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Is there any problem with the world?

Apparently there is a problem; in terms of lack of unity and harmony! But this problem is very much there inside us as well!

We have no unity and harmony inside us!

There is a chaos and cacophony inside; going on for ages!

We think there is no love, compassion, justice and so on; in the world. But there is no love, compassion and justice within us as well!

This can be proved, if we consider the anger, hatred, jealousy, ruthlessness, callousness, guilt, revengefulness, anxiety, restlessness, fear, cowardice, escapism and so on; inside us; and which harm us!

Hence the enlightened people from all over the world; advocate a holistic approach! They prescribe an action that can heal us from within; by purifying us of the above said harmful elements; and thereby enable us to create an environment (through holistic perspective, policies, plans, programs and their implementation) conducive to such holistic healing in the society.

The action advocated by this enlightening wisdom spread all over the world, is called NAMASMARAN, JIKRA, SIMARAN, SUMIRAN, JAP, JAAP and so on! This action is simple and universal. It actually implies reorientation to our innate core, realization of the true self and release of the pure nectar from there that heals us as well as the whole world as stated above!

Since this wisdom has originated from the ultimate truth viz. NAMA (and not matter, energy, space and time) and descended through different persons; this process of global enlightenment is; victory (VIJAY) of NAMA!

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