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“Cosmic Healing”
Cosmic Healing Foundation
“Cosmic Healing”

In recent years, the field of Alternate Medicinal Therapies (AMT) has evolved with a great pace and that too with proper scientific proofs. The masses have started talking about meditation, Reiki, yoga etc as most of us have turned towards some or other fields among these, for the curement of our health and psychological problems. On the other hand, these fields have also shown more than expected results thereby strengthening people's faith in such process of curement which work on absolutely different rules as Allopathy or Homoeopathy works.

Among these fields, another name that has evolved in recent years is ‘Cosmic Healing’ and it is the only organization that practices and teaches cosmic healing. ‘Cosmic Healing’ is somewhat close to Reiki as it too works on the similar principles as Reiki does. Then what exactly is the difference? "Dr. Yogesh Mathur" says that, 'Cosmic Healing can be called "Reiki" but the difference lies in the way our organization teaches it'. Cosmic Healing Foundation not only teaches to work on the human body but on non-living things too. As per Dr. Mathur, Each and every thing that exists is made up of similar particles and elements but the difference in their configuration makes them either living or non-living thing. Cosmic Energy is nothing but the universal energy. Moreover to that, most of the institutions that conduct Reiki and Meditation sessions around, present it merely in a spiritual format rather than focusing on its scientific roots. A scientific platform not only helps us understand the topic in a better manner but on the other hand we can compare the spiritual explanations of these subjects with the scientific theories thereby coming to the conclusion that our civilization's ancient science is not just a myth and holds strong points.

In between the above conversation the question that might arise is, what exactly is Universal Energy? We all know about the famous British scientist "Professor Stephen Hawking". According to his theories, there exists an unknown form of energy in the universe, which is present in infinite limits. He named this energy as 'Dark Matter' and it is this dark matter that binds stars, planets and galaxies together. If this energy has such an immense effect on the objects of the universe, it must also effect the human civilization. If discussed in a simpler form, we receive energy when we sleep. We use this energy to continue with our daily routine. But as we never get an enough amount of this energy, we get tired and fall ill. With a similar lifestyle for years, our diseases get stronger and the immune system gets damaged. This is where Cosmic Healing works.

Lets us also take a glimpse in the ancient science, which is mentioned in our Vedas and puranas. With an experience of 32 years as a homoeopathic physician, Dr. Mathur himself used to have complete faith in modern science and often underwent reasoning when discussed about the science of rishi munees. Once while going through a fragment of one of the Vedas, he found a small shloka, which mentioned about the presence of electrons, protons and neutrons in every aspect of life. It also discussed about electricity and possibility of humans to travel from one place to another without any materialistic object. After practicing cosmic healing in the recent years, he no more considers the ancient science as a myth. Dr. Mathur says, "the ancient science that earlier used to create a topsy-turvy situation for me while I heard about it is rather a motivating and inspiring factor to understand nature and its effect on us in a better way". He no more rejects any given concept, theory or observation of any of the students and instead support them for further research. A lot of his students are researching on Aura while some other are busy researching on enhancing the immune system of the body against any form of disease and the results as per them are commendable.

Cosmic Healing Foundation has been teaching a number of students since a long time back and has made a remarkable identity. Apart from classes, a routine of workshops make the students practice on various objects, which helps in better understanding of the sensitivity of those objects towards the flow of cosmic energy in them. The human body is the prime target of every student and just by scanning the aura; the problematic area of the body can be traced without even asking the patient. Also, Cosmic healing is quick enough that by the time a medicine tablet will reach the stomach of a patient, a person on the other hand, receiving cosmic energy will start feeling much better.

As far as the success rate of Cosmic Healing Foundation is concerned, 'Dr. Mathur' and his students have worked on a lot of critical cases. The most memorable ones among them are, an old lady suffering from cancer was taken to mumbai for surgery. Weighing just 28 kilograms, the doctors were afraid of operating her, as she had no energy to handle an operation. Dr. Mathur while sitting in Delhi provided her with distant healing and also sent some quartz crystals, which were placed under her bed to enhance the treatment. Unbelievably, she not only survived the operation but was also shifted to general ward after just 1 hour of surgery. Also in one of the cases, a man suffering from 80 per cent tumor in brain was provided with cosmic energy, 2 days before his surgery and he too survived and was back at home on the second day. There are a number of cases enlisted with Cosmic Healing Foundation which prove that, cosmic healing is not only an independent curing therapy but can also catalyze the ongoing treatments of any disease. Also, there is a particular field in cosmic healing known as 'Psychic surgery’, which is also conducted without even touching the patient but produces the same results as a surgery does? Sounds shocking? Say for an example, a person is suffering from stones in bladder. A cosmic healing practitioner sits in front of him and will performs 'psychic surgery' which might last an hour. And on the very day or next day, that person finds that the size of the stones has reduced by looking in an ultrasound report. Then it must be such an incident, which will open up his mind, which will demand to think about it.

Cosmic Healing Foundation also teaches various subjects such as 'Cosmic Crystal Therapy', Cosmic- Pyramidal Vaastu Therapy' and 'Distant Healing'. These subjects are useful for people related to IT sector as all computer geeks no that the motherboard of a CPU has a crystal used for programming. So a course in Cosmic crystal therapy might help him in his field. Also, students of architecture can do a course in Cosmic- pyramidal vaastu therapy but the main focus of Cosmic healing foundation are those people who are undergoing a stressful lifestyle and those who want to get cured. It is always a better option to learn cosmic healing rather than seeking the help of some or other practitioner as there is no eligibility to learn it. Anyone can learn it and become a good practitioner by practice.

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