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Explanation of How to Do Oral Massage: Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar
Explanation of How to Do Oral Massage: Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

The representation of body in brain is called homunculus. The extent of the area in brain represented by different parts is important in two ways. Firstly, it signifies the relative importance of the part represented and secondly; it signifies the influence of the stimulation of the particular part on the brain.In this sense the oral cavity is immensely important because it has huge representation in brain. Consequently it is natural that stimulation of the oral cavity by procedures such as oral massage is crucial to improving not only oral health but also the overall general health of an individual. This technique is refreshing and soothing and is likely to be because of secretion of endogenous endorphins and enkephalins..

Oral massage involves rubbing of palate, underparts of tongue and gums. This can be done conveniently after brushing teeth. It leads to beneficial stimulation of the corresponding areas in brain, physical/mechanical stimulation and decongestion of the base of maxillary sinus, improvement in circulation in this area, activation of salivary secretion; and thereby; improves the over all and oral health.

Oral massage is a simple technique that does not require any gadgets and is totally inexpensive. It is traditionally practiced in India and is called mukha-marjan (mukha = mouth or oral cavity and marjana = cleansing, restoring health). But strangely even in India in general; the dentists or dental surgeons do not emphasize the importance of this and this is not advertized as well.

Since this piece of information is not included in routine books on physiology and hygiene also; it is important to spread this information through every other possible manner for the benefit of all. This can contribute at least to some extent (without any expenses) in the global health promotion. This gives innate and lasting satisfaction at almost no cost helping in spiritual development.

1 Gargle your mouth.
2 Brush your teeth.
3 Wash your hands properly.
4 Make sure your nails are cut properly.
5 Rub your palate point by point with thumb from left to right in a gentle manner.
6 Rub upper left gums with thumb.
7 Rub upper right gums with thumb.
8 Rub lower left gums with thumb.
9 Rub lower right gum with index finger.
10 Rub under-surface of tongue with right thumb and index finger.
11 Gargle again.
12 Note the difference before and after this procedure of oral massage
13 Share this with your family, friends and acquaintances; and in fact with maximum people as "more the merrier"; through every possible means !

In case of removable dentures please remove your dentures before massage. This would give better results.
Oral massage is found to improve alertness, reduces sinus infection by reducing congestion and improvement of blood supply to the base of maxillary sinus, reduce bad smell (halitosis), reduce incidence and severity of oral infections by improving salivary secretion and improve the health of gums and teeth; to the best of physiological potentials.
It is a harmless activity and probably helps in secretion of endorphins and gives calmness and composure of mind.
To add value; recite the name of God you believe or revere; silently; while massaging. This further relieves anxiety and restlessness.
Sharing your experiences with others reinforces a wellness cycle and contributes to global welfare at least in a small measure.

To avoid infections and/or injury
Make sure you wash you hands properly
Be sure that you cut your nails properly
Be gentle while massaging.

Things You'll Need
You don't need anything except your own clean and safe hands.

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