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As we go on evolving; we begin to appreciate that a doctor’s prescription has to be aimed at healing; the body, instincts, emotions, motivations, thoughts, vision and behavior of an individual; and also the society.
This is because; just as the health of an individual affects the health of society; the vice versa is also true. Not only the international, national, regional and local policies, plans and programs in health care (which obviously influence the health of an individual); but also; those in different fields; such as education, agriculture, industry; influence the health of an individual.
Hence ideally; the prescription should include guidelines; to the patient; about preventive and curative measures; but also to the policy makers of health care and other fields.
However; all the details of such guidelines cannot be expected from the treating doctor, who is trained merely in a particular field of medicine such as Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda or Allopathy.
In such a situation; there has to be a “key instruction” that can “inspire” the appropriate guidelines in the patient (who may be a policy maker of education, practice, research, production and marketing; in all health care and other fields; or a common individual).
The essential core of such key instruction has to be; its potential to “free” any individual; from subjective and sectarian perspective, thinking, policy making, planning and behavior; and empower him or her to be objective and holistic and conceive the appropriate preventive and curative measures.
After decades of extensive study, research and experimentation for such a “key instruction”, which would be common to all prescriptions and making them holistic; I found one; to my satisfaction. This “key instruction” is nothing else; but the traditional, simple, inexpensive and universally practicable practice of NAMASMARAN (JIKRA, JAAP, JAP, SIMARAN, SUMIRAN or remembering God’s name i.e. one's true self)!
NAMASMARAN rectifies our physical needs, passions, feelings, motivations, thoughts; and vision (perspective) and thus rectifies our behavior. This in turn leads to a continuous development of holistic health, which means; prosperity and profundity in individual and social life i.e. individual and global blossoming.
However; NAMASMARAN is not a pill or a tincture; and does not produce any tangible results! It is an invisible and intangible process of reaching and rejuvenating the seed (NAMA); of the tree (our individual and universal existence); and flowering and fruiting (in the form individual and universal blossoming).
I am away from holistic health. But like an ailing doctor; I too can prescribe this “key instruction” to the doctors, parents, teachers, leaders; to make their prescriptions to their patients, children, students and followers respectively; holistic! As it is from my Guru, and I won’t be at peace without doing so!

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