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What is my goal?

Pursuing a particular technical, academic, commercial or artistic career, earning money, acquiring power or fame etc; can be short term or even long term objectives. Pursuing a particular hobby can also be an objective.

But none of these constitute my goal. Goal is something that I value most!

Goal is that one, to which I give top most priority! Goal is that, for which I can keep aside the thought of everything mentioned above! Goal is that something; beyond which there nothing to achieve!

My goal got crystallized in the course of my study and practice of NAMASMARAN! Gradually I realized that the highest goal of human life; described as self realization, liberation, ultimate freedom, nirvana or actual experience of immortality etc; in philosophical literature; is the same as being increasingly and lovingly involved in NAMASMARAN! I realized that being one with NAMA is my singular goal and being in NAMASMARAN is my top priority!

However; this pleasant realization of my goal and my priority; is not my achievement!

Actually this achievement; in spite of my utter handicap in every possible manner; is the victory (VIJAY) of NAMA! This is NAMAVIJAY!

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