none other than that of NAMASMARAN.

As regards bloating of ego; is it not true that we obediently try to accomplish the targets ordered in schools, hospitals, industries, offices and so on? We donít complain to our teacher; doctor or our boss; that; if we complete our work in time, then our ego may get bloated!

Same is true for daily errands. We donít complain (or even doubt) that they could bloat our ego!

Thus; we have no hesitation in accomplishing targets, (without any doubt of ego) when they serve our needs, wants or desires; and/or alleviate or cure our pains; although they donít lead us to self realization!

Further; in absence of (or in spite of) target (in health, education, career, job, business, love life etc); we tend to develop enormous void in our life. We feel empty and dejected.
Hence; as a measure to overcome our own void that causes tremendous stress; we should come together and practice NAMASMARAN with count and with a moderate target; besides being engaged in NAMASMARAN when we are on our own.

Lastly; there is a great sense of buoyancy and celebration; when we count and complete a target of NAMASMARAN and offer it to our Guru. On everyday basis; there is nothing better and happier than this; to be achieved!

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