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how to combat sugar cravings

how to combat sugar cravings
Combat hypoglycemia, or low-blood sugar by trying the following:

Eat a breakfast that is NOT sweet, for example brown rice, or lean protein and blanched vegetables.

Have no sweets (that includes fruit, refined flour, and all sweeteners) until after 3:00 pm. After that eat either fruit or a fruit or grain-sweetened dessert rather than sweets that contained refined sugars.

Eating sweets in the morning or early afternoon tend to stimulate sweet cravings throughout the day. You might feel sick from eating sugars in the early morning

If you have the sugar blues in the morning around 10-10:30 and again in the afternoon around 2-4:00, drink 1 cup of sweet vegetable drink.

Avoid artificial sweeteners. Research has shown that artificial sweeteners cause intense cravings for sweets.

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