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In the case of pornography, the preponderance of the evidence clearly demonstrates that the material is not .just harmless fun.. Although almost all men are attracted by it, there are clearly perils associated with its use . which no doubt explains why so many men are willing to resist their own hormones and try to keep away from pornography.

Pornography is not about real human sexuality: it.s about a dehumanized, synthetic version of sex that eliminates love, honor, dignity, true intimacy and commitment. The image of sexuality offered by pornography comes without relationships, responsibility or consequences. a largely fraudulent picture. Porn movies never show a girlfriend getting pregnant at 16, or a young man getting AIDS . or a married man resisting the temptation of another woman.
Unfortunately, the research demonstrates that pornography.s fraudulent messages are ingested, affecting attitudes and behavior. Countless studies show that the basic messages of pornography . that a woman.s function is to satisfy a man sexually, that women have no value,no meaning, and their desires and needs are irrelevant . breed sexual callousness and acceptance of the rape myth (i.e. that women secretly desire to be raped).
These are the attitudes that lead to sexual harassment, failed relationships, early promiscuity and the spread of STDs. And, unless one believes that attitudes and behaviors are unrelated, it is difficult then to be surprised by the evidence of correlation between pornography usage and sexually abusive behaviors.
We protect ourselves and our communities, in part, through the values we affirm as
important. Treating every human being with respect, equality, and dignity, are values we should all be able to embrace, as a society and as individuals. The harms of pornography result from replacing respect, equality and dignity with a candy-coated message of hate

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