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Some of us are indulging in or waiting for; different things we are interested in! But what about “the spring”, which would rejuvenate, revitalize and blossom; all of us? Are we waiting for it or not?
If we are unaware of the glorious benevolence of this global spring, then we are not excited to welcome it whole heartedly and celebrate its arrival!
However some of us sense this incoming global spring that is spreading in every nook and corner of our being and in every nook and corner of the world; and its glorious benevolence!
These harbingers of the global spring are excited and thrilled by the signals of this spring; and hence are unable to keep it a secret! They are unable to live without expressing it in one way or another!
Some of them are singing about it, some are painting about it; while some are expressing it through dance and theater. Some are writing essays on it, some are depicting it in poetry and some are making movies on it! Many of them are sharing their joy on internet and social media; and several others are simply talking about it amongst friends. In fact everybody aware of the spring and its bounty; is sharing this exciting news with one another!
What is this global spring? This is nothing else but the universalization of the mega process of NAMASMARAN, JAP, JAAP, JIKRA, SIMARAN, SUMIRAN i.e. remembering one’s self (for atheists) and God (for the theists)!
The very hint itself of this global spring is enlivening! But; neither the emergence of this global spring nor its hint; is our success! It is the success (VIJAY) of the ultimate truth, which is same as Guru or NAMA!

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