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Male Infertility (Childlessness)

In our Indian society, the objective of marriage is propagation, having children to carry forward the family name. The name & achievements of a childless person are forgotten with his or her Death. Childless couples do not get due respect in the society. They are considered to be handicapped. They have to bear the taunts from people. Sometimes the taunts become so unbearable that the women commit suicide or have extra marital affairs to have children because it is the woman who is held responsible for having no children. Some times, pressurized by the family members, the husbands give divorce to the wives.

Q - Dr. A Kumar, please tell us the real meaning of infertility.
A - If you are married and you want a child. You are having intercourse regularly, without using any contraceptives (condom, copper T or contraceptive pills). After doing all this, if the wife does not conceive for A YEAR, it is called infertility.

Q - The woman is held responsible for having no Children, is it a fact?
A - No. Not at all. The fact is, in 30 % cases, the man is at fault for having no children. In 30 % cases, the woman is at fault. In 30 % cases, both the man and woman are at fault and in remaining 10 % cases, the reason is unknown. For having a healthy baby, the outer and inner sex organs of the man and woman need to be normal. Any disease or abnormality in these organs will make it difficult to conceive.

Q - What are the reasons of male infertility?
A - When the man is at fault for not having a baby, there is some problem in his semen. Normally, when the sperms in the semen are not normal, the man cannot have a baby. There may be no sperms at all (Azoospermia) or the number of sperms may be very small (Oligospermia) or the sperms may be less mobile (Nil Motility -Asthenospermia). In some cases, the Quantity of semen is very small because sufficient semen is not produced in the testes. In some cases, Antisperm antibodies are found in the semen.

In some cases, The Laboratory reports show that the sperm count and sperm mobility is Normal. But still there is problem in conceiving. In such cases, the sperms are very weak. They die before reaching the egg or cannot break the outer layer (cover) of the egg. This condition is also deterrent for conceiving.

Apart from semen related problems, surgery around penis, vericocele, (painful and swollen testicles), hydrocele (increased size of and hanging testicles), some diseases like Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Mumps, T.B. etc..

Apart from these reasons, there are other reasons too, responsible for male infertility. These are Low sex power, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation etc. Sometimes, the man cannot have sexual intercourse. These are the main reasons of male infertility. When proper intercourse is not possible, conception is also not possible.

The reasons for female infertility are obstructions or swelling in the fallopian tubes, problems in the uterus, acidic discharge from the vagina, surgery around vagina, STD, inconsistent periods, underdeveloped uterus, ovulation problems etc.

Q - What would you like to tell the Childless couples?
A - Most of the couples resort to the means like worshipping gods, pooja-paath, mantra-tantra, black magic etc. This is nothing but waste of time, energy and money. Many years after the marriage, they come to the doctor. I would like to urge them that they should not waste time and money in these things and visit good sexologist / Gyaenecologist / Infertility Specialist in time so they can find the exact reason of male or female infertility and treat it accordingly. Sometimes wasting time may make the disease Incurable.

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