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Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon
Losing your hair and going bald can be a very big blow to your self-esteem. Worse still is having a botched hair transplant procedure by a quack that ends up costing you a fortune and achieving very little if any hair growth. There are thousands of hair transplant experts that you can go to but not all are genuine or offer the best hair transplant service. If you are looking for a really quality service for your transplant, here are some important procedures that you can put into consideration in order to find the best service ever for your needs:-

Know the Credentials for the Hair Transparent Specialist

It really pays to know if the doctor that you are going to is really specialized in hair transplant and restoration treatments and whether they are certified to carry out the same. Hair restoration is a critical surgical operation and you really cannot risk entrusting this to a quack. Take time to do some homework in order to assess the credentials of your doctor. For the best hair transplant surgeon, always go for the reputation and ask other patients. Look for a doctor who is not only certified, but also a member of the major professional associations in the country.

Look at experience

Do the doctors have a long experience carrying out successful hair transplant operations? Is this verifiable? If they are experienced in this, then you should look forward to the best hair transplant procedure. The best hair transplant surgeons will establish their reputation through years of successful practice. If your doctor has been in the industry for a long duration of time without a track record of botched transplant procedures, chances are that they will offer you the best quality hair transplant service.

Choose a doctor that is readily available

Look for a surgeon who will be available for many post-operative care services. If you have chosen a doctor away from your home, make sure the doctor is readily available on phone, Skype or whatsapp for post-operative care services.

Look at the finer details

As they say, the smaller details are always very indicative of the bigger picture. When you are shopping for the best hair transplant clinic, it is therefore important to pay very close attention to what they call the fine details. For example, what is the condition of the hair transplant clinic? How are they responding to your inquiries? Are they responsive to your inquiries? How was the initial consultation at the clinic handled? Were they meticulous in explaining the procedure to you or did they rush you through without adequate information?

Ask for references and testimonials: Is the clinic able to provide you with testimonials of people who have used its hair transplant services? What were the personal experiences of the referrals who used the service like? It is also important to look at the before and after pictures of real people who used the clinic’s hair transplant services.

Hair transplant is not a procedure that you should take lightly. So it is important to take your time when looking for the best hair transplant service. For the best hair transplant in India, check out what Athena Hair Now Hair Transplant has to offer. The clinic is based in Chandigarh.

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