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Get 100 % from your knee Replacement
Since Osteoarthritis of knee joint starts disabling after age of 55 yrs, many of you is either preparing to get knee replaced or already got knee replaced, but still in doubt whether you will get rid of the pain completely and start doing routine work.
Knee replacement becomes necessary when on the X-rays of knee joint, which are taken in standing (weight bearing) position, shows obliteration of joint space with / without attrition of bones. After this indication of knee replacement the earlier you get it done, better are the results. Because as you delay, firstly the bones becomes weak and deformity increases, so the latest knee cannot be applied and implant may also become loose, secondly muscle strength also decreases with time, so you may not get full range of movement and strength afterward.
So it becomes always important that you should know all the facts about this major surgery so that you do not complain afterward. Here are the few points you should always consider before going for total knee replacement.
Pre-operative Preparation:
• You should always be mentally prepared for this major operation, not only that somebody told you to get it done and you are getting it done. Because if you are not prepared well for this, you may not be able to do required exercise & to take proper precaution to get long term good results.
• Always discuss with your doctor about all the details of Knee Replacement and “why it is necessary now?” Also should ask all the exercises & precautions to be carried out later-on.
• Always discuss with your doctor about implant design, since many type of artificial knee are available and they all have different function, range of movements, longevity, and cost. The best of them available till date is ‘hi-flex mobile bearing’ design and is the costliest.
• Don’t rush to metro city because somebody told you to. It is always better to get it done in your home city if possible. Because concerned doctor is in your city itself and can take care of day-to-day problems in getting accustomed with new implant, if anything happens, immediately.
• Don’t keep money matters primary, since the artificial knee is to be implanted in your body itself, and the best results can be achieved only with best artificial knee.

After operation:

• You should always ask your doctor to provide the bill/sticker/proof of implanted knee design, because by no other means you can find out which knee has been implanted. And if by chance, you have to consult any other doctor later on, he won’t be able to help you without knowing about knee design.
• Should not allow your relatives/friends to visit you till one month after your surgery, because by ignoring this, the chances of infections increases.
• Should do all the exercises to the maximum, for the best results.

Long term:

• Always avoid contact with direct heat like fire/heat therapy/heater etc., since implant is made of steel & by heating this it may damage the poly-ethelene lying between these steel components.
• Always avoid gluteal injection and always inform your dentist about knee replacement before you go for any dental procedure.
• Should always give minimum one hour to your knees for exercise life-long and always follow the precaution to get the maximum out of it.
• Should always visit your doctor three monthly in first 2 years and half-yearly later on to find out the exact position of your knees.
• Always avoid Osteoporosis by means of taking calcium tablets & other bone strengthening medicines, since in weaker bones implant may become loose earlier.

These are the few point, by following them you may get 100% from your Knee Replacement.

Dr S S Soni
MS orth
Arthroplasty & Arthroscopy Surgeon
Apex Hospital, Jaipur 09413862264

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